Sperm Hospital

You're young, horny and need to find a way to earn some quick cash. What would you do? Those studly guys who appear at Sperm Hospital choose to donate some sperm to get money. They pay a visit to their local sperm bank and hope that they will finally get paid for jerking off. To be honest, I've never been a sperm donor but my best guess is that those nurses and doctors who work at Sperm Hospital's clinic often stray from the route of standard medical procedures. Actually, they are horny and very naughty mature women who enjoy getting their hands on young studs and they don't seem to mind putting their medical institute's reputation at risk. Health examinations are required here before letting guys dump a load for cash, and that's where these MILFs and grannies abuse their power. They use weird procedures to get a sample of cum from the guys which require them to lube and stroke their patients' cocks...

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