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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 18, 2014
Score: 69/100
"Everything is revolving around the fantasy of knocking up some sexy young babe, so it doesn't really matter if you're into teens dressed in schoolgirl and cheerleader outfits or just want to see some hot hardcore banging with an internal ejaculation ending, Schoolgirl Internal will definitely serve up something to enjoy!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Boys and girls, when you have sex, be sure to be protected because there can be really serious consequences! You can get some nasty disease that itches and burns, but that's not the worst can happen. Having your loins on fire is definitely a bad experience but it's nowhere near as unfortunate than an unwanted pregnancy. Schoolgirl Internal may not try to promote safe sex but at least it shows you a bevy of smokin' hot schoolgirls and cheerleaders who are dumb enough to let their one night stands fill their pussies with cum. I guess it isn't the most original theme that you can see on a porn site, but at least it's executed quite well here. Everything is revolving around the fantasy of knocking up some sexy young babe, so it doesn't really matter if you're into teens dressed in schoolgirl and cheerleader outfits or just want to see some hot hardcore banging with an internal ejaculation ending, Schoolgirl Internal will definitely serve up something to enjoy!

The typical scene starts with a teen chick looking for a ride home, making her way to cheerleading practice or something like that. The only thing that matters is that she's alone and of course, she's hot enough to draw some guy's attention. There's some pretty awkward chit-chatting and (poor acting) before they go to the girl's or the guy's place to fuck. The girl often warns her newly found lover not to cum inside her, but the guy always forgets to pull it out. All of this seems quite standard, right? Although there's even a little twist... at the end of each scene they fastforward 8 or 9 months showing the girl with a big belly or having her child in her hands. As for the sex, girls give head, get their pussies eaten, banged and creamed, so there isn't anything really exceptional, just some typical hardcore boy-girl action.

All the videos are scripted and filmed quite well. They usually have a quite silly story and performers aren't really as good at acting as at fucking, but you know, it's porn after all. The model roster is pretty hot as it contains many really attractive girls who fit into the "teen" niche really well. Many of them were new to me but there are a couple of big names here like Chastity Lynn, Tanner Mayes and Avril Hall. Videos are offered in HIgh Definition and while they're definitely not that cutting-edge HD that takes your breath away, they look nice. They also have high-res images accompanying the videos, so in the end, Schoolgirl Internal has some good quality smut in store for its members. While it isn't the most original site, it has a fun theme, lots of cute models and cum-oozing pussies. Fans of teen hardcore and creampies will sure like what they can find here.

What's Going On Inside

Schoolgirl Internal is a simple site with a design that looks okay. I wouldn't say that the site looks dated (because it doesn't) but it's not the fanciest layout that I've ever seen. At least getting around the site is easy. Actually, after getting logged in you'll see all the updates presented spread across two pages. There aren't too many search/browse tools available but you can sort the updates by date, rating, number of views and number of favorites. They do have many filter tools like a search engine, model profiles and category tags, but these work for the entire network of which Schoolgirl Internal is a part. Some tools should be added to narrow down only this site's content, but it doesn't mean that you'll have a hard time finding scenes that you like. The collection on offer is on the small side as only 33 episodes are available currently. According to date stamps nothing have been published since 2012, so it's easy to say that collection is as-is and it won't get any bigger or better.

All of their episodes come with ample scene info that includes a release date, the cast, a bunch of category tags, a lengthy description, a set of screencaps and a trailer video. These are more than enough to give you a clear picture about what a scene is about to show you. Members can choose to stream their videos and I must say, the in-browser playback starts quickly and it's really smooth. The embedded player offers four tiers of quality to choose from: low (640x360 pixels, 500 Kbps), med (640x360 pixels, 750 Kbps), HQ (640x360 pixels, 2000 Kbps) and HD (1280x720 pixels, 1500 Kbps). They even provide download links which let you save MP4s, WMVs and MP4s for portables. There are files to save in multiple qualities from 480x270 pixels (300 Kbps) up to full HD (1920x1080 pixels, 6000 Kbps). The average scene is about 40 minutes long and comes with a set of related photos. There are 33 Schoolgirl Internal photosets but you'll find a lot more picture sets inside the site's "Pictures" section. Here all photosets coming from all over the network can be found, not just this specific site's pictures. The images can be viewed as small thumbnails or enlarged to their full size in a timed slideshow. They offer their photos in three sizes: 800px, 1024px and 1600px. A set contains about 200-300 pictures, so their ZIP download come in handy indeed.

Let's face it. With only 33 episodes in its collection and no updates coming, Schoolgirl Internal doesn't have anything on its own to make you stay a member for too long. Thankfully, it's a part of an extensive network and gives its members unlimited access to over 100 bonus sites. If you look at the whole package, then it's a hell of a good deal that's on offer!

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

All the girls want here is an afternoon of fun, but what they actually get is a warm load of cum dumped into their pussies. Hormonally charged hotties throw caution to the wind and have unprotected sex at Schoolgirl Internal's fantasy-driven episodes which are likely to please the fans of creampies. The sex is pretty standard boy-girl hardcore but there's a fun twist with the unwanted pregnancy at the end of each scene. The content is fun and hot enough, the only problem is that there aren't enough scenes here to keep you entertained for more than a month. Schoolgirl Internal is just too small on its own, but if you factor in the bonus access to a large network, you can still get your money's worth.

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