DinoReviews.com FAQ

Q: What is a porn site review?

A: A review of a porn site is an honest opinion about a paysite that has content of sexual nature and which asks you to pay an admission fee to get access to it. You’re going to find here this kind of write-ups which are unbiased, so they don’t try to simply promote a specific site or to trick you into spending money but will help you avoid being ripped off. Porn site reviews offer an excellent way of previewing any paysite and ensure that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking and what will entertain you the most.

Q: Why should I pay for porn when there are free porn sites?

A: You can find lots of free porn sites but there are certain aspects in which they can’t compete with a paysite. Most of these „free” sites offer just a couple minutes long videos which are taken from full-length videos that can be found on a certain site. Not to mention that paysites offer their content in much better quality (some of them even offer videos up to 4K HD). There are no annoying ads all over the place inside a paysite and unlike free sites these paid sites usually really care about you, giving you a pleasant user experience and often offering many bonuses. In the end, we don’t say that free sites are bad, although you may want more and in much better quality, or simply want to support in a way those who work hard to deliver some adult entertainment to you. We’ll help you find those paysites that you’ll like if free sites are not enough for you and even try to get you inside at affordable discount prices.

Q: What is our mission at Dino Reviews?

A: Even though the majority of adult websites want to do good and honest business with you, there’s a slight chance for you to get something else or not exactly what you expected when signing up. Our mission is to help you reveal what porn sites are even there and what those porn sites you’re interested in have in store for you, so we spend our time and money to visit them and provide you with valuable site facts. At the end of the day, the decision is yours, but we’ll do our best to help you make better purchase decisions.

Q: What makes Dino Reviews different from all the other review sites?

A: We know that there are plenty of sites on the internet offering reviews of adult paysites, but only a few of them actually take time to check the sites out and give you an honest opinion. Dino Reviews always provide you with photos of the actual members’ areas and accurate site facts and statistics, not to mention that we give you unbiased reviews, so you’ll find here all the pros and cons giving you a relistic view of what you’re going to get.

Q: Are you willing to review any type of porn sites?

A: The answer is definitely a yes. It doesn’t matter if you’re into popular niches like lesbian sex, nude photography and interracial or want something special or kinky (like shemales or BDSM porn), with a couple of years of experience in reviewing porn sites, we’re able to judge whether a site, regardless of its theme, is a quality site and we’re more than happy to do that for you.