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Reviewed: March 10, 2015
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"BDSM certainly gives a way to explore your darker self and a still fairly new site named as is ready to help you with that. Actually, it doesn't even matter if you're already living a kinky lifestyle or just interested in seeing people doing something that you've never dared to do, this site will let you discover all the excitement of power play and bondage." - Visit Site
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General Review

Having sex is fun but sometimes something is missing or something just doesn't feel right. When you're starting to feel that your sexual life becomes boring, there are a couple of things you can do. One of these is exploring new fantasies, maybe something that's kinky and daring. BDSM certainly gives a way to explore your darker self and a still fairly new site named as is ready to help you with that. Actually, it doesn't even matter if you're already living a kinky lifestyle or just interested in seeing people doing something that you've never dared to do, this site will let you discover all the excitement of power play and bondage. There's a little bit of everything here to anyone, which may not be super extreme and overly cruel, but it definitely shows you creative ways of enjoying hardcore erotica. Both girls and guys end up singing themselves up for a hot BDSM session that may make them squirm in pain many times but that also guarantees a powerful sexual release. tries to find the right path to the world of fetish sex which can be enjoyable for both seasoned kinksters and those who are a novice and want to explore something new.

I personallly really appreciate that these guys don't stick to one specific thing and instead, they provide a wide coverage of kinks while keeping their focus on binding and dominating subs. The scenes are pleasantly varied and you'll never know what you're going to see in the next update which kinda keeps you in heat all the time. But what are exactly all of those hot things that they have on offer here? There are many scenes with a classic female sub - male master fantasy setup, but female domination also has a great presence, so you'll see here many devilishly hot and mean babes torture and please each other or go harsh on guys. Basically from rope bondage and restraints to subs being spanked, flogged, zapped and covered in hot wax, there's eveything you can think of. While watching someone being someone else's helpless sexual toy is already a huge turn-on to many, goes even further and offers forced orgasms with buzzing toys, handjobs, pussy licking, blowjobs and even some penetrative sex!

They good a really good job at producing some entertaining fetish porn. Their episodes have a dark and kinky atmosphere thanks to their nice settings which look like a dungeon or some crazy dude's basement. They also provide not-so-long but quite fun storylines and I really enjoyed watching when girls are checking out ropes and chains while waiting for their master to show up who makes them sign a contract of slavery that allows them to do whatever they want to the cuties. But there are many other themes/stories and seeing a dominate babe wearing a skin-tight latex dress show up ready to have fun with her new slave is equally as hot. These are definitely quality fetish porn videos which are offered in High Definition to fill your screen with ample detail and clarity. is a European site, so here you'll may find many fresh faces and not just all those American fetish veterans of whom you might have had enough by now. While this is still a new (and quite small) BDSM porn site, you'll get here lots of variety and some quality Euro fetish porn which is still worth checking out.

What's Going On Inside has a quite simple design but it looks okay overall. The home page is where you land after making your way through their members only entrance. Here you'll find nothing interesting as it only highlights the latest updates and shows you a quick glimpse at what will be added next. Travelling from one of the site to the other is easy and you won't find yourself lost or confused because they arranged their content reasonably. Both photo and video content have their own sections, my only complaint is that they could have had a better pagination. You can't jump from the first page to the last and you can't skip pages, you'll have to go pass them one by one. This isn't a deal breaker but can be a bit annoying at times. Since the content is quite varied, I was glad to see that there's an entire section dedicated to search tools. They offer keyword, category and content type filters, but you get a couple of sorting options as well. is a quite user-friendly site thanks to these tools. It's also a quite small site which currently offers 62 videos and 61 photosets. Updates come regularly as they roll out a new scene every week.

They make sure that you'll have an idea about what a scene is about, so each video comes with a few screencaps and lengthy description that can reveal what you're about to see. Members can choose to watch the videos right on the site and they get a decent in-browser playback without long loading times and buffering hiccups. They provide three tiers of quality for streaming which are SD 640x360 pixels and HD 1280x720 pixels. Many of their scenes even have full HD 1080p as an option for online playback. Both streaming and download options can vary a bit, but they always have plenty of them. If you'd like to save their scenes you can save them in WMV, Quicktime (MOV), MP4 and Flash (FLV) formats. Videos are downloadable in a bevy of qualities from 640x360 pixels up to 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps). The average running time is around 22 minutes, but you'll find here a couple of videos well over 30 minutes. The videos have related images that you can view online as small thumbnail sized images with a filmstrip navigation. There's even an online slideshow feature, although it's not a timed version. A set contains about 95 high-res photos on average. Photo collectors will find it easy to save entire sets as there are ZIP downloads for them. Actually, these ZIP files will deliver pictures in up to 3 sizes: 1200px, 2000px and 4000px.

You can get access to in two ways: you can sign up for this site alone or as a part of a network called BigZ. Those who go for the entire network will get to enjoy 15 additional sites including for example Fake Hospital, Dane Jones and Fake Taxi. However, you can preview many of these sites even if you join only They offer 48 bonus videos from many of BigZ sites which they even change entirely in every 2 weeks, so you'll get 96 videos in a month.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Just name your kink and you'll probably find it at, as long as it's bondage and domination-related. You'll see here rope bondage, restraints, girls locked in cages, guys getting dominated by cruel mistresses and more. A vast arsenal of toys is at the masters and mistresses' disposal which they don't think twice to use. Clamps, gags, cattle prods, paddles and chains are just a few of these. works with a British cast so besides hot accents, there are many fresh faces here that'll probably turn you on more than some good ol' fashion American fetish porn starring all those seasoned BDSM veterans whom you've seen punished a thousand times before. Although, has its cons. The biggest problem here is the size of the collection which is pretty small at the moment but updates come regularly, so you just have to give this site some time to grow and it'll be a great BDSM porn site. Nonetheless, until then it's a bit difficult to recommend this site wholeheartedly, no matter how good its content is. If you enjoy BDSM porn and like Euro babes, then you may want to give a look regardless.

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