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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 26, 2015
Score: 80/100
"Gathering 16 sites under its virtual roof, BigZ surely provides plenty to enjoy. The thing is, if you're tired of American babes whom you can find on pretty much all famous porn sites and crave porn that tends to have a fun reality style, then this network will be pretty difficult to resist." - Visit Site
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Members get 16 sites for the price of 1.
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There is a daily 20 GB download limit.

General Review

Probably most of you who are looking for a great porn deal want to get a large collection of porn which can keep you in heat for a longer time and lots of variety. These are obviously the main selling points of porn mega sites, mega passes, networks or whatever they prefer to call themselves. BigZ (or Big Z, I'm not really sure about the right name) is among these mega sites which seem to offer pretty sweet deals for those who'd like to get a little bit of everything at a reasonable price. Gathering 16 sites under its virtual roof, this network surely provides plenty to enjoy. The thing is, if you're tired of American babes whom you can find on pretty much all famous porn sites and crave porn that tends to have a fun reality style, then BigZ will be a site pretty difficult to resist. There's a lot to love about this mega site starting from its lovely Czech, British and other European models to its interesting mix of hardcore porn. I can imagine that some of you becoming a fan of BigZ instantly, especially those who would like to spice their porn diet up with all kinds of European porn.

I can't stress enough that this network has a lot of different sites in one place. It would be difficult to figure out which are those things that those 16 sites that are networked here have in common, but in the end, I won't complain. Do you want some sensual boy-girl hardcore? They have it. Are you looking for stunningly beautiful babes pleasing each other? You'll get it here! Do you crave hot amateurs who are tricked into fucking some pervy dude? It all can be found at BigZ and there's still there's more. Pretty much all the standard porn niches such as MILFs, lesbian sex, hardcore sex, outdoor fucking, massage parlor affair and so on, are served up. It looks like these guys have a bunch of "fake" porn sites which make their network really stand out. These showcase mostly pretty babes who get deceived and fucked by a guy who pretends to be someone else like a taxi driver, a model agent or a medical expert. Some kinkiness is also added to their mix of action, so there's some bondage and domination as well as pegging (guy getting fucked by girls who wear a strapon dildo). Whether it be something sensual, crazy or even kinky that you'd like to see, you can rest assured because BigZ will deliver it.

The collection that's on offer provides a lot of reality style videos which sometimes filmed with hidden cams, other times with cameras on tripods. However, there are many studio made porn videos as well which are filmed well and some of them have a kind of glamour-like style which helps create an intimate atmosphere in the videos. There's even a whole site here dedicated to POV porn which can give you a thrilling experience from your point of view. Overall, everything is as it should be, if a site is a reality site, then it has a believably amateur feel and when its a more glamorous one, then it's professionally made. The quality of the content isn't a problem because all sites provide High Definition videos (older updates may be in SD only, but newer ones are available in HD everywhere), and there are many sites in the BigZ network which have super high-res pictures to view. I think the guys behind this mega site do a good job of covering all the basics and they do have a solid network to offer, on the other hand, there are a couple of issues, too. No sites are perfect and BigZ also has some areas where it can certainly improve (keep on reading to find them out), but all in all, if you enjoy lesbian, hardcore and reality porn, you can't really go wrong with this mega site.

What's Going On Inside

BigZ is pretty much just a gateway to 16 sites which means that it doesn't collect all videos and photosets from its sites, it simply lets you jump from site to site easily. Instead of arriving to a network hub page, you'll be greeted by a main page which lists you all sites and which allows you to easily jump from site to site. It looks like the sites have a very similar layout but they always have different design elements that make them unique. However, once you got used to how things work on a site, it won't be hard to manage the rest of the network. As I see it, there are two types of design here: one that keep things simple and doesn't have too many search and browse features (usually their tricky reality sites) and another which is more refined and which offers advanced search tools. Actually it doesn't matter which site you're on, getting around it easy, but sometimes narrowing down the content a bit can be a bit difficult. Due to the lack of a network hub, it isn't really easy to ascertain how often something new comes here, but most sites update once a week which probably translates into a daily update schedule network-wise. BigZ has a quite big collection which counts 3018 videos and 1239 picture galleries, although some sites share some content, so there's are duplicates every now and then.

While download and stream options may change a bit from site to site, you'll always get some High Definition porn regardless of which site you check out. The videos usually come with a limited amount of scene info including for example model names, running times and release dates and you can usually read lengthy descriptions. Some sites even offer short trailer videos that will allow you to preview the scenes. Members can watch the videos streamed in multiple qualities, best of which can be full HD 1080p. There's nothing wrong with their streams because the videos start quickly and play smoothly. They offer download options too which tend to provide multiple quality and file format choices. The typical scene on a BigZ site has WMV, MOV and MP4 downloads and there's usually at least one mobile-friendly file format offered, too. You can save their scenes in many qualities ranging from decent SD up to full HD 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps). Photos (if they're available) can be viewed online with a filmstrip-like navigation but there's a standard slideshow feature as well. A set contains about 100 high-res images that may be offered in multiple sizes, best of which is typically 4000px. The good news is, photo collectors can save entire sets quickly and easily in ZIP folders. While they allow you to download everything, they also limit the amount of data you can save a day. BigZ has a 20 GB of daily limit which isn't woefully low but it's not impossible to reach either.

While there's a bonus section on almost every site, you won't get too much bonuses in the end. Each of these bonus sections offers 48 videos contributed by other sites (which are mostly from BigZ, so you'll have access to these sites anyway). BigZ doesn't really need to rely on bonus material to keep you entertained because it's a network consisting of 16 sites after all. These sites are Dane Jones, HD POV, Lesbea, Fake Hospital,,, Love Cream Pie,, Kissing HD,, Fake Agent, Female Agent, Fake Taxi, Public Agent, Fake Agent UK and Massage Rooms.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

There's a little bit of everything at a reasonable price at BigZ. This European mega site offers stunningly sexy models, fun reality porn that uses all kinds of tricks to tempt girls into having sex on camera and many studio made, often pretty glamorous porn. From lesbians to MILFs and some kinky stuff like pegging and BDSM, they cover many niches making sure that you'll always find something that fits your mood. The entire network offers high quality porn offered in various formats that ensure that you'll be able to watch your porn on whatever platform you'd like. However, there are a couple of things that can be improved like it would be great to have a network hub allowing you to browse all scenes in one place. Nonetheless, BigZ is a solid mega site which I don't find hard to recommend.

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