She Is Nerdy

Updates: Monthly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 17, 2014
Last Updated: September 10, 2015
Score: 70/100
"Finding porn featuring cute babes with glasses on pretending to be nerds is not an easy task, but She Is Nerdy is here to fill the void for naughty bookworms, so if you love cute, brainy chicks that can turn into a slut for cock, then you've gotta check this site out!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Ever since CBS hit series The Big Bang Theory proved that "smart is the new sexy", geeky dudes all around the world believe that even they can date a smokin' hot woman. But what's with girls that are shy and rather spend their nights reading a book than going to a club and being a party slut? Well, the good news is, intelligence is indeed enourmously sexy and there are guys who can't imagine anything hotter than hooking up with a nerdy bookworm! She Is Nerdy is here to present you an array of girls with glasses that may look like a typical teacher's pet but once they're given the chance to unleash their inner slut, they go to town having some raunchy sex! They're cute, lovely and seemingly innocent, but fucking a guy whom they barely know is more fun than preparing for an exam, so these smart babes let their desires seize control over them. Finding porn featuring cute babes with glasses on, pretending to be nerds is not an easy task, but She Is Nerdy is here to fill the void for naughty bookworms, so if you love cute, brainy chicks that can turn into a slut for cock, then you've gotta check this site out!

It looks like what nerdy girls love the most (besides getting fucked of course) is reading books. Almost every scene starts with a lovely babe reading a book sitting on a bench in a park or in a fast food restaurant. But putting the obvious thing aside that nerdy girls are bookworms, the site reveals that these girls are also quite easy to seduce and proven to be filthy! It's basically "pick up" porn is what showcased here as guys lay some heavy flirting to these smart hotties and manage to charm them into their beds. All the standard hardcore porn acts are performed at She Is Nerdy. Girls get naked, get their tight pussies eaten, give some head and engage in some passionate sex. Those sexy glasses that they wear just can't be left without a creamy glaze, so these naughty chicks often drop to their knees and let their men dump a load on their eyeglasses! There's nothing really groundbreaking going on here, but their models are super sweet girls in their late teens and early 20s, so if you have a fondness for seemingly shy teen girls, then you're bound to love their stuff.

A part of the collection is shot with a soft touch, so many videos are quite cinematic and lusty. The rest are typical Euro hardcore movies which also produced quite well, just they have a kind of unpolished feel to them. The performers are mostly Russian and Czech girls and guys, which means that dialogue is often in a foreign language. Most scenes were translated to English and given subtitles to give you a grip on what's being said. However, there are a couple of episodes that lack these subs leaving you clueless about what the performers say. Hitting High Definition resolutions, She Is Nerdy episodes look fairly great and will surely impress you. Nerdy girls are awesome and if you still have doubts, those brainy babes that you can find here will prove that they could enjoy sex even more than any other girl.

What's Going On Inside

She Is Nerdy is part of Dirty Flix network, which becomes very clear after inputting your username/password. Once you made it through their members' entrance, you'll find yourself on a network home page. She Is Nerdy is just a collection of nerdy babe bangin' scenes and not a fully independent site. To have a list of She Is Nerdy episodes all you have to do is look for the "Sites" tab on the top menu bar and select the site from a drop-down list. The entire network is well put together and looks quite neat. There are a couple of search/browse tools to help you narrow down the content. Category and keyword tags can be set, and there's a search engine allowing for search by model name, titles or any term that pops into your head. These work well, but they're pretty useless when you want to find something specific in She Is Nerdy's collection, as there are only 33 scenes so far, so it shouldn't take you too long to be done with the collection. Updates come regularly but their update schedule is quite unpredictible, though I'd count on at least one new episode each month.

Since every scene has a storyline and sometimes you have to deal with the lack of subtitles, those screencaps and the description that come with a scene come in handy. Viewing options include online playback in a Flash player which offers two tiers of quality: 426x240 pixels and 854x480 pixels. The videos play smoothly when they're being streamed, so watching them in your browser seems a good option. However, they provide you with lots of video download options, too. No matter which platform you prefer to use when it comes to watching porn as they'll probably get you covered. There are WMVs, MP4s, FLVs and mobile-optimized MP4s and 3GP files to save. High Definition videos are available in WMV and MP4 formats at their best of 1920x1080 pixels (8200 Kbps). Almost every video has a set of related photos. These images can be viewed online in a filmstrip view and there's a timed slideshow feature as well. A set usually contains about 90 high-res pictures displaying at around 2500px. ZIP downloads are available for the photos.

Unfortunately, there isn't a particularly large nor even an average-sized collection here, which means members will probably need some bonus content to keep themselves busy between two updates. She Is Nerdy memberships come bundled with an unlimited access to the entire Dirty Flix network, so there are 9 bonus sites which offer additional videos and photosets. Members used to get even thousands of bonus DVD feeds, but these are gone.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

When a girl is smart and likes to spend some time reading books, that doesn't mean that she doesn't have a very passionate and naughty side. She Is Nerdy is striving to prove this by showing you a bevy of guys who "pick up" and tempt young bookworms into having some raunchy sex. It's reality porn what you get here, shot in a typical Euro hardcore style. Girls are semi-pro models that have an innocent look and wear glasses to seem nerdy. There's some really standard fucking going on here which is sometimes filmed with a soft, glamcore-ish approach. What's on offer is definitely fun and hot - at least I enjoyed it -, so the only real problem is the small collection that they have at this point. Overall, it's a neat site which needs some time to grow and evolve, although if you like nerdy babes and teen models in general, it can give you some entertainment!

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