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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 13, 2015
Score: 58/100
"Punish Teens is a brand spanking new site which dedicates itself to teaching manner through some hot hardcore sex sessions which will make porn's young starlets behave submissively and which will make them beg for more rough fucking." - Visit Site
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General Review

There are a lot of reasons why teen girls are great, however, being with a young women has its downsides. Some nubile hotties can have an attitude that's quite annoying sometimes and when a girl is cocky, she needs to learn her lesson. Punish Teens is a brand spanking new site which dedicates itself to teaching manner through some hot hardcore sex sessions which will make porn's young starlets behave submissively and which will make them beg for more rough fucking. Brough to you by the same guys who responsible for the renowned Team Skeet network, this teen disciplining site features all that make these guys' other sites popular: they manage to gather today's newest and hottest nubile pornstars and make them suck and fuck for entertainment! Also, this is a new take on the good ol' fashioned teen niche (though there are other sites with similar theme, but it's definitely new to these guys) which ventures into fetish territory. Pretty girls play daddy's little whores here and get the harsh treatment that they deserve for that! No holes are safe and these young babes gasp, gag and cum hard in the end, so if you're looking for naughty teens who enjoy being manhandled and fucked silly, then Punish Teens will provide you with some fun.

If there's one thing that's for sure here is that these teen girls are not as innocent as they may seem. They're definitely into some really rough and filthy sex. Each episode has some kind of storyline which is usually pretty silly like a babe forgets to put mustard into her man's sandwitch, so she needs to learn a lesson or an Asian teen is running late in paying rent and her landlord wants to move her out but fucks her mercilessly instead. Okay, these "stories" aren't really original and can be a bit dumb at times, but they add some extra entertainment value to the scenes. This isn't your place for some strip-bang-and-done type of porn. There's nothing here which hardcore BDSM fans would enjoy because the scenes are fairly vanilla and while there's some bondage at times, this is more like a site focusing on standard (but a bit rougher than average) boy-girl hardcore than a true fetish porn site. Things get pretty harsh although, and girls get handcuffed, slapped, smacked on the ass, choked with belts, hair-pulled and throat fucked so hard that they almost puke. Probably the craziest scene that can be found here so far is that which shows Cassandra Nix getting fucked in a bathroom. Her man holds her head under water while drilling her pussy in doggy style. If you crave something darker or meaner, then you won't get that here.

The site is doing a good job of finding pretty girls who doesn't mind getting it "ruff". The model roster is quite short at the moment but includes such hot babes as Callie Calypso, Cassidy Banks and Miko Dai. The entire collection is brought to you in great quality because each video offers nice High Definition playback. These videos are exclusive to the site (or at least none of them were familiar to me) and they present high production values. They're mostly shot using standard camera angles but there's one scene which gives you hot teen-banging sex from your point of view. I don't know whether there will be more POV videos or not, but this one surely gives the (fairly small) collection some freshness. Photo fans can have here some fun too, but my guess is that they focus on videos rather than pictures. Punish Teens is new and fun but needs a lot of growth as it can't keep you busy for long, no matter how entertaining its scenes are.

What's Going On Inside

Punish Teens rocks a quite simple design and it looks okay in the end. Getting around the site shouldn't be a problem since you'll find all the updates in the same section which is also the home page. There are other sections/pages but these won't be really interesting to you unless you're looking for porn deals, hot dates or live cam girls. Everything is very basic, so don't be surprised to see a lack of search and browse tools. The scenes can offer a couple of different kinks and sexual acts from rope bondage to spanking and anal. Having said that, some kind of filter tool or at least a few category tags would be helpful every now and then. What a hit-and-miss is probably the lack of a model catalog. With such gorgeous teens aboard, you'd probably want to browse model or God forbid, even read some info about them. Not having any search tools isn't a big deal here because the site has only 5 scenes to offer at this point. It's safe to assume that Punish Teens won't keep you busy for more than a few hours. The site was officially launched in the last couple days, so it's impossible to tell how often something new will be added. All available scenes were published on the same day and there haven't been any updates so far.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps, a lengthy description and a short trailer video (which you can both stream and download) making it really easy to tell what you're going to see. Members can stream the videos in an embedded player which provides quick and smooth playback. The streams are labelled as being in HD but they're actually in webHD at 960x540 pixels. There are download options available too which offer MP4 and WMV files in multiple qualities. MP4s are at 640x360 pixels (700 Kbps), 960x540 pixels (2500 Kbps) and in full HD 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps) while WMVs can be saved only in 540p. Strangely they show false running times, making their videos look longer when you browse the updates. They display running times usually well over 40 minutes but the actual videos are usually just a bit shorter than 30 minutes. The videos are accompanied by high-res photos which are often sized at 1350px (but some sets have 900px photos). Pictures can be browsed in standard thumbnail galleries but there's even an online slideshow feature with enlarge photos. A set contains about 370 pictures on average, so their ZIP downloads come in handy if you'd like to download entire sets.

Even though that those guys who run this site have an entire network of teen porn sites, no bonus sites are included in your membership. Actually, there isn't any kind of bonus material here which could be really useful because of the lack of content here. At the top of each page you'll see a couple of other sites' names with an "unlocked" item which may make you believe that you can check them out for free, but these just try to tempt you into buying memberships to them and that's exactly what all those annoying banners that litter the site. At least you can join Punish Teens at a discount price of only $10 that they set up for our users.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Some teens need to learn a lesson which teaches them the right manners and which will also make them cum hard! Punish Teens shows smokin' hot young babes whose pussies get wet when their men become dominant and dish out some intense, rough sex. While the site has many BDSM-inspired elements and equipments (ropes, chains, handcuffs and ball gags for example), I wouldn't call this a place which a hardcore BDSM fan would enjoy that much. The scenes are pretty standard boy-girl hardcore fuck flicks, just the girls get fucked more severely than usual and there's some spanking, choking and hair pulling happening. Nonetheless, Punish Teens is fun and if you like to see teens getting their brains fucked out, you'll love what's on offer here. The biggest problem is the size of the collection which is ridiculously small, and there isn't any bonus content to conpensate you. Our discount price will probably sweeten the deal for you a little bit if you're interested in Punish Teens which wouldn't be worth it otherwise, at least not until it manages to grow a lot.

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