Czech Harem

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 17, 2015
Score: 64/100
"The lucky guys at Czech Harem do exactly what any straight guy would do when he's got a chance to feel himself a sultan: surround themselves with a large group of sexy women that are willing to do whatever that can make them happy and satisfied." - Visit Site
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General Review

What would you do if you were a king for a day? I'd probably want to spend a lot of money and buy plenty of stuff that otherwise I can't afford to get like mile-long yachts and ilghtning fast sports cars. Although, if someone told me that I could be a sultan, then my choices to have some fun would be much different. The lucky guys at a still quite new porn site called Czech Harem do exactly what any straight guy would do when he's got a chance to feel himself a sultan: surround themselves with a large group of sexy women that are willing to do whatever that can make them happy and satisfied. We all know what these guys want and that's not just getting a beer from the fridge and getting their backs rubbed. What they want is to fuck a seemingly endless stream of fresh pussies! Having sex with two gorgeos women at the same time is something that remains out of reach for many of us (though probably some of you have already done that), but getting overwhelmed by a gang of 15 or 20 cock-hungry babes is simply a daydream that will never come to life, unless you're lucky enough to be featured on Czech Harem. Call it every man's dream or simply label it as reverse gangbang, what this site has is pretty unique and original. I admit that I have seen a couple of scenes that showcased a "1 man vs. 5 or 6 chicks" thing but Czech Harem raises the bets and has an insane amount of horny women in each scene and presents its crazy group sex videos in hot Euro amateur style!

Czech Harem isn't a fantasy site where guys dress up as sultans but a reality/amateur porn site. Each reverse gangbang session is the same as it starts with a short interview. A hot babe talks to the lucky guy for a while, then invites the other hotties in. After greeting the girls one by one, the male star of the scene undressed the girls or watch a few of them undress each other. A bit later the girls start to take turns giving head. Things quickly escalate and the guy bangs the babes as long as he can. Strangely, there are some girls who end up not having sex at all, just standing in the background naked. For the most part, while waiting for their turn, the babes just look bored and ocassionally playing a little bit with their pussies. I expected to see lots of lesbian loving happen in the background but there isn't much of that. Some girls do cuddle and kiss each other, but they often just stand there and patiently wait to take on the only cock in the room. As for the sexual act, it's pretty standard boy-girl hardcore with lots of blowjobs and pussy pounding. There isn't too much variety here in terms of the theme of a scene as they usually feature the same type of girls (who are young and slender), but there's a session in which they focused on mature gals (MILFs and grannies).

The models usually have an amateur vibe, however, if you're a fan of Euro hardcore, you may recognize a couple of girls. These women are often pretty gorgeous but to tell the truth, some of them look woefully average. At least there are literally tens of girls in each scene (one with up to 40 babes), so you'll probably find many girls in each video that you're going to like a lot. All episodes are shot in a very similar setting which is just a room in an apartment. Maybe something to keep things excited could be nice here because seeing the same things over and over again, just with different performers, can become a bit boring after some time, so they could take these reverse gangbangs outside or give them a theme (like blonde babes only or girls in schoolgirl outfits). Nonetheless, their videos are entertaining and come in good High Definition quality. Czech Harem is a site offering something that many men only dare to dream about, so if you've ever wanted to fuck a group of hotties, then you'll probably enjoy those amateur reverse gangbangs that you'll find here.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Harem is a part of a network of Czech amateur porn sites which is called Czech AV. Having said that, it's not too much of a surprise to note that the site is fully integrated into this mega site and has the very same design that every site in the network has. Nothing really fancy can be seen and the overall design is quite plain and boring, but in some way, it fits well the network's amateur nature. All Czech Harem episodes are listed in the same section sorted by date. Unfortunately, you won't get any other way to sort these scenes and actually, there isn't any filter/search feature either. Considering that their reverse gangbang sessions are pretty similar in theme, you may not need any tool to narrow down the content. On the other hand, it would be nice to have here at least a model catalog that can list all videos in which those babes appear whom you like. Czech Harem is small in size because the collection on offer here counts only 21 updates. Things get even worse when you realize that there have been only 7 sessions so far and they split their episodes into 3 or 4 parts. Their update schedule is woefully slow because they roll out a new part of an episode in every month, thus you'll have to wait for 3 or 4 months in total to get their latest session in full length!

None of the scenes can be previewed by checking out a couple of screencaps or watching a short trailer video. Each video comes with a lengthy description which gives you an idea about what you're about to see. Members can watch their scenes right on the site in an embedded player that provides a really decent online viewing experience. The videos load and start to play quickly, not to mention that the streams lack buffering hiccups. The in-browser playback is in SD only at 704x396 pixels, but it still looks nice. Those who prefer to save videos for future use can download Czech Harem scenes in MP4 (704x396 pixels, 1200 Kbps) and in WMV (1280x720 pixels, 5000 Kbps). Probably more quality options, especially an HD one for MP4s, could come in handy, and maybe they should consider starting to shoot their stuff in 1080p, even though their 720p videos are crisp and clear. The average running time of an update (a part of a full episode) is about 15 minutes, so basically you always end up waiting a month for only 15 minutes of new material which is pretty outrageous! Czech Harem is a video-only site which lacks photo content. Not having digital stills isn't a big deal if you're not a photo fan but these (or a couple of vidcaps) could help you preview their episodes.

Let's face it. Czech Harem won't keep you busy longer than a few hours on its own, so it heavily relies on bonus content to get your money's worth. Memberships include unlimited access to the entire Czech AV network. What this really means is that there are 24 bonus sites that focus on Czech amateur porn and cover many niches. Among these there are a few group sex sites such as Czech Home Orgy, Czech Mega Swingers and Czech Garden Party.

The guys here do what many of us who just dream about: have sex with tens of sex-crazed and really naughty girls. The concept is really great here and I loved watching so many babes taking on the same cock at once. Czech Harem also has an amateur feel which adds some extra entertainment value to its episodes. Even though the site's content is great, there are a couple of things that could make the site become way better. Their scenes are fun but some variety (like themed reverse gangbangs or outdoor settings) could make them more enjoyable. The site lacks search/filter tools which is just a minor problem because the collection is tiny. Updates do come but woefully slowly and considering that you'll have to wait about 30 days for a new 15 minutes long part of an episode, you may end up feeling pissed off. Thankfully memberships come with unrestricted access to the entire Czech AV network. My final verdict is: if you're only interested in reverse gangbangs, then you'll have to give this site time to grow and evolve, but if you enjoy Czech amateur porn in general, with its bonus sites included, Czech Harem will be worth checking out.

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