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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 3, 2015
Score: 74/100
"Girls can bond in a special way and that's what is proven by an interesting porn site called Actually, it's a lesbian porn site, so the women here cannot be closer to each other. They get together and have some fun where no man is around, and they film everything that happens." - Visit Site
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General Review

Everyone has friends, or at least should have some. Friendship often has an important role in your life because when you're down and need someone to cheer you up, or just when you want to share something that you enjoy with someone who's close to you, a friend is always there for you. Girls can bond in a special way and that's what is proven by an interesting porn site called Actually, it's a lesbian porn site, so the women here cannot be closer to each other, if you know what I mean. They get together and have some fun where no man is around, and they film everything that happens. This may sound like what you've probably seen on many other girls-only sites, but the thing is, this specific lesbo playground is much more than just a collection of girl-on-girl scenes. There's something special, something thrilling and new about it. But what it is? The models not just play a role here and do what they're told to do, but have a genuinely fun time being frisky with each other, not to mention that nobody is instructing them as they come with the ideas of their scenes and film them themselves. If stunningly gorgeous babes getting it on with each other is what you'd like to see and interested in checking out lesbian porn with a hot new spin, then won't let you down at all.

This is far from being a typical lesbo site where glammed-up pornstars undress and start pretending that they enjoy being another woman. The girls do have lots of fun and that really shines through the scenes. They have plenty of different ideas to shoot some hot girl-on-girl action for us, so you'll find many arousing and entertaining plots here. Most scenes look homemade, so there's some hot amateur feel to them which just add some extra entertainment value to their stuff. The girls make pancakes and get horny in the kitchen, go on hitchhiking in a forest and find a cabin where they can have a lesbian threesome or simply go to the local mall and get freaky with each other in a dressing room while they're shopping new sexy underwear. These are just a few of those hot things that can happen at While the site is dedicated to "girlfriends" who are lesbo fuck buddies too, there are a couple of solo scenes as well. These are still quite sensual and hot, and if you don't mind watching lovely babes pleasing themselves, you'll surely enjoy them. Nonetheless, their collection of (mostly) lesbian porn won't let you become bored.

Since the videos are supposed to be in an intentionally amateur style, you'll see some shaky camerawork from time to time. Most scenes are shot by handheld cameras and sometimes the girls use their phones to film for a while, so the content isn't you're typical glamour lesbo porn. On the other hand, not all scenes stick to this "girls film themselves" theme and there are some studio-made scenes which seem a bit out of place here. Although, even these are sensual and intimate enough not to be a lesbian porn cliche, and after all, they're full of smokin' hot women, so they can't be bad, right? Speaking of their models, none of them speaks English, at least not in their videos, but the dialogue is always subbed in English making it easy to comprehand what's being said. These subtitles come in handy because sometimes the girls chat for quite a long time before getting naked and having sex with each other. The entire collection is brought to you in glorious High Definition and there are super high-res photos to check out, too. is a unique and fun lesbian site which will be a good choice if you're looking for stunning Euro babes in girl-on-girl action.

What's Going On Inside looks quite girly and fun inside its members only area. The design is simple but neat and I honestly think that this site looks really nice. Once you're inside, you arrive to a home page where all the newest updates (both photo and video updates) are highlighted. Travelling from one section to another is easy as they arranged everything fairly reasonably here. Finding something specific in the site's collection shouldn't be a problem because there's an entire section dedicated to search features. Here you'll be able to filter by content type and there are plenty of keyword tags to choose too. You can even filter by member rating and you'll have a couple of sorting options. Overall, it's a user-friendly site with enough tools to help you find what you're looking for. isn't a large site, but it has enough scenes to keep you busy for a month. At this point 96 scenes are available but updates come frequently and often. There isn't a set update schedule but something new comes multiple times a week and in the end, you can count on 8-9 new scenes in each month.

You can't preview any of their scenes by checking out trailer videos, but each video comes with a couple of screencaps and a lengthy description making it really clear what you're about to see. Members can choose to watch videos right on the site in an embedded Flash player. There are three tiers of quality for their streams which are 640x360 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and full HD 1920x1080 pixels. The videos load and start quickly giving you a pleasant in-browser viewing experience, however, there's a multitude of download options encouraging you to save their videos. It doesn't really matter which platform you prefer, they'll get you covered as there are FLVs, MP4s, MOVs and WMVs offered in multiple qualities from mobile-friendly up to full HD 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps). File sizes are displays which give you valuable info as members are allowed to save only 20GB of data each day. Average running time is about 30 minutes. Many scenes have a set of related photos which you can browse online in a filmstrip view or enlarged in a slideshow. A set contains about 130 high-res images that can be downloaded in three sizes: 1200px, 2000px and 4000px. They make downloading entire sets easy by allowing members to save the sets in ZIP files. doesn't have any bonus sites to offer, but it does have a section filled with some extras. Actually, it's a part of a network called BigZ, so if you join the network you'll have access to and a bunch of other sites like Fake Agent, HD POV, Mom XXX and Dane Jones. If you don't want the whole network, you can still preview these sites by venturing into's "bonuses" section where you can stream 48 bonus videos contributed by many of these sites, and the best part is, they change these videos to new ones every two weeks.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

With a bevy of lovely young babes getting it on with each other, may seem like just a typical lesbian porn site but there's more to it. There's a quite fun spin added to their content by putting the girls into the lead roles in producing their videos. The babes not just go to town fingering and licking each other's pussies but they're the ones who film everything and even they come up with all the ideas of a video. Many of the scenes look like reality porn flicks in which amateur-looking hotties go hitchhiking or go to the local mall to buy something pretty for themselves, but they end up having lesbian sex with a girlfriend in some way. Even though it's a lesbian porn site, there are a couple of solo masturbation scenes as well. Overall, it's a quite solid sapphic site which isn't quite big but thanks to frequent updates, it's just a matter of time when it'll have a vast collection, but there's already a month's worth content here. I'd say if you like Euro babes in girls-only sex scenes and enjoy homemade-like porn videos, then is worth a try!

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