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Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 19, 2015
Score: 69/100
"Kissing HD keeps things soft, beautiful and intimate, so softcore/glamour porn fans will have here a pretty fun time for sure. Actually, the cast here is full of stunningly sexy women who seek other hotties touch, and as you can figure it out by the site's name, they can't wait to lock lips with each other." - Visit Site
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General Review

What turns you on the most? Some love to watch babes get fucked silly, while others prefer porn that focus on the sensual side of pornography. Kissing HD is definitely a site that avoids being overly explicit and overall hardcore. It keeps things soft, beautiful and intimate, so softcore porn fans will have here a pretty fun time for sure. Actually, the cast here is full of stunningly sexy women who seek other hotties touch, and as you can figure it out by the site's name, they can't wait to lock lips with each other. To be honest, I love lesbian porn and I always thought that nothing is hotter than two beautiful babes kissing. Those who are like me, will find this hard too hot to resist because Kissing HD is nothing like your average all-female site where girls bust out a big strapon dildo and take turns diddling each other. No, it offers you a piece of porn paradise where girls explore each other's flawless bodies while sharing deep kisses all along. Kissing HD is much like what it's name implies: a site delivering glamour/softcore lesbian erotica and girls locking lips passionately.

The ladies of Kissing HD are simply gorgeous and they seem to genuinely enjoy being with another woman. The sex is slow paced here and actually, there isn't too much sex. These babes put their tongues to a good use and spend long minutes kissing each other. They suck on each other's tongues, gently take off their clothes and end up cuddling and fondling each other. The scenes never go any further, so those who come here to see girls exploring other girls' bodies and tracing tight circles on each other's clits with their fingers or something like that, will be really disappointed. Kissing HD doesn't want to be more than just a site which is full of stunningly beautiful babes and doesn't want to show more than babes laying in a loving embrace kissing. With a penchant for kissing and tongue fetish or glamour/softcore erotica, will probably appreciate what's on offer here, but the rest of the lesbo porn fans will find Kissing HD nothing more than a tease, though a really hot one.

The models are gorgeous and they range in age from early 20's to late 30's, so there are a couple of MILFy babes for those who like a bit older hotties. It seems like the girls are from all over Europe, although you don't have to worry about their videos being in a foreign language, because nothing is said here. Girls just look deep into each other's eyes then start kissing and exploring each other1s bodies. Their lesbian encounters are filmed beautifully with a soft approach. The scenes are slow-paced but are full of passion, not to mention that they look really great as they're offered in High Definition. These HD videos are often accompanied by digital stills which are not less impressive. The whole collection is brought to you in a professional manner, there's no doubt about that. Everything is produced in house but what bugs me a bit is that the videos here are just snippets from full-length videos from a site called Lesbea. If you're interested in seeing the ladies actually fuck each other, you'll have to this site. As it is, Kissing HD is a lesbian kissing fetish site which is a solid one, for that matter, so if you enjoy softcore girl-on-girl porn you may want to give it a try.

What's Going On Inside

The actual members' area of Kissing HD looks quite nice. There isn't anything overly fancy but it still gives the impression of a modern and quality site. Sometimes ads are a bit annoying but there aren't too many of them to become a serious problem. Making your way from one section to another and finding what you're looking for shouldn't be difficult. They have a home page that highlight the latest updates and they arrange the videos and photos in separate sections. While their episodes are pretty similar in theme, you may want to filter things down a bit. Luckily, the site has an entire section dedicated to search features which will be really helpful. You can set content type and category filters or narrow down their content by keyword. There are a couple of sorting options as well, so it's a quite user-friendly site in the end. Kissing HD has an average sized collection which consists of 80 videos and 59 photosets at this point. Updates used to come 1 or 2 times a week but almost 2 months passed since they published something new, so this might mean that Kissing HD is going to stop updating, but it's still too early to tell that. There's a slight chance for the lack of recent updates being just a temporary thing.

It's safe to assume that you'll always know what you're about to see in an episodes because the videos come with a couple of screencaps and a fairly lengthy description. In-browser playback is available with three quality settings which are SD 640x360 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels. The videos start to play quickly when stream them and there are no annoying buffering hiccups. Each episode has a multitude of download options which let you save videos in WMV, MP4 and MOV formats in multiple qualities best of which is full HD 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps). Their episodes are a bit short because they tend to play 10-15 minutes. The videos usually have a set of related digital stills. Even though they don't link the photos from the videos (or vice versa), no one should have a hard time figuring out which sets belong to which videos because the photosets bare the same title as the related videos. Photos can be viewed online with a filmstrip navigation or enlarged in an online slideshow. A set contains about 28-30 images which are available for ZIP download. Each set is offered in three sizes: 1200px, 2000px and 4000px.

Kissing HD is a part of a network called BigZ, so you may get access to a bunch of other sites with your membership. When signing up you'll be given two choices: you spend a little more and join the entire network or spend as little as only $5 to joing Kissing HD alone. If you go with the latter, you'll still get 48 bonus videos taken from mostly the network's other sites such as Fake Taxi, Dane Jones,

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Lovely ladies suck on each other's tongues and caress each other in hot softcore lesbian videos here. If girls kissing other hot girls is what turns you like nothing else, then Kissing HD is for you. Their models are gorgeous and they seem passionate in their videos and on their photos. Even though its a pretty fun site, there are a couple of things that can get you worried like the lack of recent updates and the collection isn't large enough to keep you busy for over a month. You get a bunch of bonus videos that they change completely every 2 weeks, so there's something to check out if you finish with their collection, but these are mostly boy-girl videos, they may not be interesting to you. What Kissing HD does, it does pretty well and despite its flaws, with such low membership prices, you may want to consider getting yourself signed up.

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