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Reviewed: October 28, 2014
Score: 81/100
"Stoney Curtis's company (Lethal Hardcore) is well-known and critically acclaimed and its online home really lives up to those high expectations that you may have. There are plenty of smokin' hot porn stars (lesser-known models and amateurs, too) and there's no shortage in lethally hot porn either, so this site seems to offer a pretty fair deal indeed." - Visit Site
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General Review

Doing a lot of things can be really bad for your health, but I can't remember that anyone has ever said that watching porn is unhealthy. I always thought that porn just provides you with some entertainment like TV shows but with a not too mainstream approach. That's why I dared check out Lethal Hardcore, a porn site that hosts adult videos that are "hot enough to make a blind man cum" and I hoped that I wouldn't get hurt. I'm happy to report that I survived my visit and so will you because this site isn't lethal at all, it's only a killer when it comes to giving you a raging hard-on. Actually, it's the offical depot for Lethal Hardcore productions which cover a wide range of niches to provide everyone with something to jerk off to. Stoney Curtis's company (Lethal Hardcore) is well-known and critically acclaimed and its online home really lives up to those high expectations that you may have. There are plenty of smokin' hot porn stars (lesser-known models and amateurs, too) and there's no shortage in lethally hot porn either, so this site seems to offer a pretty fair deal indeed.

Lethal Hardcore doesn't stick to only one niche and instead, it tries to cater to everyone's needs. It's a bit difficult to give a precise list of those sexual acts that are showcased here because there are plenty of them. I'd rather say that just close your eyes and imagine all those stuff that can happen in mainstream porn. From something simple as guys getting their cocks wanked by hot babes to something steamy as girls getting gangbanged. With a site name that includes the word "hardcore", you may think that there's no lesbian loving happening here, but girls do get it on with each other at Lethal Hardcore quite often. A lot of fantasies are brought to life so stepmoms seduce their young stepdaughters, college girls get very naughty with guys and sexy babes get picked up and fucked hard, just to give you a couple of the most popular themes here.

The content was pulled from hundreds of DVD releases that have witty and fun titles like Fear Of A Black Penis, Oops I Creampied My Step Mom, I'm Young, Dumb & Thirsty For Cum and She Divorced Me So I Fucked Her Hot Slutty Attorney. Probably some of the longest porn titles ever can be found in their archive, that's for sure. Knowing all of this, it's pretty safe to assume that you can order and purchase physical copies of their movies and since Lethal Hardcore is a popular label, you can find many of its videos on other DVD sites such as Videobox. I'm not sure whether the entire collection is non-exclusive, but there are many scenes that you can surely find elsewhere too. Production values are really nice on this large site and the movies are quite well-filmed, though some series tend to use awkard camera angles, but most films are pretty damn good. A large part of the collection is brought to you in HD and there are thousands of photosets accompanying the videos. Lethal Hardcore offers a vast collection of porn movies that may not be 100% exclusive to the site, but they're hot and more importantly, the whole package is priced reasonably, so it can be a good choice.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in to the members' area, you'll realize that Lethal Hardcore is neatly designed. Nothing is too complicated here, so getting around this truly huge site is quite easy. They arranged everything in a user-friendly way, so you shouldn't get puzzled or lost when looking for something of your interest. The content can be browsed by scene but there's a section dedicated to DVDs meaning that you'll quickly find all scenes that were taken from the same movie. Filtering things down a bit is really easy because there's a search engine that allows you to look for models and scenes by keyword. Speaking of models, the site has a model library that don't provide any personal info about their girls but lets you find all scenes of your favorite babes. They even offer a category tag system which can quickly narrow down the collection by the type of action. All of these tools come in handy because Lethal Hardcore hosts a whopping amount of content. At this point 3222 scenes are available but date stamps show daily updates, so the collection is growing pretty fast!

Each of their scenes comes with a screencap gallery and lengthy description that can give you an idea about what you're about to see. The videos can be streamed in an embedded player but you'll also find download links to save them to your hard drive. In-browser playback is offered in multiple qualities ranging from low up to HD 1280x720 pixels. However, older scenes may lack the High-Def playback option, but don't you worry, the videos always look decent. There are no long buffering/loading times and the overall viewing experience is pretty good. Downloads are available in three formats which are MP4, WMV and portable, so they get you covered no matter which platform you plan to use. WMVs are sized at 640x360 pixels (2000 Kbps), while MP4s have quality settings from low 640x360 pixels (500 Kbps) up to HD at 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps). Not the entire collection is available in HD, but they mark which scenes have at least 720p quality to provide. By my count, around 1200 videos are in High Definition, so there are a lot of detailed porn flicks to enjoy. A scene is about 20-22 minutes in length on average. Some scenes have a related photo set that you can find inside the "Pictures" section. There are almost 2500 picture galleries which are enough to keep any photo fan busy for quite some time. Photos can be viewed online as small thumbnail images or enlarged to their full size in an automatic slideshow. They have three sizes for photos which are 800px, 1024px and 1600px and you can download entire sets zipped in all sizes. ZIP downloads can save you a lot of time because a set contains around 200 images.

With a such vast collection and frequent updates Lethal Hardcore doesn't any reason why it should give you any bonus content. However, necessary or not, memberships come included with a bonus access to an entire network of sites that cover everything from teens to BBWs and trannies, so you can expect plenty of additional entertainment. There are over 100 bonus sites that will give you more porn that you can handle.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

Lethal Hardcore is a well-known and pretty successful production studio which has a quite great official site that offers plenty to see. The collection on offer is huge and covers lots of niches from handjobs and blowjobs to gangbang and more. It doesn't matter if you crave teens, MILFs, busty babes or BBWs, you'll get them all. There isn't any major problem that could make the site less appealing except for the non-exclusive nature of the content. At least there are thousands of scenes already online, updates come daily and they offer a whole lot of bonus sites. With lots of content, plenty of bonuses and affordable price tags, Lethal Hardcore seems to offer a good deal.

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