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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 16, 2015
Score: 73/100
"Nerd Pervert is more than just your average fake agent kind of porn site. It's actually a reality show with lots of humor, likable characters, well scripted episodes and of course, with plenty of sex." - Visit Site
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General Review

Anyone can be a pornstar. Period. This doesn't sound true to you? Just take a look at a porn site called Nerd Pervert and you'll realize that everything's possible. The star here is Paul Taylor who's just a British guy who loves sex but he's not a sporty charming dude who gets to fuck the prettiest babes. However, there's something that no one does better: he can fool people. Paul is a professional bullshitter he uses his talent to hook up with sexy babes. What does he do exactly? He tells girls that he's a porn producer or porn director who can make them wealthy and famous! Nerd Pervert is more than just your average fake agent kind of porn site. It's actually a reality show with lots of humor, likable characters, well scripted episodes and of course, with plenty of sex. Paul gives a well-known theme a fresh new spin and offers a collection of really fun porn. Nerd Pervert is so unique and so entertaining that it will make you want to be a nerd!

Unlike most fake casting sites, here the interviewer's face isn't blurred out and actually, Paul is proud to show everyone that even though he isn't really a Prince Charming, he gets to fuck hot girls. It's a reality show and it is staged in some way. The episodes aren't those type of porn videos which have a 5 minute lead-in before people start having sex. There's always a storyline and you get to know Paul a bit better. He also has a partner in crime named Scarlett who's the camera operator in most scenes and Paul's friend (or maybe she has a crush on him, too). As for the sex, it's nothing really extraordinary. Girls want to do porn and Paul, as a bigshot producer, needs to know how they can perform. The first timers (and there are even pornstars who get tricked) have their first taste of nerd cock here and while some of them just gives some head, others let this scruffy-haired, big glasses-wearing dude fuck them and spunk all over them.

It seems like that Paul is that kind of guy who loves all kinds of women. The girls here can range from average-looking to smokin' hot and they pretty much cover all types that you might look for. There are teen-looking babes, busty ones, blondes, redheads and even some look a bit chubby. Nerd Pervert episodes have an intentionally amateur feel, although they're done pretty well. The editing is really good here and so is the lighting, however, some scenes a bit dark, but you'll see everything. Overall, these videos are on par with what you can see in some mainstream reality TV shows. The interviews often are often shot with multiple cameras. There are standard camera angles used but Paul has a "nerd cam" (aka a handheld camera) which provides some POV footage, too. The videos are in good quality and they reach High Definition levels. Photo fans don't get too many sets here to enjoy, but what is on offer is in high resolution. Paul Taylor is a wacky nerd pervert who has a fun fake agent porn site which has a fresh take on both "casting" porn and reality porn. I dare say if you like porn that has some humor in it, then you'll probably like Nerd Pervert.

What's Going On Inside

The members' area is quite simple but looks okay. After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a home page where there's a welcome text along with a video of Paul holding a camera and being, you know, goofy. This section also shows you the latest updates, the most popular scenes and bonuses. Looking around the site is easy as there are separate sections for photos and videos. These sections are also broken down into a couple of other sections. These can show you regular update, bonus content or simple take you to your favorites. Unfortunately, no search and filter tools are available, so if you're looking for something specific like anal play, blowjobs only scenes or whatever, you'll have to search for them without any help. A couple of category tags or at least a search engine allowing you to search by keyword would be nice to have here. What I found a bit hit-and-miss is the lack of a model catalog. While every Nerd Pervert episode is fun, you may come across scenes that feature girls who are, well, not your type and you may not want to see them get fucked. The site has enough content to keep you busy for some time, but I'd still say that the collection is fairly average-sized. Updates come frequently and date stamps tell Nerd Pervert adds a new scene to its collection once a week.

None of the episodes have any scene info, but they do come with really lengthy descriptions. These write-ups come in handy if you'd like to have an idea about what you're going to see in a video because there are no category tags, trailers nor screencaps for the scenes. Members can choose to watch Paul banging babes right on the site. There's an embedded player that provides multiple quality settings. Newest videos offer up to 4 quality settings ranging from mobile-friendly SD (320x180 pixels) to full HD (1920x1080 pixels). Older episodes may lack a couple of quality choices but they also provided with at least an SD and an HD (1280x720 pixels) option. The streams work fine as there are no long loading times and the videos play pretty smoothly. Each video is available for download in MP4 format, with the same quality options as the streams have. The best-looking videos that you can save here is at 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps). The average running time is around 30 minutes, however, there's a lot of talking before the actual sex starts. Photo fans can check out 49 galleries which contain high-res images either at around 1400px or 1600px. The sets can be browsed through in standard thumbnail galleries but there's also a timed slideshow feature with full-size pictures. A set usually has about 12 photos, but still, they're offered for ZIP download.

Nerd Pervert has a lot of bonuses to treat its members with. It's a part of a large network, so it can provide bonus access to plenty of additional site. There are around 30 bonus sites which cover plenty of niches from handjobs to transsexuals and they can definitely keep you busy until the next Nerd Pervert episode comes. Paul even has a couple of verdict videos in which he recaps how he fucked a girl, how were her blowjob skills and etc. Even a couple of bonus videos, like Christmas messages, are also given.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked offers when inputting your credit card info on their join page. They may seem just free bonuses to other sites as well, but they'll probably rebill when their free trial periods are over!

Paul Taylor is a typical nerd who has scruffy hair, big, taped glasses and an average-sized dick, yet he gets to fuck lots of girls. Nerd Pervert is his reality show that shows you how he fools girls by pretending to be a porn producer. A really unique and quite fun take on a popular theme is what you get here. It's more than just a porn site as there are stories and characters whom you can like. Of course, there's a lot of cock sucking and fucking, too. The videos have an intentionally amateur feel but they're done quite well. Latest movies are in full HD, the older ones are also offered in 720p, so a collection of high quality porn is offered. Memberships come with bonus access to a vast network of sites which can surely have some additional stuff to enjoy. Nerd Pervert is funny and entertaining, so those who like the fake agent theme and porn that don't take things too seriously, will love this site.

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