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Reviewed: February 19, 2015
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"Lesbian Girl On Girl, Naughty America's only site dedicated entirely to, well, girl on girl lesbian sex, is going to provide you with some sexual thrill. With a bevy of stunningly beautiful girls entangling themselves between the thighs of other sexy babes, is definitely a hot site for a fan of lesbo porn." - Visit Site
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General Review

Are you one of those who think nothing is hotter than watching a hot girl paring with another hottie for some sizzling lesbian sex? If you are, then Lesbian Girl On Girl, Naughty America's only site dedicated entirely to, well, girl on girl lesbian sex, is going to provide you with some sexual thrill. With a bevy of stunningly beautiful girls entangling themselves between the thighs of other sexy babes, is definitely a hot site for a fan of lesbo porn. Brought to you by one of the world's best adult film studios, you can rest assured that the steamy female-only sex that's going to happen on your screen will be done right. Everything that you can expect from a Naughty America is delivered: salacious sex, an impressive model roster including many big names and of course, super fun scenarios that add some extra entertainment value to their stuff, not that they wouldn't be enough fun without it. Those who are looking for some hot sex videos in which girls don't want a cock, because they're hungry for some pussy should stop by and give Lesbian Girl On Girl a look.

This is a site where fantasy has a huge importance. All of the scenes are scripted and while you can come across some bad acting (it's nothing new on a porn site, really), their stuff is a joy to watch. There are some cliche scenarios like a hot babe was on a trip to NYC and her girlfriend waits for her to welcome her home with some late-night lesbian sex. But you'll see yoga instructors, roommates and friends get freaky with each other in the name of sapphic loving. The girls are absolutely stunning and it's not too much of a surprise as you'll find among them many of porn's most desired women such as Phoenix Marie, Romi Rain, Gracie Glam, Nicole Aniston and Capri Cavanni. Having a chance to see these babes explore each other's naked bodies is enough alone to make you thinking about checking out this site, right? The sex is, needless to say, immensly hot. It's an all-girl lesbian lick-fest during which clothes come off, panties are pulled aside and fingers and tongues find their way into sexy chicks' most erogenous zones. There's even some toy play, so they spice things up every now and then by letting their girls share dildos and toy-fuck each other into orgasmic bliss.

It's porn produced by Naughty America which means that there's no poorly lit, awkwardly edited porn here using bad camerawork. Instead, the entire collection is professionally done and the result is simply awesome! You'll get varied settings and porn shot with the highest standards. Each and every video delivers enough detail and clarity to fill your screen completely and to bring you a visually impressive experience. High Definition is the name of their game when it comes to videos. Their video content is stronger than their photos which look sharp and clear enough, however, a bit small in size. Lesbian Girl On Girl is a source for some top-notch all-girl pornography, but it's also quite small. But it'll be worth a try if you like their models, fantasies and want to have lots of bonus sites from Naughty America.

What's Going On Inside

Once you're inside, you're in Naughty America's members' area. It's pretty obvious that Lesbian Girl On Girl is just a collection of lesbian porn scenes within the mega-site's archive. No one should feel lost here, though and can easily navigate to Lesbian Girl On Girl episodes by letting their mouse hover over their "our sites" tab and selecting the site. You'll get all scenes of this lesbian site listed in the same section, so things are kept pretty simple here. The network has a couple of useful tools when it comes to filtering things down a bit. These include a model catalog which helps you browse models and lists all scenes in which your favorite girls appear, there's a search engine that lets you search by keyword and they offer a so-called "Porn Finder" which allows you to narrow down the content by your favorite fantasy setup. Unfortunately, when you're looking for a way to filter things down only at Lesbian Girl On Girl, then you're pretty much on your own. No site-specific tools are available, however, given the fact that Lesbian Girl On Girl's collection is tiny, you don't need them anyway. At this point, only 8 episodes are offered and seeing that nothing have been added since January, 2013, I think it's safe to say that the site stopped updating and its collection won't be any bigger.

Each scene comes with a decent amount of scene info which includes a release date, a bunch of crosslinked category tags and a lengthy description. The videos are available for online playback in an embedded player that has 3 quality settings: 850x480 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels. The online playback is smooth and the videos load and start really quickly. Members are also allowed to download their scenes and there's a plethora of download options. They'll get you covered regardless of your choice of platform as there are MP4s, WMVs, Quicktime and mobile-friendly files in multiple qualities. The bes quality videos are at 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps) but you'll get 720p HD downloads, too. The videos are provided in full length, but you get to choose to save them in parts as well. They even offer "on-the-go" 5 minutes versions of the scenes which highlight only the hottest parts. Each video has a set of related photos which can be viewed online in standard thumbnail galleries. Full-size photos can be viewed too in a hands-free slideshow. A set contains about 300 pictures sized at around 1000px. They will let you save entire sets in an easy way by saving them in ZIP files.

Since Lesbian Girl On Girl comes as a part of Naughty America, members get unlimited access to the rest of the network. You'll find a couple of additional lesbian scenes, but there are no other girls-only site. On the other hand, there are 36 bonus sites in total covering many themes, so you'll probably find something worth checking out. Latin Adultery, My First Sex Teacher, My Sister's Hot Friend and Naughty Office are just a few of their popular sites that you can enjoy at no extra cost.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Lesbian Girl On Girl is a site that has it all to be a really good lesbian site, except for its size. The girls are smokin' hot and they do have some really hot female-only sex. Tongues, fingers, pussies and even toys are put to a good use in funny fantasy-driven lesbian sex videos here. Everything is spot on but the problem is, there isn't enough content. With only 8 scenes, Lesbian Girl On Girl is a tiny site that keeps you busy for only a couple of hours on its own. Thankfully memberships grant you unlimited access to an extensive network, which may not have many additional lesbian scenes, but definitely has plenty to watch and enjoy. If you're here for only lesbian porn, then Lesbian Girl On Girl may not be the best choice, but if you like Naughty America sites in general, it will give you a fair deal.

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