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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 11, 2014
Score: 69/100
"Using cutting-edge equipment to film multi-ethnic models that are smokin' hot and ready to fuck, Exotic 4K will definetly spice up your pornographic diet with an exotic flavor while keeping your screen filled with visually impressive smut." - Visit Site
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General Review

Porn is not known for its penchant for ethnic diversity. Just think about it for a second. All the most famous pornstar babes are white. Okay, there are a couple of Asian, Latin and ebony stars who managed to fuck themselves into pornographic stardom, but the industry's focus is definitely on white chicks. Thankfully, there are some studios and sites that realize that many of us want a piece of exotic ass every now and then. Those guys who have already brought great sites like Fantasy HD, Tiny 4K and POVD decided to finally turn their attention to girls are spicier and hotter than your typical American beauties. Exotic 4K is here and it's going to one of the best multi-racial porn sites that prove that any hot girl can be a pornstar, regardless of her culture and heritage. Using cutting-edge equipment to film multi-ethnic models that are smokin' hot and ready to fuck, Exotic 4K will definetly spice up your pornographic diet with an exotic flavor while keeping your screen filled with visually impressive smut.

Figuring out what this site is all about is easy as pie. There are two things that Exotic 4K is obviously oncerned about: serving up Ultra HD content and finding the hottest models that are mainly considered exotic. Being a racially-minded site, it has models that have different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, though who often were born in the United States. If you're looking for girls from Japan, China, Thailand, Egypt, Zimbabwe or South-America, then this isn't the place where you'll find them. On the other hand, the girls here do glow with exotic beauty and needless to say, they're stunningly beautiful. While among them there are many lesser-known babes, a fan of hardcore porn will definitely come across familiar names like Janice Griffith, Sophia Fiore and Ana Foxxx. All episodes feature one-on-one sex with lots of cock sucking and pussy pounding. I wouldn't say that the scenes get boring because they keep things fresh by throwing creampies and some anal into their mix here and there. Since white guys do the dicking, you can consider the site a source for interracial porn as well.

As I already revealed, the guys who are behind Exotic 4K have proven that they know a thing or two about how to use state of the art, 4K HD filming to produce really hot porn. No wonder that their brand new site doesn't lack creative filming and incredibly high production values. While most porn sites think that movies in 720p or 1080p are enough to provide you with ample detail and clarity, Exotic 4K see things differently and takes things into the direction of Ultra HD. Needless to say the videos are simply amazing in quality, so make sure you have a 4K TV or monitor before checking out this site! Their scenes are shot in a sort of gonzo fashion with no scripts, just performers getting their freak on as soon as possible. They often use POV (point-of-view) camera angles which make the videos even hotter. Exotic 4K is brand spanking new, so it's pretty small right now, but with gorgeous Asian, Latin and black babes on board and offering super HD movies, it can provide you with some hot porn that you don't want to miss out on.

What's Going On Inside

Exotic 4K is a well put together site that definitely has a modern feel, on the other hand, it's also quite simple. There's a plain black backround and honestly, it just looks almost the same as every other site that are run by the company that's responsible for Exotic 4K. There's a clean design, but maybe they try too hard to convince you to buy memberships to additional sites. There's a splash page after logging in and you'll see a big banner at the top of the home page offering a special deal. They even show you a lot of "network updates" that cannot be unlocked unless you're willing to pay some extra. Getting around the site is easy and many browse/search tools try to help you filter things down a bit. There's a search engine allowing you to search by keyword and title but you can set model name filters or sort the scenes by date, popularity, title and number of views. Each girl has her own model profile which doesn't have any info about her, but lists all scenes in which she appears. With only 12 scenes online, these tools are pretty useless but they'll surely come in handy in the future when the site will be much larger. Date stamps show weekly updates, and it seems sometimes you get 2 updates a week.

Scene info is in a limited amount here but you'll get a trailer video and a set of screencaps bundled with each video, so in the end, you'll get a grip on what a scene has in store for you. Members can choose to stream their videos in an embedded player that offers two tiers of quality: standard (852x450 pixels) and HD (1280x674 pixels). There's nothing wrong with their streams because the videos start playing quickly and I didn't encounter any buffering hiccups. But where's the 4K Ultra HD playback? Well, if you want such immensely detailed experience, you'll have to download their scenes. The best quality files are in MP4 format here and they're sized at 4096x2160 pixels (15 Mpbs). There are even lower resolution but still HD files to save at 1280x674 (7000 Kbps) and 1920x1012 pixels (16 Mbps). You can even download files at 852x450 pixels. It doesn't matter which kind of platform you plan to use to watch their videos, they'll get you covered as there are even WMV, Mpg and mobile-friendly MP4s provided. The typical scene is about 20 minutes in length and comes with a set of digital stills. For some reason, 3 videos came with screencaps only, the rest of the collection can offer high-res photos at 1500px. These pictures can be viewed online as small thumbnail images or enlarged. There isn't an online slideshow feature, so it's more convenient to download entire sets in ZIP files and view them offline. A photoset contains about 280 images, so their ZIP downloads definitely saves you a lot of time.

Exotic 4K creates a nice little network with Casting Couch X, Fantasy HD, Passion HD, POVD, Pure Mature, Tiny 4K And ExGF. Although none of these sites are accessible unless you decide to buy yourself a network-wide access which is a hefty $70! There are no bonuses here at all, but you can find special discounts on partner sites and a link to live cams which will also cost you some money if you want something more than a party chat.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sells on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want these extras - otherwise you'll be charged for them, too!

There's something really hot about exotic girls that make them exceptionally sexy. If you think the same then chances are high for you to enjoy Exotic 4K. This is a new site that delivers some of the hottest models who have Asian, Latin or African heritage and who doesn't mind fucking for your entertainment. The girls are truly gorgeous, the sex is guaranteed to get you off and it all is presented in the best possible 4K. What they have to offer is, without a doubt, very professional and simply great, just there aren't enough scenes here right now to keep you busy for too long. At least you can get a month long membership at a discount price of $17.95 if you join the site from this review. I really loved the girls and the super gorgeous 4K videos but I still advise you to give Exotic 4K some time to grow.

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