Taboo Tug Jobs

Updates: Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 14, 2015
Score: 60/100
"Taboo Tug Jobs is a site where penile manipulation is done by skillful ladies with magical hands and where girls breathe life into all kinds of taboo fantasies. If you like kinky porn and enjoy watching tug jobs then this site may have some fun in store for you." - Visit Site
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General Review

Porn doesn't need to show tight pussies being filled with a hard cock to be hot and interesting. Sometimes it feels good to take a break from regular hardcore porn and that's when those special sites like Taboo Tug Jobs start to gain importance in your porn diet. Actually, this site is special in many ways and it's not your typical adult site. First of all, the girls here have extremely good sexual skills and are able to get any man off in a bevy of ways. Alright, I can't know for sure how many different sexual tricks they do, but Taboo Tug Jobs reveals that their manual skills are definitely unmatched. Penile manipulation is the main focus here and not with wet pussies but with tiny soft hands! Fingers get wrapped around raging hard-ons and with a tight kung-fu grip girls jerk their men into orgasmic bliss. Sounds hot, right? But hold on because the best is yet to come! There's more to this site than just some typical cock-stroking action as all episodes breathe life into a bit kinky fantasy. Step moms make their step sons bust a nut, grandmas teach their granddaughters how to please a man and more! If you're a handjob/tug job porn fan and want something refreshingly kinky, then Taboo Tug Jobs may right be up your alley.

What makes Taboo Tug Jobs stand out from the crowd of handjob porn sites is its penchant for revolving around taboo situations. On the tour page they promise lots of domestic filth and makes you think that you'll see lots of step siblings and step parents do something that they shouldn't have even thought about. Actually, there are many scenarios that show guys getting their cocks tugged by their step sisters or their step moms, but they have many other taboo situations that are as exciting. Sometmes college girls dominate a stud and have some fun playing with his dick, delivery boys get tipped with a handjob and psychiatrists put their reputation on the line by curing depressing with a "hands on" approach. The sex is exactly what you expect to see on a tug job site. Cocks get stroked, pumped and jerked until a thick load is dumped. However, the girls sometimes use also their mouths besides their skillful hands, and I even came across footjob scenes as well. While this site is definitely fun, keep in mind that the content isn't about handjobs only.

All episodes that Taboo Tug Jobs has are probably exclusive and cannot be found on any other porn site. My only complaint about the content is that its quality is pretty disappointing. It seems like that they just took a bunch of older videos and remastered/re-encoded them. The actual specifications are decent as the videos are seemingly in full HD at their best but colors are washed out and they just simply don't look sharp at all. I have a bad feeling that they don't roll out new scenes, just remaster their old material and publish labelling it new. The videos are professionally done, however, their low budget movies that still have an amateur feel. Photo fans won't have too much fun here because all the pictures that are on offer are just screencaps. Taboo Tug Jobs could have been a fun site but it has a few major problems which make it really mediocre in the end.

What's Going On Inside

I can't imagine a site that's simpler than Taboo Tug Jobs. After getting logged in, you'll arrive to its main (and only) section where all updates are listed. Strangely, there are no search/browse features at all. Literally nothing is provided to help you filter things down a bit. You won't find here a search engine allowing for keyword search, there isn't a model catalog and they don't tag their content properly. Each and every scenes has the same category tag which is "teens", even if it shows how a MILF gives a handjob. The members' area has the very same design that all sites in the Fetish Network has, so if doesn't has anything orginal in terms of design. Taboo Tug Jobs is actually a part of the network and it can be accessed through the network's member area as well. The collection that's on offer at the moment is quite small. There are only 40 scenes available but date logs show weekly updates. As I already said it, they might just rotate content or simply remaster previously removed old videos and publish them again.

None of the scenes come with preview trailers but still, you can get a grip on what a scene has in store. There are screencaps and each video has a lengthy description as well. These are definitely enough to let you know for sure what you're about to see. They provide videos for online playback in an embedded player. If you choose to watch videos right on the site, then you'll have four quality modes to choose from: 320x180 pixels (600 Kbps), 480x270 pixels (700 Kbps), 960x540 pixels (1500 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (3000 Kbps). The streams are good as the videos start quickly and play smoothly. Members are also allowed to download the videos with the same quality options that the streams have. The strange thing is that they mislabel their downloads. For example, the best quality downloads seem to be offered in 4K Ultra HD, but in fact, they're in 1080p. The episodes are fairly short as the average running time is around 6 minutes. Each update has a set of photos which contains only screencaps. You can check these out online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged in an online image viewer. There aren't ZIP downloads for the vidcaps.

Taboo Tug Jobs is small, so it surely relies on bonus content to keep its members entertained. Luckily, memberships include access to the entire Fetish Network. There are over 40 bonus sites which cover all kinds of themes from footjobs, smoking and spanking to BDSM. Strangely they don't seem to have any links inside Taboo Tug Jobs's members' area that can take you to these sites, but if you check out a screencap gallery, a top menu bar appears which lets you travel inside the network's members' area.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

There are many fun, kinky and taboo fantasies here which could make Taboo Tug Jobs an exceptional site. The girls do use their soft hands to coax a load out of a hard cock, and sometimes they give some head or alternatively, use their feet to please a man. The content is interesting and hot, but has a bit amateur feel. However, the biggest problem is that the videos look pretty disappointing, even though that they have full HD specs. These are probably just old videos that got remastered and this (along with the small size of the collection) makes me think that something odd like content rotation is going on here. At least members get a whole bunch of bonus sites that cover plenty of fetishes. All in all, Taboo Tug Jobs is fun but its quality issues make it remain a pretty average handjob/tug job site.

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