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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 23, 2015
Score: 65/100
"Voyeur porn enthusiasts, especially those who also have a thing for seeing exquisite female bodies oiled up (and hot girls get fucked), will have a hard time resisting Czech AV's massage-themed porn site, called Czech Massage." - Visit Site
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General Review

Being frustrated from all the issues that they have to face with at work, at college or home, many girls are eager to find a way to let their frustration flow out of their bodies. While they can definitely find many alternatives, those who are on center stage at Czech Massage, well, think that a deeply relaxing massage will be their savior. They visit their local parlor and put their trust (and themselves) into the skilled hands of charming masseurs. The hands-on therapy that they get is top-notch and makes them so calm and relaxed that they even willing to throw their inhibitions to the wind. Guys oil up their sexy clients who appreciate some gentle rubbing and soft touches between their thighs so much that they tip their masseurs with blowjobs and some sweaty sex right on the massage table. Things quickly escalate here into full-on fucking which you'll be able to watch and enjoy with the help of carefully hidden spy cams! Voyeur porn enthusiasts, especially those who also have a thing for seeing exquisite female bodies oiled up (and hot girls get fucked), will have a hard time resisting Czech AV's massage-themed porn site, called Czech Massage.

Massage porn is getting big these days, so no wonder that there are plenty of rubdown-loving porn sites out there. This one is one of those that take the classic "masseurs seduce hot girls" theme and has its own fun take on it. The same set, the same premise, the same action, the same guy and even the same background music appears in the scenes, but still, you won't get bored here. Almost all of their girls are young and really gorgeous and they make their scenes really hot. Each video shows you something very similar: a cutie enters a massage room where she's shown a cabin (which has a spy cam, too) where she can lose her clothes. After getting ready for her massage, she lies on a massage table and gets her body oiled up. The masseur even dares to gently squeeze her boobs and soon he ends up finger banging his client. Of course, some hot sex follows and you get to watch the couple fuck in all possible positions on the massage table. Once they're finished, the girl get dressed up and leaves. There's just some pretty standard hardcore porn here, but the girls and the realistic feel of their scenes keep things fresh and exciting.

Czech Massage is a typical voyeur site that takes advantage of hidden cams. They seem to have only 3 cameras in the massage room, so they don't use too many different camera angles. However, the cameras are placed perfectly, so you'll always have a good view of the girls' naked bodies and never miss anything after the sweaty sex kicks in. I must say that they do a good job of filming their massage sex sessions and what you get is prettybelievable. The only thing that makes me suspicious about the authencity of their stuff is that the girls don't seem shy at all. They have no problems at all with showing up bare naked in front of a guy whom they've never met and don't flinch or even say a word when his skilled hands and fingers find their way into their pussies. Other than that, each video is so realistic that you'll probably start thinking about becoming a masseur and moving to some place in The Czech Republic. None of their videos have English subtitles and dialog is in Czech, so you probably won't understand what people say here, but thankfully, there isn't much talking. The entire collection is in High Definition and looks good enough for a site delivering hidden cam footage. On the other hand, don't expect here any videos that can knock your socks off with its visuals. Czech Massage has its highs and lows, but if you're looking for hot Euro girls and sexy massage sex scenes captured in a realistic way, then it won't let you down for sure.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Massage is a site that sticks to the basics in all regards. After getting logged in, you'll be taken inside Czech AV's members only area and get a list of Czech Massage episodes. It quickly becomes clear that the site is fully integrated into this network and has the very same layout. Nothing really fancy can be found here, which in some way fits to the site's whole concept. You'll never feel lost or confused because you'll get a list of episodes in the order they were published, with the newest ones coming first. Don't try to find any other way to sort their scenes, because Czech Massage lacks search, sort and browse tools. I understand that it's a reality site which strives to be realistic, so you'll get very similar videos in terms of settings and action, but still, a simple search engine or at least a basic model catalog would have been nice to have. Czech Massage is hosting an average-sized collection that consists of 159 videos at this point. There's enough content to keep you busy for a month or two, however, updates come two times each week, so they rolling out something new frequently making sure that you'll always be supplied with hot massage videos.

None of their episodes come with a description, category tags and basically there's no way to preview them in any way. A limited scene info is offered which tells you how long a scene will run and when it was published. The videos are available for online playback in an embedded player that has only one quality setting: 704x396 pixels. Their streams are really good because the videos load and start playing quickly. There are no annoying buffering hiccups either. Members are free to download their stuff in two qualities and two formats. MP4 files provided at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps) and you'll find High-Def videos to save as WMVs at 1280x720 pixels (2000 Kbps). While they cover the basics, more file formats and quality option choices would be good to have. Czech Massage is a video-only site which is understandable, given its voyeuristic nature. Finding posed shot would definitely kill the illusion here, but at least sets of vidcaps could come in handy which can help you preview their episodes.

Even though there are enough episodes to entertain you and updates come frequently, Czech Massage offers plenty of bonuses. Members get unlimited access to the rest of Czech AV, so there are 24 bonus sites that cover many niches from sex parties and swingers to porn castings and lesbian amateurs. What these sites have in common is that they focus on Czech amateurs. Czech Spy, Czech Experiment and Czech Home Orgy are just a few of the hot bonus sites that you'll probably enjoy.

Amateur hotties are the ones who are on the receiving end of attention at Czech Massage. They visit a massage parlor to relax by getting their bodies oiled up and rubbed. However, they get much more than they originally bargained for as the masseurs rub, lick and even fuck them into the state of orgasmic bliss. All that happens in the massage rooms are captured for your enjoyment with spy cams and they offer some pretty hot and realistic voyeur porn in the end. While the scenes are believable, the girls seem way easy to seduce. There are usually full sex scenes but sometimes girls just give blowjobs and get finger fucked. The entire collection is in HD, however, they're only at 720p with bitrates hardly hitting 2000 Kbps, so there's some place for improvement. At least members get a new scene 2-times per week and bonus access to an entire network of amateur porn sites is included with their memberships. If you enjoy watching voyeur porn and like their massage theme, you may have some fun at Czech Massage.

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