Money Talks

Updates: Bi-Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 12, 2013
Last Updated: September 18, 2015
Score: 82/100
"Money Talks presents erotic and excessively fun episodes of a 'reality TV show'. The crew go on a prowl for open-minded and naughty volunteers who would do all kinds of hot stuff in exchange for some easy money." - Visit Site
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General Review

We live in a world where money has the power of tempting unsuspicious girls (and even guys) into doing something crazy and wild. Money Talks presents erotic and excessively fun episodes of a 'reality TV show'. The crew go on a prowl for open-minded and naughty volunteers who would do all kinds of hot stuff in exchange for some easy money. I have to admit, this site is pretty much addictive, just because what you find here is something unique and quite entertaining.

The site is all about seduction and you can witness how sexy babes and everyday guys throw their inhibitions away in hopes of getting some cash. Before you think, you've seen this kind of stuff on other sites, I tell you we're not dealing with regular 'pick-up' porn. I really enjoyed watching for example a girl get convinced to sneak into someone's backyard and swim in their pool dressed as a topless mermaid. But you can watch a fun blowjob in a 'ballscuzzi'. A balls what? - you might ask. A guy in exchange of a couple of dollars willingly dips his balls into a mini jacuzzi and gets his cock sucked while three girls blow bubbles with straws into the warm water. But there are more ordinary scenarios and you can see a hot chick walk into a mobile phone shop where she ends up getting paid to fuck behind the counter.

It seems everyone has their price and all kinds of craziness can come alive with the aid of a handful of cash. Money Talks offers reality porn, but of course the reality elements are questionable and I have a feeling that most scenes are staged. Nevertheless, every now and then there are people who get their faces blurred in the footage, which makes me believe at least something geniune is offered as well. Money Talks is a fantastic site that you should visit, if you want to see something really nasty and fun while being jack off worthy!

What's Going On Inside

Money Talks is one of those sites that has a quite neat design which is accompanied by a user-friendly navigation system. The site is well put together and looks quite professional. Unfortunately there are plenty of 'special offers' and ads inside the members area which make the site a bit cluttered. Even when you try to log in to the members area, they show you a full page ad which has to be skipped before landing on the site's home page. The main members only page shows you the latest episode which is presented with preview pictrures and a description. But here you can browse through their past updates too. At the bottom of the page there are a couple of notifications about future updates as well. To date, 208 episodes of funny erotic shows have been added to their collection. Fortunately, they keep on publishing new scenes on a regular basis. It seems you can see a new episode appear 2 times a month. Members won't have a hard time finding something that they will probably enjoy, thanks to several searching options. First of all, you can sort the updates by date, number of views, rating and number of favorites. There's even a search bar allowing you to search on keywords of your choice, but you can even filter by category tags.

Each update contains hundreds of photos and about an hour long video footage, so the collection of scenes has a lot of naughty fun in store for the members. Every video has its own page that has several tabs. You can read a quite long description about each episode, in addition, there are short trailer videos attached to the scenes. Members can watch the videos streamed with three quality settings (low, standard and HD). Little filmstrip navigation is provided too, that's really helpful when you want to skip parts in the video. However, if you prefer to download porn movies onto your PC to watch them streamed, you will be glad to note that there are several download options offered. Unfortunately, the site has a daily download limit and members are alllowed to save 10 gigabytes of data and 15 additional videos that they name as 'big movies'. I think they should display file sizes, especially a file can be over 3 or 4 gigabytes in size, so you can easily max out your daily limit. About two thirds of the collection is marked with an HD label and you can get your hands on movies at 1920x1080 pixels. Downloadable files are in Windows Media and Mpeg4 formats. The videos are available in full-length or chopped into 3 or 4 'big clips'. But if you'd like to watch or download the episodes even in smaller parts, you can do so. You can add the videos to your favorites, rate them and provide some feedback by posting comments about them. Each update contains a set of images that can be browsed through online in thumbnail galleries. But they even provide a flimstrip style viewing option and a hands-free slideshow feature with adjustable speeds. A set has hundreds of pictures and it's quite common to find over 800 images in it. Luckily, they let you download entire galleries wrapped into ZIP files. The photos are sized at 1800px, however, older sets may contain images at 900px or even at lower resolution.

Money Talks is another great 'reality' site that is run by the guys who are behind Reality Kings network. Being aware of this, it's no suprise that members have access to 43 additonal sites. Among these you can find such popular 'reality' sites such as Teens Love Huge Cocks, Mike's Apartment, We Live Together, MILF Hunter and Cum Fiesta.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sells on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want these extras - otherwise you'll be charged for them too!

I really enjoyed my visit to Money Talks that is a fun a site with original content. The scenes have plenty of raunchy sex parts, but at times they're just simply hillarious. The mix of naughty fun and explicit sexuality makes this site unique and worthy for your attention. Updates could come more frequently and it would be great to see them ditch their daily download limit. But if you consider that members have unlimited access to a whole network of top-grade sites and Dino Reviews gets you in the door at a discount price of $17.95, you're going to realize that Money Talks offers us a pretty damn fair deal!

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