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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 17, 2015
Score: 63/100
"Missogyny is one of those dark, filthy sites that use, torture and make hot women beg for permission to cum. It's also a girls only place where gorgeous slaves get dominated and fucked silly by similarly hot (and mean) mistresses." - Visit Site
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General Review

You have all rights to believe that women are just as kinky as men, if they're even kinkier. There's an increasing number of girls who look for BDSM porn and probably many of them want to even try it. No wonder that fetish porn featuring girls with a penchant for bondage, restraints and pain is nothing new. Missogyny is one of those dark, filthy sites that use, torture and make hot women beg for permission to cum. It's also a girls only place where gorgeous slaves get dominated and fucked silly by similarly hot (and mean) mistresses. Fans of lesbian sex and BDSM porn, it's time for you to rejoice because Missogyny is here, and it's brought to you by those folks who are behind the renowned Fetish Network. This little fact can guarantee that this site is going to be a lot of fun, the scenes will be dark and downright nasty! Missogyny is pretty much about sexual objectification of women and crazy-ass lesbian sex, so if you happen to be one of those who enjoy sapphic porn which showcases BDSM and other kinky fetish elements, then this site will be so much fun, for sure.

Many sexual perversions are covered and even celebrated here as Missogyny episodes venture into a whole lot of kinky stuff. There's a strong focus on bondage and restraints but they have rough sex with big strapon dildos, fucking machines, spankin, flogging, tit turtoring with clams and ropes, verbal abuse and much more that can turn an innocent sweetheart into a pain slut who wants nothing more than being used and made to cum. The girls are really up to do anything and they go harsh on each other. The mistresses are cruel and love to see the girls' flawless bodies trembling. It's really some top notch BDSM porn that takes advantage of creative restraint devices and sexy pornstars who love to dominate. Speaking of pornstars, the site has a lot of well-known talents such as Marie McCray, Cherry Torn and girls who mostly famous for their fetish shoots like Aria Aspen and Tori Lux.

Production values are set high at Missogyny and it delivers a small collection of really high quality porn videos that you'll enjoy. The kinky lesbian punishment is always takes place in a dark, dungeon-like place which sets a bit frightening but lusty atmosphere. Even though there aren't actually storyline, there's usually a short lead-in like a girl arrived a bit late, so she needs a really hard spanking and a rough slave training. The girls do a decent job of acting and you can tell that they enjoy every minute of the sessions. What they do is filmed in a professional manner and brought to you nice full HD quality. There are a couple of photosets to check out too but these are filled with screencaps. Although, these pictures often look so sharp that can almost fool you. Missogyny is a hot femdom fetish site which does most things right, so if you'd like to see sexy girls get punished, bound and made to cum by other hotties, then Missogyny has some hot stuff to show you.

What's Going On Inside

Missogyny is not just brought to you by Fetish Network but also fully integrated in it. After making your way through their members only entrance, you'll arrive to the network's main hub section. Getting a list of Missogyny episodes is really easy because all you have to do is venture into their "Our Sites" section and select the site there. Missogyny is nothing more than just a collection of lesbian femdom scenes as it doesn't give the impression of being an actual site. It only has one section where all updates can be browsed and that's it. They don't really help you filter things down a bit. The network itself has a couple of tools like a search engine and a couple of category tags, but narrowing down only Missogyny's collection isn't possible. Every scene is tagged but all of them have the same "Bondage/BDSM" tag, so it won't filter anything for you, although this tag can show you many more BDSM videos from other sites of the network. Missogyny is a pretty small site which has only a handful of scenes. There are 23 scenes here at the moment and honestly, I don't think that the site will see anything new anytime soon. The latest update came in June 2014, so it's safe to assume that Missogyny is one of the neglected sites in the network.

None of the scenes can be previewed by watching short trailer videos but each video has a couple of screencaps and a really lengthy description. These are more than enough to give you an idea about what to expect. Members can watch the videos right on the site via streaming. The online playback is really smooth and there aren't long loading/buffering times. Each video is available with 4 quality settings and it doesn't even matter if you want to stream or download them. Downloads are offered in MP4 format which should be good be most users, however, additonal file formats such as WMV or Quicktime still would be nice. You can save (or stream) the videos in mobile-friendly quality at 320x180 pixels (600 Kbps), but there are low-end SD 480x270 pixels (700 Kbps), mid-range 960x540 pixels (1500 Kbps) and full HD 1920x1080 pixels (3000 Kbps) files too. Strangely they tend to mislabel their options, so the 1080p downloads are marked being in 4K, the 540p files are said to be 720p and so on. The average running time is around 30 minutes which is long enough. Each scene has a set of photos which contains vidcaps but these look surprisingly good. The photos can be browsed in standard thumbnail galleries, but you can check them out enlarged too. A set has about 60-65 images which can't be downloaded in a ZIP file.

Missogyny is a fairly small site on its own and it heavily relies on bonus content to keep its members entertained. Luckily, memberships come with unlimited access to the rest of the Fetish Network. This way you'll get 43 bonus sites which cover all kinds of fetish. Among them you'll find other lesbian femdom and BDSM sites that you'll probably enjoy. To top it all off, there are weekly live shows which members can watch free of charge.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

If you're looking for some kinky lesbian sex, then Missogyny is a site that you should check out. It allows horny and mean mistresses to do whatever they feel like doing to sexy, innocent-looking slaves. Lesbian punishment with bondage and restraints is what on actually offer but there's more to the scene than that. Spanking, flogging, forced orgasm, verbal abuse and even fucking machines can be found here as well. Members will probably be done with the site's collection because there are only 23 scenes, but they'll still have lots of porn to enjoy. Memberships include access to 40+ other sites and there are live shows, too. Missogyny is a solid lesbian BDSM site, too bad it's been fairly neglected these days.

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