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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 5, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Group sex is taken really seriously at Czech Home Orgy, so don't expect to see here two couples get together to swing a little bit, but a heap of sweaty bodies and a crowd of folks fucking from corner to corner in every room of an apartment." - Visit Site
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General Review

Meeting up with your buddies to have some fun together, what's the craziest thing could happen? Maybe you get piss drunk and do something that you might regret next day but probably nothing even a bit as wild and nasty can happen, I guarantee, as seem a pretty common thing at house parties in the Czech Republic. Okay, probably there are people who open up a bottle of fine wine and talk about classical music or other forms of art, but these are not those people who are featured on Czech Home Orgy! Here you'll see home parties which turn into insane cluster fucking sessions in their raw, unpolished and unscripted glory. Group sex is taken really seriously on this site, so don't expect to see here two couples get together to swing a little bit, but a heap of sweaty bodies and a crowd of folks fucking from corner to corner in every room of an apartment. This is pretty much the craziest orgy site which showcase supposedly amateurs who just want to fuck in groups. If you're into orgy porn and interested in having some hot smut in true Czech amateur style, then Czech Home Orgy is going to be a site worth giving a look.

All parties take place in similar apartments and they're buit up in the same way. There's a dude with a camera in his hand walking around and talking to people. Of course, everyone drinks a bit and once the girls get tipsy their craving for some cock becomes more powerful than social conventions, in other words: they turn into sex-crazed fuck sluts! Soon enough the chit-chatting fades and the moans of pleasure fill the rooms. Hotties try to choke themselves with a hard dick in the kitchen, people fucking their brains out in the living room and girls jump from cock to cock in the bathroom. It's a full-on orgy with no limits or inhibitions. That's what you can expect at Czech Home Orgy. They promise no scripts and I actually don't believe that their scenes are staged, so this adds another interesting element to their stuff. The girls and guys get completely out control and that's something that you can't see quite often.

Since the whole site is based on the premise of unpolished, unscripted sex, Czech Home Orgy's videos are raw and filmed with a realistic approach. As I said it earlier, the scenes are shot with handheld cameras and there's usually only one guy who tries to capture all the stuff that's going on. It's not an easy task because there are a lot of things going on and there are so many people. However, you can't really feel sorry for the cameraman because he also gets his cock sucked by sexy babes. The quality of the videos is decent as the entire collection is available in High Definition. While their scenes look nice, but I'm sure you may have seen visually more impressive porn. Czech Home Orgy is crazy, wild and really, really nasty, so if you're looking for orgy porn that delivers amateur hotties and wants to see tens of people fucking at the same time, then Czech Home Orgy won't let you down.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Home Orgy is fully integrated into a mega site called Czech AV and it looks the same as the rest of the network. After getting logged in, you'll see the latest episode highlighted and you can start browsing all the other updates as well. There are no different sections and you won't get any tools to help you filter things down a bit. Actually, the whole network seems to lack these, so it's really difficult to narrow down the collection. The updates are sorted by date, with the latest scenes coming first and there are no other sorting options either. At least a couple of categories should have been added considering that there's some variety here (not too much though). Czech Home Orgy and the entire Czech AV network are really simple and provides a pretty basic setup, so it can happen that you'll find yourself on your own when you're trying to filter things down a bit. Czech Home Orgy offers 34 videos at this point which translate into only 8 parties as they chop their full-length episodes into parts and roll these out one at a time. Their update schedule is quite slow and you can expect a new video every month.

None of their episodes come with many scene info, but at least you get to see release dates and durations, and each video has a lengthy description which is enough to give you an idea about what you're going to see. The videos are available for streaming in an embedded player that offers good quality playback at 704x396 pixels. The online playback loads and starts quickly and there are no buffering hiccups to annoy you. Members can also choose to download their scenes in MP4 (704x396 pixels, 1200 Kbps) or WMV (1280x720 pixels, 4400 Kbps) formats. The average scene (or a part of the full-length party) is about 20 minutes long. Czech Home Orgy is a video-only site, so photo fans won't have any fun here because not even screencaps are offered. Considering that their cluster fucking sessions are not scripted, it's understandable that they don't ask the guys and girls to pose for a couple of shots, but still, at least a couple of vidcaps would be nice. You can't save videos to your favorites and there's no comment section either, so they keep everything basic throughout the whole site.

Being a part of Czech AV, Czech Home Orgy can provide its members with plenty of bonus content. There are 23 additional sites to check out which all feature Czech models in a bevy of themes. Among your bonus sites you'll find such hot ones as Czech Casting, Czech Amateurs, and Czech Spy. They also have other group sex-themed sites with swingers, lesbians, partygoers and babes who like to be gangbanged, so there's definitely enough content here that can keep you busy until the next Czech Home Orgy update arrives.

It's a fun and crazy group sex site filled with (mostly) amateurs who enjoy fucking their brains out when they boozed up. While many other sites that serve up orgies often feature only 5 or 6 models in a scene, Czech Home Orgy takes the group fucking thing really seriously and has tens of people at every home sex party. The content is pretty good and quite believe. Even though its a pretty solid site, there are a couple of things that should be added to give members a more enjoyable experience like search and browse features, not to mention that updates could come more frequently. At least there are a bunch of other "authentic video" sites filled with hot Czech girls and fun themes waiting for members to check them out. I'd say if you like sex parties with plenty of people involved, then you can't go wrong with Czech Home Orgy.

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