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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 1, 2012
Score: 93/100
"Needless to say how entertaining this stuff is and without any doubts, this is something that you won't find anywhere else. Life Selector offers an opportunity to became who you always wanted to be and offers interactive pornography which features the finest women and several hours of top-notch adult entertainment." - Visit Site
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General Review

Have you ever wanted to be someone else? A rock star, an undercovered cop or maybe a James Bond-like secret agent who can seduce every hot chick whom he wants? Now, it's your chance to put yourself into someone else's position and bang pornstars! Today we are proud to present you a site which tries to be genre-defining and unique. Life Selector is an interactive adult platform that lets you live the life that you've always wanted to live.

Imagine a life full of thrills, action, entertainment and lots of sexy girls and of course hot sex. It sounds promising, right? Life Selector offers "shows" (or "games") which reminded me of role-playing video games. You start a game and you will be a lucky gardener, a charming golf instructor, a rock star or just a guy who goes to take part in a job interview and ends up fucking drop-dead gorgeous chicks. Each game is immensely entertaining due to the ability of controlling the events. You start watching a scene and at certain points you will be given alternates to choose from. These determine the way how the story continues. For example a smoking hot babe offers you a blowjob and you can say "C'mon girl! Suck my cock!" or refuse her which makes her pissed and leaves you alone.

The shows are usually shot in POV style, so you can easily put yourself into the caracter's life. But of course you can choose to watch the raunchy sex through the director's eyes. Tons of options are given and probably you will want to watch each alternate endings. Needless to say how entertaining this stuff is and without any doubts, this is something that you won't find anywhere else. Life Selector offers an opportunity to became who you always wanted to be and offers interactive pornography which features the finest women and several hours of top-notch adult entertainment. Everything depends on YOUR choice, determine the way how the hottest affairs go and seduce gorgeous girls at!

What's Going On Inside

I've seen tons of paysites and I thought I wouldn't say that a site could amaze me, but Life Selector managed to make my jaw drop. Its design is just wonderfully modern and refreshingly appealing. The navigation is easy as pie, nobody will ever feel lost or confused, I guess. To be honest, the tour is the same as the actual members area - if we can even call it that way. Everybody's allowed to take a look at the site's offer and I highly recommend everyone to sign up, because it's totally FREE! You don't even have to give out any personal information until you decide to buy credits.

Life Selector is a credit based site which means when the story offers you alternates, these have their price which is determined in credits. BUT... you can watch some hot stuff totally free. Even though you can't beat a game, this doesn't mean you don't have anything beat off worthy! Before spending some money on credits, I registered and started watching a "show" called Adventures of a gardener. I was surprised to see that without paying a cent I saw a hot chick take a shower and "I" covered her body with body lotion, later I could watch her make out with her sexy yoga instructor who even ate her out! In another game I impersonated Aletta Ocean's boyfriend who tested out his brand new camera and made a homemade sex video. Without paying anything I could watch her play with her pussy and give head. Of course the hottest and raunchiest parts of the games require credits, but still, it's pretty cool, if you ask me. After getting a few credits, I watched a couple of shows and I was impressed. It's definitely fun and hot. Various niches are covered, so you can watch lesbian sex, take part in threesomes, fuck hot chicks in the ass or see girls enjoying BDSM!

The site offers quick and full shows. The only difference seems to be their length, and a quick show plays for about 20-25 minutes, while full shows have more complex stories which result in longer games. You will have three options when you're ready to spend some money. You can purchase 100 credits at $9.95, 500 credits at $29.95 or you can buy 1000 credits which cost $39.95. Since the options you will be given have various price tags, it depends on your choices how many credits will cost you to end a game. Some alternates are pretty pricey as they can cost up to 25 credits, but there are a lot of cheap choices as well which can be unlocked for 3 or 5 credit points. If you'd like to watch every alternate 100 credits won't last for long, so I'd suggest you to buy at least 500 credits. But on the other hand, if you watch the most economical choices, you can beat one or two games from 100 credits. You can save and exit at every part, so you can continue your stories later, plus you will have to pay for a choice only once. After unlocking an alternate, it won't cost you any credits when you watch the show again. was launched in the recent past, but it offers a lot to see. At the time of reviewing the site, there were 19 full and 55 quick shows. However, it seems they post new scenes almost every day! For instance, last week they added 5 new shows, which is quite impressive. On the "Shows" page you can find every game, but you can list only the full shows or only the quick shows. You can sort the shows by rating or date, plus you can view the list of shows in two views (thumb and list). As every new site, also Life Selector has some issues. It would be great to have an opportunity to sort the shows by categories and being able to add stories to your favorites can be useful too. In addition the movies don't play in high-defintion which is a bit disappointing, in my opinion.

The site offers model indexes and you will quickly realize that plenty of pornstars appear in the shows. Mostly European pornstars appear such as Aletta Ocean, Blue Angel, Kathia Nobili, but American girls like Lexi Belle or Christie Stevens also make appearance. The fact that by turns they refer to the stories as games and shows is a bit confusing, but it's not a big deal. Since majority of the performers are not native speaker, they speak English with funny accents which some might find a bit disturbing. But maybe it's just nit-picking on my part. Nevertheless, Life Selector has potential to be great and it's definitely fun and kind of addictive and since you can sign up for free, I highly recommend you to visit the site!

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