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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 27, 2015
Score: 64/100
"Those amateur hotties who appear on My GF Likes It Big certainly think that a dick cannot be large enough. If you like real amateur porn and have a thing for seeing tight pussies, wet mouths (and sometimes butts) being stretched by big cocks, then this site may be for you." - Visit Site
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General Review

Girls like guys who pack a sizable dick in their pants. Is it shocking? I don't think so. You can kid yourself that emotional bond and a good technique are what matters, but probably nothing can turn a babe on more than a big, hard cock. There may be exceptions, but those amateur hotties who appear on My GF Likes It Big certainly think that a dick cannot be large enough. This site launched a couple of months ago but it's still one of the latest additions to the infamous AmaLand network. Having said that, you're guaranteed to find here porn shot and starred by everyday folks who love sex and who dared do something naughty on camera. The result is here and it's revolving around GFs (aka girlfriends) sucking, stroking and creaming all over massive dicks. Wanna see girls struggle to take a thick piece of manmeat? Yes, please! The GFs of My GF Likes It Big are true sexual athletes who manage to fit even the largest cocks into their wet mouths, tight pussies and in many cases, even into their butts! To be honest, My GF Likes It Big doesn't have anything particularly new and provides the typical "ex-gf", "revenge", "user-submitted", "leaked" (or whatever label you like to use) kind of porn but with a hot big cock theme, so if you're into this kind of stuff, giving it a try may be a good idea.

The collection on offer lets you take a peek into everday people's sexual lives, so what you'll see here is not that polished, glammed up porn that famous studios roll out. The action is as lusty and nasty, though, just these are some raw, amateur fuck flicks and photos that have a special feel, because you know what they showcase is real and not some kind of paid-to-fuck BS. It looks like mostly couples get it on here but I did find a video in which a guy was so lucky that his dick was enough for two hotties. In terms of sexual acts you won't find here anything suprising, just lots of cock sucking, wood wanking and of course, there's plenty of pussy-stretching hardcore banging, too. As I already mentioned it, some girls are adventurous (and naughty) enough to take their boyfriends' large dicks in the ass! There's some ethnic diversity to spice the collection up as you can spot cute Asian and lovely ebony girls here and there. The dicks are usually white, but big black cocks tend to appear from time to time, so My GF Likes It Big has some interracial (and all-ebony) sex for you to enjoy.

This is a site (just like the entire network which is a part of) which focuses on user-submitted content. What this really means is that there's a lot of inconsistency here. The videos are shot with handheld cameras or mobile phones (sometimes with webcams), so seeing shaky camerawork in a video is pretty common, also the videos tend to be in a POV style which is understandable. The quality of the videos (and even the photos) varies from grainy and aweful to pretty decent. No High Definition videos are available and to make matters worse, many of their videos are poorly lit, but I guess, these just prove that these are genuinely amateur videos. Those who like to view photos can have some fun here too, although they also have to put up with some low quality stuff. You can find a couple of picture galleries which have high-res images but most photos are usually under 1000px. All in all, My GF Likes It Big has a collection of amateur porn that's fun but there are quality issues here which can make the site less enjoyable to you.

What's Going On Inside

My GF Likes It Big looks pretty neat inside its members' area. There's nothing here which is really spectacular and the layout is kind of simple, but the overall impression it gives is nice. My only complaint is that lots of ads can be found. You'll see webcam girls and banners all over the place and there's even a splash ad that pops up from time to time which is pretty annoying, to say the least. They make sure that no one will be lost or confused here and provide an easy way to manage the site. All the important links are gathered on the left nav bar which can quickly take you inside different sections of the site. You can list all updates in the same section but they allow you to narrow down the collection to videos or photos only. Sorting the updates in a couple of ways is also possible and they let you sort their stuff by date, rating, length and number of views. There isn't a list of category tags nor a model catalog, but they have a search engine which still gets the job of filtering things down a bit done. You can use keywords like anal, blonde, blowjob, Asian or such and you'll probably get a couple of results. My GF Likes It Big lacks advanced search features, but it's a user-friendly site regardless. There isn't too much to see here though, which is one of the site's biggest problems. Only 148 videos and 26 photosets are online at the moment, but the good news is, date stamps tell that something new is added almost every day.

You can't preview their videos by checking out screencaps or reading a long description, but each video has a couple of crosslinked category tags which will probably give you an idea about what's in store for you. There's some scene info too which includes a running time, a view count, the uploder's name and a release date. Members can sit back and watch the video right on the site in an embedded player. The playback is smooth and you don't have to wait long for the video to start playing. The quality of the streams varies but there are a few decent-looking flicks that play at 768x432 pixels (500 Kbps). You can find lots of videos at 640x454 pixels and 480x400 pixels which aren't really impressive. There are no multiple quality choices for the videos but at least they let you them in MP4 format. This is the only file format available but it should be good for most users either way, so this isn't a serious problem. The videos are mostly just short clips that play around 5-6 minutes. Some videos are lengthy and about 30-40 minutes long but you'll come across videos that have a running time less than a minute! My GF Likes It Big has a quite tiny photo collection which you can browse online in standard thumbnail galleries but there's also a slideshow feature with full-size pictures. A set contains about 20 photos which are available for ZIP download. The quality of the pictures are okay but it varies from set to set. The best quality images that I found were sized at 1300px.

My GF Likes It Big is fully integrated into AmaLand, a network of amateur porn sites. This being the case, members get access to all sites in the network, which means that there are 25 bonus sites. These all serve up similar content but they're usually tailored to a specific niche like BBWs, Asian girls, ebony babes, POV porn and anal sex, to name a few. In addition, members can check out thousands of bonus video feeds which can surely provide some extra entertainment.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sells when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offers - otherwise you'll be charged for them too!

Size does matter at My GF Likes It Big. It's a fun and hot real amateur site where you can see everyday folks having some sex and filming themselves. There's obviously a "big cock" theme added to their content which isn't something that you can see on amateur sites that rely on user-submitted porn. Girls give head, stroke their boyfriends' big dicks and get fucked in all holes. While there are reasons to love it, My GF Likes It Big has many problems such as the content is non-exclusive and pretty mediocre (sometimes really poor) in quality. There isn't too much to see here considering that the videos are just short clips but bonuses like 25 additional amateur sites and thousands of video feeds can keep you entertained until something new is added here. Overall, if you can put up with the site's cons and consider yourself a die-hard fan of real amateur or "user-submitted" porn, then you can surely have some fun at My GF Likes It Big.

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