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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 2, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Czech Taxi is all about a charming guy who seems just like an average taxi driver, but when a gorgeous girl hops in his car, he puts the moves on her, and needless to say, he succeeds in tempting her into tipping him with some hot sex in the backseat." - Visit Site
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General Review

Believe it or not, being a tax driver is one of the best jobs ever. Or at least, that's what you'll think after seeing how much sex a Czech dude manages to get by offering hot babes a free ride with his cab. Czech Taxi is all about this charming guy who seems just like an average taxi driver, but when a gorgeous girl hops in his car, he puts the moves on her, and needless to say, he succeeds in tempting her into tipping him with some hot sex in the backseat. The premise of the site is simple, and I can't say that it's something that we haven't seen before, but it's still fun and girls who fell for the cabbie's smooth talk are exceptionally attractive. There's a lot of chitchatting here which may give you some ideas how picking up women is done in the Czech Republic, but rest assured that every babe ends up getting her pussy banged. All these sexy taxi rides are captured secretly, at least the girls aren't supposed to know that they're being filmed, which adds an interesting voyeuristic spin the whole thing. Those who are looking for hot Euro amateurs and fun reality porn will probably enjoy this crazy ride on which Czech Taxi invites them!

There isn't too much variety here as the scenes have the same premise and since the same guy drives the same cab, the setting is pretty much the same. You're going to see the cabbie driving around and luring lovely young babes into his car by promising reasonable fare rates. Once a chick hops in, he starts taking the girl to the desired destination but he flirts along the way. At some point his "customer" doesn't mind stopp in some quite place and agrees to fuck. ?t's some typical hardcore banging in a couple of hot positions which is quite an achievement because they fuck in a very small place. There's some pussy licking and girls give some head too, so nothing really extraordinary happens here. Of course, once they're done, the guys takes the girl to where she wanted to go and behaves like he's interested in meeting her again, but we know that's not going to happen. Overall, this is an entertaining collection that you'll surely like if you find this "picking up chicks with a fake taxi" theme intriguing.

It's not easy to decide whether the scenes are real or not, because they're quite believable. To be honest, they're probably staged in some way and if you're into Czech porn, you'll recognize a couple of girls, however, I doubt that there are any scripts and any pre-written dialog. It's reality porn after all, and it's done right here, there's no doubt about that. The videos are filmed "secretly" with hidden cams. There are at least three cameras inside the taxi which can provide pretty good view of all the naugthiness that happens. They also record everything in High Definition, so the videos look quite good, even though they're shot with "spy cams". Although, the site hasn't made the step towards 1080p which is pretty much the standard these days. All in all, Czech Taxi is a fun site that's full of pretty Czech chicks who end up having sex and getting a free ride in taxi cab. If you like their theme, you'll surely enjoy their unscripted realtiy porn videos.

What's Going On Inside

After making you're way through their members only entrance, you'll arrive to a members' area with a quite plain design. Nothing really fancy can be seen here but that really fits the amateur nature of their content. They highlight the latest update and you can browse the rest of their collection in the same section. Actually, what you see is much like just a quick listing of all Czech Taxi episodes as the site is more like just a collection of taxi pick up themed smut in a mega site's archive than a site on its own. Czech Taxi is fully integrated into a network called Czech AV which focuses on Czech amateurs while covering many themes and niches. The whole network is very simple and there are no search/browse features offered, no matter which site of theirs you check out. Czech Taxi is still a pretty small collection of amateur porn because even though it's been around more than a year now, it has only 21 scenes to offer. This doesn't mean that new episodes aren't added regularly, just their update schedule is quite slow. According to date stamps, you can count on only two new scenes in each month, so it'll take quite some time until Czech Taxi has a sizable collection that can keep you busy for month on its own.

You can't actually preview their scenes by watching trailers or by checking out a couple of screencaps, but each video has a fairly lengthy description which will surely give you a grip on what to expect to see. There's just a limited amount of scene info provided as well which includes a release date and running time. Members are allowed to watch their stuff right on the site in an embedded player. The streams work perfectly well as they start and load quickly and jumping ahead in the video is quick, too. The online playback is nice, however, it's not in HD as the streamed videos are sized at 704x396 pixels. You can download each video in the same quality in MP4 format, or alternatively you can choose to save the episodes as High-Def WMV files at 1280x720 pixels (5500 Kbps). These files are probably good for most users/platforms, but HD MP4s would be nice too, I think. The average running time is around 40 minutes, but a lot of time is wasted on chit-chatting and flirting, so you may end up skipping 10-15 minutes of dialog in a scene. Czech Taxi is a video-only site which doesn't offer digital stills of its hot amateur girls. This is understandable because they're focusing on voyeur porn after all, so if there were a couple of professional shots of their models, that would definitely kill the illusion. On the other hand, they could have provided screencaps which could be used to preview the scenes, too.

Being a part of a network, Czech Taxi has more porn to enjoy than you originally bargained for. Members get bonus access to the rest of Czech AV which means that there are 24 bonus sites included in the memberships. As I already mentioned it, these sites cover many niches and themes from gangbangs to girls being filmed secretly in solariums or gorgeous amateur babes taking part in porn castings. Czech Supermodels, Czech Spy, Czech Amateurs and Czech Home Orgy are just a couple of those bonus sites that you'll surely find interesting.

Czech Taxi is cruising the city of Prague, looking for smokin' hot girls who would hop in for a sexy ride. The site is a quite fun reality porn site which the fans of voyeur fetish will love the most. Their episodes always deliver something similar, but still, you won't get bored because their models are lovely and the taxi driver works his magic on them with his charm. Even though that I'm sure those who like amateur babes and this specific theme will have some fun here, Czech Taxi is a kinda average site. There's just a small amount of content and updates come slowly. They even lack search and browse tools, not to mention that photo fans won't have anything to enjoy here. At least members get access to an entire network of sites at no extra cost, so if you enjoy watching Czech amateur porn in general, you can still have a good deal at Czech Taxi.

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