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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 10, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Indian GF Videos is working hard to amass a big collection of, well, Indian GF videos for you to enjoy. The girls here are truly exotic and usually quite pretty who have long dark-hair, sexy bronze skin and of course, who know a thing or two about pleasing men (and women)." - Visit Site
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General Review

Are you getting tired of seeing the same pornstars over and over again? Do you want to see something that's hot and not scripted or staged? A healthy dose of made-at-home kind of porn is what you really need then! The only problem is that there's a flood of real amateur (aka GF porn or revenge porn) sites these days which feel (and sometimes look) pretty much the same. Thankfully a few sites take the homemade porn theme and have their own takes on it. Indian GF Videos is one of these and what it's doing is to work hard to amass a big collection of, well, Indian GF videos for you to enjoy. The girls are truly exotic and usually quite pretty who have long dark-hair, sexy bronze skin and of course, who know a thing or two about pleasing men (and women). Indian people mastered the art of sex quite some time ago and wrote the famous sex book, Kama Sutra, so you can't really marvel if homemade porn of Indian folks fucking is raunchy and hot. Now, Indian GF Videos lets you take a peak into everyday Indian girls' sex lives and see for yourself how they put what they learnt about having sex to a good use! If you're into domestic debauchery and like exotic girls, then you may end up having a fun time here.

It's amateur porn that they have on offer here, which means that the content is sourced from plenty of places which results in a quite diverse collection at Indian GF Videos. The girls do all kinds of hot stuff from something as tame as taking a selfie of themselves in front of the bathroom mirror to something as hot as taking a fat cock in the ass. There are many solo scenes (which usually just recorded webcam shows) which show how Desi babes strip naked, talk dirty and fuck themselves into an orgasmic state. However, the site has its fair share of guy on girl sex, too. These Indian girlfriends often give handjobs and wrap their lips around their boyfriends' cocks but they get their pussies banged as well. Sometimes even some lesbian loving can be found too, so there's a little bit of everything here indeed. The girls tend to look quite average, some of them really cute, others fairly unattractive, but to be fair, you can find here a couple of smokin' hot amateurs. It didn't catch me by surprise because that's a common thing to see on "GF" porn sites, but it's worth mentioning.

All the videos and photos look genuinely amateur and homemade. They can vary in shooting style but most of the videos are either filmed with handheld cameras or with webcams. There's plenty of POV style videos and you can see how girls strip and play with themselves in front of their webcams, so there's a good mix of camera angles used. However, it's porn produced by amateurs which means that camerawork is often shaky and the videos can be fairly poorly lit. The webcam recordings also quite "laggy" and some videos are barely watchable. While some scenes are in decent SD quality, most of the videos are blurry and offered at pretty low resolutions. You may find better quality videos on free sites with a simple Google search. Even though the site focuses on videos, there are also photos here. These pictures look okay but they aren't sized at impressive resolutions. Indian GF Videos may have gorgeous exotic amateurs and hot sex, but it fails to get on par with today's quality standards, so it's a pretty mediocre porn site.

What's Going On Inside

Indian GF Videos looks neat inside its members' area. It doesn't have anything really fancy but its simplicity is quite appealing. My only complaint is that there's a flood of ads here and you can see banners promoting other sites on every page, there are webcam girls and even when you pause a video and another ad pops up in the player. I don't mind seeing a couple of ads here and there on a paysite, but the folks at Indian GF Videos went maybe a bit too far. Making your way around the site is a cinch because they have separate sections for photos and videos, and you'll find a couple of sorting options too. The content can be sorted by date, rating and number of views, but you can choose to get a random list of scenes as well. Each update has a couple of category tags which can link you to similarly themed videos and photosets. A search engine allowing for keyword search is also available, so it seems to me that they covered all the basics. More advanced search/browse tools could have been added but still, Indian GF Videos is a user-friendly site. It's a quite small site on its own as its collection offers only 207 videos and 44 photo galleries at the moment. Updates come frequently but a bit unpredictably. However, I'd say they roll out something new at least once a week.

None of the videos can be previewed here because there are no screencaps, trailers nor descriptions. On the other hand, each video has a title which is a sort of short description too like "Hot Indian teen POV blowjob and ride" or something similar which can reveal what you're about to see. All videos are available for streaming in an embedded player. The in-browser playback is smooth and you don't have to wait too long for the video to start. Members can also save the videos in MP4 format in the same quality as the streams have. There are no multiple quality choices here and the quality of the video that you can stream and download is usually pretty low. Their videos tend to be either at 320x240 pixels or 480x360 pixels. The best looking videos that I found displayed at 630x474 pixels. Running times also vary and you can come across scenes that are less than a minute long while other videos play over an hour. The average running time is still short because the typical video here is about 9 minutes in length. Photo fans can check out a couple of picture galleries too which can be viewed online or downloaded in ZIP files. The pictures are available both in standard thumbnail galleries and enlarged to their full size in a slideshow. Photos also vary in size but it looks like many sets have images around 900px. A set usually contains around 20 photos but I found a set which had almost 300 images (this is the largest set here at the moment).

Indian GF Videos is small at the moment, so it can't really keep you busy for long on its own. Fortunately, it's a part of a network called AmaLand (or also known as The GF Network). Members get bonus access to the rest of the network which translates into 25 bonus sites. These sites have similar content but each of them has its on theme too, like anal sex, cum-loving babes, busty girlfriends and BBW amateurs and so on. To top it all off, there are thousands of bonus DVD feeds covering almost every possible niche.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Those who are looking for exotic babes in some hot action will find Indian GF Videos interesting. The site offers made-at-home type of porn showcasing everyday folks while doing something naughty. The girls can range from unattractive to smokin' hot here but they look quite average for the most part. However, they do love sex and play with theiir pussies, give head and get fucked in every which way. Even though it all may sound promising, Indian GF Videos is a bit underwhelming. The quality of the content is quite low, even compared to other "GF" porn sites. The collection is pretty small but updates come frequently and there are a bunch of bonus sites. All in all, Indian GF Videos does deliver what it promises but in a disappointingly low qualityI, however, with access to an entire network of amateur sites, it can offer a fair deal for the fans of "GF" porn.

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