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Reviewed: May 30, 2013
Score: 81/100
"If you're looking for authentic amateur smut that derives from user submissions and hacked user accounts, then The GF Network is going to be your one stop shop. This 'gf porn' mega-site has a large selection of amateur niche sites gathered under its roof, each of which is specialized on a specific theme. This being the case, you'll definitely find something here that you can enjoy very much." - Visit Site
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- Members get access to 20 amateur niche sites.
- 12995 bonus DVDs (76716 scenes in total).
- Live cams.
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General Review

Haven't had a gorgeous girlfriend who was eager to make some homemade porno with you? Well, then what you need is a decent amount of so called 'ex-girlfriend' porn that can fill the void, albeit just partially. There's a lot of reasons how can outrageously explicit photos and movies end up being submitted to a website. It seems after a messy breakup broken-hearted guys see fit to share the world how slutty their now-ex-girlfriends are by posting all of those porn videos that feature their exes while flashing titties, sucking cock and getting their pussies filled with man meat. However, revenge is not the only cause that results in sex tape submissions as some girls just can't help but treat their naughty sides with online erotic exposure, not to mention we're living in the era of social network sites which puts your private photos and videos to the risk of getting into the wrong hands.

If you're looking for authentic amateur smut that derives from user submissions and hacked user accounts, then The GF Network is going to be your one stop shop. This 'gf porn' mega-site has a large selection of amateur niche sites gathered under its roof, each of which is specialized on a specific theme. This being the case, you'll definitely find something here that you can enjoy very much. The nasty things that are being done by the hot amateur 'GFs' encompass naked posing, giving head, letting their men dump creamy loads all over their bodies, exploring the joys of lesbian sex, getting their tight asses fucked and making themselves cum with the assistance of big toys. Every girl type is covered here as after all, there are self-shot teens, mirror sluts, cock-hungry wives, hot alternative chicks, emo girls, scene sluts, ebony girlfriends, spicy latinas, cute Asians, busty babes as well as chubby beauties.

Authentic amateur porn has its pros like you can't see faked orgasms and seasoned porn stars who are paid to fuck, but it also has its cons. You have to deal with woefully filmed movies that use poor lighting and awkward camera angles, and of course, hacked/leaked photos share similar issues as they're often out of focus and blurry. Unfortunately, The GF Network's content is exactly of this kind, but this just enhances the network's genuine amateur feel. No matter if you crave hot pics of model-quality girls in slutty outfits and drop-dead gorgeous girlfriends wrapping their lips around an erection, or racy homemade videos featuring pussy pounding sex, creampies, facials, lesbian sex or ass banging, The GF Network has it all... and much more! It's truely one of the biggest - if it's not the largest - archive of amateur GFs, which you should at least check out!

What's Going On Inside

The GF Network has a pretty neat site design, although it seems the network actually called as Amaland in the members only area. When getting logged in, you arrive to the main network hub page that shows you a list of those amateur sites to which you have access. The GF Network (aka Amaland) consists of 20 sites: Watch My GF, My Alternative GF, Oral Girlfriends, Jizz On My GF, My NN GF, Obsessed With Myself, My Lesbo GF, Dirty Wives Exposed, Girlfriend Orgasms, My POV GF, Me And My Latina, My GF Loves Anal, Sluts With Phones, Hacked GF Videos, Me And My Asian, Badass Girlfriends, My Ebony GF, My BBW GF, GF Melons and Boyfriend Nudes. There's a section that holds each site's logo and with only one click you can easily navigate to your chosen site. I guess, navigation is more than easy here, even though the network is large indeed!

They provide you with enough search options to narrow down the content as there's a search bar to allow you to filter by keywords, you can choose from a drop-down list of categories, plus there are even more advanced search options. You can easily find photos and movies of which names contain one or more keywords and phrase of your choice, but you can combine these with categories as well. The network's home page even shows you the top rated and most viewed stuff too. Overall, there are quite a few filter/browse tools, much more than you probably expect from an amateur niche site. The GF Network has an incredibly huge archive as at the time of my visit there were 10163 photo galleries and 5464 videos spread throughout the networked sites. They clearly mark which individual sites host a specific scene or photo set, and it seems some sites share a part of the collection. The already large archive of ex-girlfriend porn is getting even bigger at an insanely fast pace as each day 7-8 updates are made, so it's easy to see how could the network grow this big. However, it seems they might encounter some kind of difficulty lately as the latest update was on May 26 (as of May 30, 2013).

Photo sets can be browsed through online in thumbnail galleries, but you can view the pictures in their full size and there's even a timed slideshow feature offered. The number of pictures wrapped into a photo album varies from set to set, but on average, you can find about 5-10 images in a set. On the other hand, there are a lot of photo sets that contain 50 or so pictures. Entire sets can be downloaded as ZIP files. For the most part, you can come across low resolution images, the highest resolution images that I found were sized at 1024x768 pixels. Their movie collection can be watched online as the videos can be streamed. When you select a movie, it starts playing automatically in an embedded player, which might be a bit annoying for some. It would be more appropriate to name the videos as short clips since they're about just 3-5 minutes in length, but occasionally you can see a couple of videos that play for over 20-30 minutes. Members are allowed to download each flick as Mpeg4. I must say, the quality of the videos are hardly tolerable. The best quality movie I found played at only 630x354 pixels (600 Kbps), but most videos play at 320x240 pixels. Both photos and videos can be rated on a 5-star scale and you can add them to your favorites. Every 'submission' has a comment section as well.

If you're one of those who like to get some bonuses included in their memberships, then you'll be glad to note that they treat you with live cams and a large collection of bonus DVDs. Although the 'live sex' page didn't work for me, but I guess there was just some kind of temporarily technical problem. Your bonus videos are pulled from 12995 DVD titles. In total, 76716 scenes can be streamed or downloaded which means you don't have to worry about running out of porn here, even if you're in the mood for something other than amateur porn!

When inputting your credit card info on the join page, be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sales - if you don't want to join additional sites - to avoid being charged for them too!

The GF Network is, without a doubt, one of the largest archive of user-submitted, hacked and leaked amateur porn. There's a lot to see here and there's a good amount of variety too. The biggest problem is the poor quality of both the photos and videos. It's probably not their fault as the content derives from everyday folks, but still, you have to put up with bad quality content. Nevertheless, there's a lot of bonuses and frequent updates that ensure you'll always have something to beat off to.If you're a fan of 'real amateur' porn even if it has its flaws, then you can make a good deal with The GF Network!.

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