My Very First Time

Updates: Monthly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 4, 2015
Score: 60/100
"My Very First Time is a brand new site which works hard to find and to convince fresh-faced newcomers to do something on camera that they've never done before." - Visit Site
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General Review

There's always a first time for everyone. The first time when you kiss a girl, the first time you fall in love and of course, the first time when you have sex. However, if you're a gorgeous girl looking for pornographic stardom, then your first times will be much nastier. My Very First Time is a brand new site which works hard to find and to convince fresh-faced newcomers to do something on camera that they've never done before. These girls are new the adult film industry and after shooting only a handful of scenes, they're asked to do something that pushes their boundaries like sucking and taking their first ever black cock or getting gangbanged. I don't know much about you but I do know that seeing pretty young girls explore their sexual capabilities is a turn on for many, and that's why My Very First Time sees good chances to become a hit. It surely does a great job of offering all kinds of first time situations and showcases some of the cutest and hottest new starlets. If you'd like to watch girls get overwhelmed by the thrills of first time sexual experiences, then those exclusive scenes that this site offers will surely be a lot of fun.

Pornstar wannabes getting fucked is getting old but My Very First Time manages to be fresh. Unlike its competitors, it doesn't restrict itself to focusing on one specific theme like girls getting their anal cherry popped or first time interracial sex, instead, it comes up with many type of first times and the potentials for new first time themes are pretty much endless. First time lesbians, first time with an older partner, first time orgy, first time squirt and the list could go on and on. However, at this point themes are limited to 3 types which are anal virgins, first time gangbangs and first time interracial sex. A couple of days ago they had some kind of bug which showed a couple of scenes that will be posted at some point which will deliver first DP's as well, so you can expect to see a lot more themes covered. The scenes start with a quite lengthy interview which lets you get to know the girls a bit better. They reveal a couple of fun facts about themselves, talk about what type of men they like, they previous experiences in the porn business and such. Although, they have to fuck too, so they strip naked and get ready to shoot their first ever anal, gangbang or interracial scenes. I must admit that the girls do seem inexperienced, especially in the anal videos and they squirm, moan and seemingly have a hard time taking a cock in their butts, so My Very First Time videos do look like the real thing!

It's a bit difficult to describe the way they shoot their scenes. It's a bit of gonzo, a bit of amateur and due to the interviews, it's also like a porn documentary. Nonetheless, the result is always hot and pretty damn good. The videos are shot in a neat-looking apartment and have a classy but amateur feel at the same time. Camerawork, lighting and editing are decent and actually, I can't really find anything to complain about their episodes. Yes, they do have an amateur vibe but they're also professionally done, not to mention that most videos are shot in ultra HD 4K! There are no quality issues here, and My Very First Time is probably home to the best quality first time porn videos that money can buy. Photos accompany their videos which means even photo fans can have some fun here, but their pictures aren't as impressive as their videos. Although, their images are still in decent but not ultra high resolution. My Very First Time is a great little site where girls seems to do something that they've never done before, I only wish the site's collection was at least a bit bigger.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in, you'll find yourself in a quite simple but neatly laid out members' area. The home page showcases the latest and top rated updates. Making your way around the site isn't difficult at all as there's a top menu bar that can quickly take you to the site's different sections. They offer a couple of tools which can filter things down a bit. You can filter by model name, release date and model name, not to mention that there are sorting options which can arrange their scenes by rating, number of views, title and date. There's even a search engine which lets you search for scenes by keyword. You'll also find a model catalog which shows you all their models with big profile pictures but these model pages don't give any info on the girls, they just link you to their scenes. All of these tools make My Very First Time quite user-friendly, however, they're also quite useless at the moment. The site has only 8 scenes to offer among which you'll find what (or whom) you're looking for pretty quickly (even without using any of their search/browse tools), but I'm sure when the site becomes much larger, these tools will come in handy. The update schedule is yet to be set here, so I can't really tell how often something new will come. Date stamps show that they rolled out a couple of new scenes weekly for a while but it's been almost a month now since their latest update was added.

With the exception of their latest episode, all scenes have a short trailer video and a set of screencaps which are more than enough to give you an idea about what you're going to see. There isn't much scene info provided, just a rating, a running time and a release date are all that they display for each scene. They let members watch the video right on the site in an embedded player with two quality settings: standard (852x450 pixels) and HD (1280x674 pixels). The online playback is great as the videos load and start playing quickly and I didn't encounter any buffering hiccups either. However, if you'd like to watch their first time videos in much better quality, then you'll have to download them. There are plenty of download options offered which include files to save in different formats (Mpg, MP4, WMV and mobile MP4) and in up to 6 qualities ranging from 852x480 pixels (1300 Kbps) to 4K ultra HD at 4096x2160 pixels (11 Mbps). Strangely their latest update lacks the 4K HD download option and maxes out at 1920x1012 pixels (5500 Kbps). Running times are pretty lengthy due to the interviews, thus the average scene plays around 50 minutes. Each scene has a set of high-res photos which can be browsed online in standard thumbnail galleries or in a pop-up display with enlarged images. A set contains around 280 pictures that are sized at 1500px and which are available for ZIP download.

My Very First Time is a very small site which won't keep you busy for a long time. Having said that, you may expect to get here some bonus content. Unfortunately, nothing is given which is a bit of a letdown. The guys who run this site has a couple of other great sites such as POVD, Tiny 4K and Exotic 4K, so they could give at least a couple of bonus videos. What you get is a chance to upgrade your membership (in other words: throw some more money their way) to have access to their entire network, but they don't tell you which sites are included in this network. My best guess is that the aformentioned sites are those that you get and maybe a couple more like Pure Mature and Passion HD, but again, I can't tell for sure as they don't tell anything about these network sites.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

I must admit that everything seems to be the real deal here. The anal virgins look like they've never been fucked in the ass, the interracial newbies get a bit intimidated by a huge black cock and gangbang first timers seem to be new to handling multiple cocks at once. My Very First Time is definitely a quite interesting (and prettty hot) new site which I'm sure that will become an excellent site in the future. Although, there's one thing which holds it back currently which is the tiny size of its collection. With only 8 scenes in its library, no matter how great the content is or how gorgeous its models, it's a site that's pretty hard to recommend. At least their videos are fun and look absolutely stunning, especially in 4K ultra HD! I'd say it's a brand new site full of potential and I'm looking forward to seeing how great it will become, but I must recommend that you give this site some time to grow right now.

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