Natassia Dreams

Categories: Shemales
Updates: Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: June 14, 2014
Score: 70/100
"Natassia Dreams is not a simply girl who looks so gorgeous that she could be a catwalk model, but she's a transsexual porn star, and a pretty successful one at that. This smokin' hot t-girl is truly a dream girl with her perfect model height of 5'9 and weight of 135, and she also glows with femininity that makes her irresistible to anyone who loves chicks with dicks." - Visit Site
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General Review

How many of you are dreaming of an exotic beauty that could seduce you with her charms? The thing is, you should stop dreaming at some point and let a special girl like Natassia Dreams fulfill all of your deeply held desires. The word exotic is what describes this stunningly sexy babe. She may look like a gorgeous ebony girl, but there's more to her than meets the eye. First of all, she also has some Latin and Native American blood running through her veins and secondly, she has something extra that she calls 8" of eroticism. Yes, you've guessed right! Natassia Dreams is not a simply girl who looks so gorgeous that she could be a catwalk model, but she's a transsexual porn star, and a pretty successful one at that. This smokin' hot t-girl is truly a dream girl with her perfect model height of 5'9 and weight of 135, and she also glows with femininity that makes her irresistible to anyone who loves chicks with dicks. Natassia promises lots of hot movies and photos of her and plenty of variety if you decide to join her official site, so those who have a thing for special and exotic babes will find hard to pass up a such tempting offer as Natassia's.

Natassia is dedicated herself to showing you "what she was made of" and that's why she ends up having sex in all possible ways and doing all sorts of naughty stuff on her official site. I'm happy to report that she keeps her promise and she's indeed a versatile performer. Her collection contains both softcore and hardcore movies and photos which will make you have lots of fun. Natassia loves to wear classy outfits and sexy lingerie, but she does much more than just posing in a sexy way for you. She often strokes her juicy she-cock and even drills her tight ass with toys, not to mention that you can see her getting fucked by a fucking machine. How crazy is that?! Natassia is more than happy to share her bed (and killer body) with horny guys, sexy girls and fellow lustful shemales. It looks like she enjoys being fucked, but she doesn't mind fucking someone, too. To keep things fresh and entertaining, Natassia takes part in threesomes, indulges herself in the joys of fetishes (she can be seen being submissive as well as dominant) and you may watch her having fun by role-playing and dressing up as a hot cop or nurse. This exotic t-girl surely knows how to be lots of fun!

When you check out the site's tour, you can read Natassia's short biography and there's a link to her official blog (which hasn't been updated for a year now). As a fan, you probably expect to get a chance to take a peak into Natassia's personal life after paying for a membership. The bad news is, there aren't BTS movies, candid photos nor webcam shows here, so be sure to join because you want some hot smut featuring Natassia and not because of your craving for getting to know her a bit better. The content that she presents will probably meet your requirements as the videos look decent and are available in High Definition. The filming style varies from time to time and you'll find professionally made smut as well as some unpolished, more amateur stuff. I'd say if you like Natassia Dreams and doesn't mind if she remains just a porn star out of reach, then her official site should serve you well.

What's Going On Inside

Natassia's official site looks quite classy while remaining simple enough. Getting around the site is really easy as the content is arranged reasonably. All of the nav links are located on the left sidebar and they help you venture into Natassia's video and photo sections. The home page shows you the latest and most viewed updates and you can take a peek at upcoming updates as well. Just a very basic setup of browse tools are at your disposal here. There isn't a search engine, and as a matter of fact, there aren't any search features. It's quite difficult to find something really specific as only two categories are provided which are "softcore" and "hardcore". If you're looking for e.g. Natassia's fetish content, or threesome scenes you're pretty much on your own. On the other hand, the collection is fairly small, so it shouldn't take you too long to wade through each and every update. Currently 41 videos and 113 photosets are offered. It seems Natassia has been on a short hiatus, but thankfully she's back and you can count on getting something new from her almost every week.

Figuring out what a scene is all about isn't easy. The thumbnail images that represent the scenes and titles are what will give you an idea about what to expect. Just minimal scene info is provided which tells you when the scene was published and what kind of viewing options you have. Online playback is available in an embedded player that delivers two tiers of quality depending on your choice: SD 816x464 pixels or HD 1280x720 pixels. The streams are fine as the videos start playing fairly quickly and there are no buffering hiccups, at least I didn't encounter any. The videos are also downloadable in MP4 and WMV formats. WMVs can be saved only in HD at 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps) while MP4s offer both SD (816x464 pixels, 900 Kbps) and HD (1280x720 pixels, 4000 Kbps) videos. Members are allowed to download the videos (and photos too) but they're limited to save 8 GB of data each day. Photo fans will probably have more fun here as there are almost three times more photos than videos. Pictures can be viewed online as small thumbnails or enlarge to their full size of 1600px. There's a timed slideshow feature as well. A set usually contains around 150 images which can be downloaded zipped.

Natassia's site is a part of a network that's focusing on shemale stars' official sites. It's called Tgirl Network and it would be great to have access to all of its 27 sites, right? Some pretty big name TS porn stars such as Sarina Valentina, Kimber James and Mandy Mitchell let this network host their online residences, so there's a lot of sexy t-girls and even more hot action waiting for tranny-lovers. The bad news is, members don't get a multi-site access unless they're willing to pay an extra $15 upon joining.

It's always a joy to come across a porn star who has something special about her. Luckily Natassia Dreams is special in every sense. She's not just a versatile performer and a stunningly beautiful babe who could be a fashion model, but she also has an 8-inch cock that makes her every tranny fan's dream girl. Her official site is less fulfilling than it should be, and probably will leave you wanting more. Natassia's content is great and very entertaining, but there should be a much bigger collection. This can be explained with Natassia's hiatus, but at least updates got back on track again and it seems you can count on something new weekly. There isn't any bonus content, but if you join Tgirl Network (which gives access to Natassia's site too), then you can get a whole bunch of TS porn star sites. Natassia's official site has the potential to be great, but it needs some time to grow and let's hope that Natassia won't start to neglect it once again.

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