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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 12, 2015
Score: 62/100
"Czech Estrogenolit has a pharmaceutical wonder that turns even innocent girls into cock-craving sluts. It's also a site where all the hot tests are run and showcased for your erotic entertainment. Those who like to see girls get out of control will definitely love this site!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Have you ever been cockblocked by your girlfriend's or wife's head ache? Or maybe you had to accept some kind of other excuse for not getting laid? Well, that will never happen again, if that miraculous pill really exists that the horny scientists of Czech Estrogenolit supposedly came up with. What the hell is this Estroganolit thingy? It's the newest wonder of the European pharmaceutical industry which turns any women into a sexual fiend! Okay, this pill is probably fictional and all those "tests" that are run at Czech Estrogenolit are fake, but still, what you're about to see on this site is really, really fun. It's actually a site that is brought to you by the same guys who responsible for the infamous Czech AV network, so can rest assured that the videos here will be realistic, crazy and so hot that your libido will be set on fire, even without any kind of pills or drugs. Czech Estrogenolit takes you into a doctor's office where hot babes get a chance to have the best sex that they've ever had, so if you're looking for some fun and crazy porn, then this site will not disappoint.

The premise is actually pretty simple here: girls are tired of being sexually frustrated, so they show up at a doctor's office who wants to run tests on girls. He has a drug called Estroganolit which he gives his test subjects. After swallowing that mysterious pill, the women soon feel the drug kicking in and they turn into cock-hungry sluts! They willing suck the doc's cock hard and demand him to fuck them. Needless to say that this lucky dude wastes no time and starts banging the girls' pussies and even their asses. Each test is a tremendous success as the girls cum several times and they even squirt all over the place. While each episode has the same "story", there's some variety to be found. Some girls are definitely stunners, others look more average and you can see the doc fuck even a MILF every now and then. They even offer a scene in which two girls give this female libido booster a try and of course, they end up having a threesome. There's plenty of craziness happening and it's definitely a really entertaining reality porn site.

To be honest, I wouldn't call Czech Estrogenolit a voyeur site, even though it does take advantage of some hidden cam footage. The thing is the girls are aware of being filmed as they have to sign a form at the beginning of the scene which allows the doctor to film them with a handheld camera (which he uses actually and provides some hot POV footage to us this way), but nothing tells a word about a spy cam placed somewhere on the ceiling of the office. The episodes have a mix of POV, standard and bird's eye voyeur camera angles. Every video is shot in the same office, so the settings aren't varied at all, not that it's a problem. They make sure that you'll be watching all the hot effects of their magical pill in a decent quality by recording all videos in High Definition. Although, these are not high-end HD flicks which will stun you with their visuals, but still, the quality is quite good. It's pretty obvious that they don't actually have a libido booster and among the girls there are a couple of babes whom you may be able to recognize if you're a die-hard fan of Czech porn. Nonetheless, Czech Estrogenolit is a promising new addition to an already great network of Czech amateur porn sites.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Estrogenolit is a pretty simple and quite unoriginal in terms of site design. It has the very same layout that every site in the Czech AV network has. Actually, this isn't a site that's standing on its own has a connection with other sites, just a collection of themed scenes in a mega site's library. There are no different sections and all Czech Estrogenolit scenes are listed on the same page. Filtering things down a bit is nearly impossible as the site (and the entire network as well) lacks search/browse tools. There are no category tags nor model pages. Not even a simple search engine is present which could help you search by keyword or model name. On the other hand, Czech Estrogenolit is brand new, thus it's quite small. You can browse through all the updates within seconds and the thumbnail images representing the scenes can give you an idea about whom you're going to see in a video. Although, at least some basic search features (just like a few of the aformentioned ones) will be necessary to provide when the site gets bigger. At this point only 11 episodes are available and I'm not sure whether they've set an update schedule or not. There have been only one update since launch, but date stamps make me believe that they'll probably post a new scene each week.

Just very limited scene info is provided here and each update shows only a running time, a release date and a model name. You can't actually preview their videos by looking at screencaps or by watching a short trailer but every video has a lengthy description which is definitely enough to give you a grip on what the scene has in store for you. They offer video streams right on the site which is available with only one quality setting. Their embedded player provides decent but SD quality playback at 704x396 pixels. The videos start playing quickly and there are no buffering hiccups to ruin the fun for you. Members can choose to download Czech Estrogenolit episodes as WMVs or MP4s. Their WMV files are available in HD at 1280x720 pixels (3000 Kbps) while MP4s are sized at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps). Having both WMV and MP4 files to save is good, however, they should think about rolling out videos in MP4 format as well, because WMVs may not be suitable for all platforms while MP4 probably is. The average running time is about 30 minutes but 10-15 minutes is spent on the build up (girls being interviewed and waiting for the effects of the pill), so the actual sex takes about 20 minutes. Since the site tries to be realistic, there aren't any digital stills here. At least a couple of screencaps could have been provided because they could give you a way to preview the videos while not ruining the illusion.

It's safe to say that you'll be done with the site's collection in the matter of a few hours, but fortunately, there are 25 additional sites which you can also check out. Memberships include access to the rest of Czech AV network which is a generous bonus. The network covers many (often pretty crazy) themes and niches from standard porn castings to nasty social experiments and massive gang bangs, so you're guaranteed to have plenty of fun here. Czech Bitch, Czech Gangbang, Czech Experiment, Czech Home Orgy and Czech Massage are just a few of the bonus sites that you'll get.

The guys behind Czech AV always find a way to come up with a new, outrageous and fun theme and that's proven once again by their latest site, called Czech Estrogenolit. They claim to have (and test) a pharmaceutical wonder which sets any woman's libido ablaze. This site is where you can see how girls turn into cock-crazed sex fiends and do anything to get fucked hard by the doctor who gives them a wondrous pill that expands their sexual capabilities. This theme is pretty unique and frankly, I haven't seen anything like it. However, the site is a bit underwhelming as it has a quite small collection and lacks search and browse features. At least memberships include access to an entire network of crazy-ass Czech amateur sites, so in the end, you'll get enough hot porn to get off on. Czech Estrogenolit is off to a good start, but it definitely needs some time to grow and evolve.

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