Sperm Hospital

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: August 27, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Sperm Hospital is a fun - and a bit kinky - new site where 40 and 50-something nurses milk young guys' dicks in a sperm bank, so there's definitely some interesting stuff going on here which fans of older women and handjob-centric porn should enjoy." - Visit Site
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General Review

You're young, horny and need to find a way to earn some quick cash. What would you do? Those studly guys who appear at Sperm Hospital choose to donate some sperm to get money. They pay a visit to their local sperm bank and hope that they will finally get paid for jerking off. To be honest, I've never been a sperm donor but my best guess is that those nurses and doctors who work at Sperm Hospital's clinic often stray from the route of standard medical procedures. Actually, they are horny and very naughty mature women who enjoy getting their hands on young studs and they don't seem to mind putting their medical institute's reputation at risk. Health examinations are required here before letting guys dump a load for cash, and that's where these MILFs and grannies abuse their power. They use weird procedures to get a sample of cum from the guys which require them to lube and stroke their patients' cocks to a nut-busting completion! Sperm Hospital is a fun - and a bit kinky - new site where 40 and 50-something nurses milk young guys' dicks in a sperm bank, so there's definitely some interesting stuff going on here which fans of older women and handjob-centric porn should enjoy.

The scenes tend to showcase the same "story" just with different models. An older babe wearing some kind of medical uniform waits in an examination room for a younger guy to show up. There's some talking and it turns out that she needs to check out if everything's okay with the potential sperm donor's health. That's when some medical fetish comes in the picture as the guys get their cocks measured and even a thermometer gets slide into their dickholes, so things get wierd here quite quickly. Although, their check-up/donation procedure gets even wierder as the nurses usually use some kind of lube to get their dicks slippery and put nasty toys like a Fleshlight or a penis pump to a good use. They even get a tight grip and jerk the guys' rods until a hefty load is dumped... right on their tits! All in all, you'll get here some medical fetish, hot tugjobs and mature gals, so Sperm Hospital is definetely quite unique.

The videos are filmed well but they still have a typical Euro amateur feel. The models are genuinely mature who are in their late 40s for the most part and who speak Czech in the scenes. There's some talking at the beginning of each episode and there are no English subtitles which is a kind of hit-and-miss. While you can get an idea about what is probably said, it would be nice to see the videos get translated to English. The videos come in High Definition and they look nice, however, they're still sitting on a 720p resolution. With 1080p being the norm these days and even 4K movies appearing on many sites, Sperm Hospital may start to think about bumping its videos up a little bit. Digital photos accompany the video footage which are high-res images offering some fun for photo fans. Overall, there are a few issues here and there but Sperm Hospital is brand new and will probably evolve over time.

What's Going On Inside

Sperm Hospital seems to keep things simple, including its layout. There is a quite basic site design here which looks good overall, but feels a bit basic. After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a home page where you can check out the latest videos and models, and they even give you a heads-up about what will come soon. Getting around the site is easy as there are separate sections for the videos, photos and models, and there's a handy top menu bar which helps you quickly travel from one section to another. However, filtering things down a bit may be a bit difficult because there are no search/browse tools that could narrow down the content. The only thing you get is a model catalog which doesn't provide too many info about their "moms" but let you browse the models in one place and you can even find your way to those women's scenes that you fancy. The collection is quite small at the moment, so it's pretty easy to manage but in the future more search tools will be needed. Sperm Hospital offers 10 videos and 12 photosets at this point but something new is added each week, however, updates alternate between a new video and a new set of pictures.

Each scene comes with a description which can give you a grip on what you're about to see and there are supposed to be screencaps too, however, none of the links to these vidcaps worked for me. The videos are available for online playback in an embedded player. Only one quality mode is offered which provides you with videos playing at 640x360 pixels. The playback starts quickly and it's pretty smooth, so watching the videos right on the site is a reasonable choice, unless you want some HD porn. In this case, you'll have to look for download options. The videos can be saved at 1280x720 pixels (5000 Kbps) in WMV format as well as at 640x360 pixels (1700 Kbps) in MP4 file format. While having HD videos to grab is welcome, WMV may not be good for all users, so maybe HD downloads as MP4s should be added too. The average running time is around 25 minutes. Photo fans can check out digital stills that can be browsed online in standard thumbnail galleries. You can check out full-size pictures too but there isn't an online slideshow feature. A set usually contains around 180 images that are sized at 2000px and which are available for ZIP download.

The company that runs Sperm Hospital has a couple of other sites which focus on either mature women or some sort of medical fetish. Members are offered discount prices for these and they even get to check out and enjoy one of them for free which is called Turbo Moms. This site revolves around old-and-young sex, so if you like to see MILFs and GILFs getting fucked, it will definitely add some extra value to your membership.

I'd say that Sperm Hospital is off to a good start, but it has a couple of flaws. The theme here is definitely fun and unique which fans of handjob porn and mature gals should enjoy. The women are genuinely mature, not just girls in their early 30s, and among them there are even a couple of grannies. The whole setup with MILFs in nurse/doctor uniforms, kinky examinations and nasty tugjobs is pretty interesting, to say the least. Although, videos max out at 720p in WMV, online playback is in SD and some of the models are quite unattractive, so there are things that can be improved. Members get weekly updates but they get a new video every other week. If you're not really interested in photos, updates can seem to come a bit slowly. At least members get a bonus site full of horny moms which can keep them busy between two Sperm Hospital updates. Sperm Hospital is fun, new and quite small which means that you should give it some time to grow and evolve, unless you're really into the fantasy that's on offer here.

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