Jim's Pass

Updates: Multiple Times Per Week
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 2, 2015
Score: 79/100
"Jim's Pass is a thrilling package of 5 "agent" sites which all showcase amateurs who get tricked and fucked, but each of them also has its own little twist to the good ol' fake casting porn theme. Those who love amateur babes, reality porn videos and casting couch sex will definitely love what Jim's Pass has in store for them!" - Visit Site
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 40 Min.
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Members get 36 bonus videos.
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There is a daily 20 GB download limit.

General Review

Luckily some girls will never learn that fame and money don't come easy. Many of them think that they can become well-known and pretty wealthy if they get naked and get fucked on camera. While there are plenty of geniune porn studios and real and honest casting agents looking for new talents, some guys just pretend to be agents and trick naive babes into having sex with them. This tricky agent scam is getting really old but it still seems to be working like a charm, at least on those sites which are gathered under the roof of a network called Jim's Pass. To be honest, nothing tells you here who is this Jim and what he has to do with phony porn castings, but he managed to create a really fun network of reality porn sites. Cute amateur girls wanting to earn money with their sexual skills, filthy ex-girlfriends who think they can make a pornstar and cheating housewives who are looking for some hot sex are all here and get auditioned. This is a thrilling package of 5 "agent" sites which all showcase amateurs who get tricked and fucked, but each of them also has its own little twist to the good ol' fake casting porn theme. Those who love amateur babes, reality porn videos and casting couch sex will definitely love what Jim's Pass has in store for them!

One might think that having 5 similarly themed sites isn't a too good idea because you can get bored easily. However, Jim's Pass is anything but boring. There are pretty interesting mix of pickup porn, outdoor sex and casting porn at Public Agent, one of the networked sites. The other sites all have many fun stuff to show you, too. Fake Agent rocks the classic casting couch sex theme and Female Agent gives this another fresh spin by hiring, well, females to cast guys and girls alike. Here girls usually auditioned for lesbian porn and guys get to fuck sexy agents, but there's a hint of kink as well because sometimes the female agents end up wearing a strapon dildo and fucking their newly found male talents. Fake Agent UK is also included in the Jim's Pass' package which has the same premise as Fake Agent's but it focuses on British amateurs. The last site of the network is called Fake Taxi which has nothing to do with castings, but it does use trickery to temp amateurs into fucking a guy whom they've never met before. It's about two taxi drivers who manage to fuck their sexiest passangers. There are pretty original and takes on a classic porn theme here, making Jim's Pass a site varied and quite entertaining.

It's casting porn for the most part, so the videos are shot in a typical audition-like manner with handheld cameras, but there are usually tripods used, too. Most sites offer a mix of POV and standard camera angles in their videos, and there's also some footage shot by hidden cams. Everything has a raw, amateur feel which makes Jim's Pass a good source for realistic porn movies. Since the castings have interviews here, there's a lot of talking. It looks like they run their "fake" model agencies in somewhere Europe, dialog is usually in Czech or Hungarian. However, sites like Fake Agent UK and Fake Taxi deliver porn shot in Britain, so the videos on these sites are in English. It doesn't really matter which language is spoken in video, there are English subtitles to make sure that you'll understand what people say. Every site has great High Definition videos for you to enjoy but older scenes many not be available in full HD. Jim's Pass gives you 5 great reality porn sites that revolve around tricking babes into having sex on camera and I think if you like so-called casting porn, you can't really go wrong with this network.

What's Going On Inside

Strangely, Jim's Pass doesn't have an actual members only area, it's just a gateway to 5 sites. You're asked to sign in to one of the networked sites and once you're in, you'll see a drop-down list of sites appear at the top of the page. This will help you easily travel from one site to another without having to re-enter your username/password. Unfortunately, there isn't a main network hub where you could check out all the latest updates or where you could browse all videos in one place. At least all sites are laid out similarly, just with using different design element, so once you're used to how things work on a site, it'll be easy to manage the rest. Everything is pretty straightforward here and each site has a "home" section where you can browse all of its episodes. There are separate sections for promotional stuff (aka discounts on partner sites) and your favorites.They allow members to narrow down each site's content by model name or by agent. When you're looking for something specific like anal sex, threesomes, creampies or such, you're pretty much on your own because there are category tags nor a search engine that could help you search by keyword. It seems Jim's Pass sites cover just the basics when it comes to filter tools. The sites here are pretty average in size but if you combine all of their collections you'll get 1343 videos. No date logs can be found on any of the sites but each of them updates at least once a week, so you'll end up getting something new almost every day.

You'll always get a grip on what you're going to see in a video because updates come with (pretty lengthy) trailer videos, a couple of screencaps and a quite detailed description. Members can choose to stream videos in a popup player that offers HD quality playback at 1280x720 pixels. You'll never have to wait long for the videos to load and start, and jumping ahead is also really quick. Of course, Jim's Pass sites let their members save videos, however, I must point out that they also restrict them to download only 20 GB of data a day. You'll get a couple of download options which let you select and save mobile-friendly MP4s (852x480 pixels, 2700 Kbps), WMVs (1280x720 pixels, 3600 Kbps) and MOV files that offered at 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps) as well as at 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). Some older scenes may lack the 1080p option but they're still available in 720p. None of the sites have digital stills and the only photos you can check out are those few screencaps which are given to help you preview the scenes. It's a bit strange, becaus the casting theme would easily allow them to ask girls to pose for a couple of pictures.

Jim's Pass gives you 5 solid reality porn sites for the price of 1, which means that it doesn't need to rely on bonus content to keep its members busy and satisfied. Although, this doesn't stop the network from giving you a couple of bonus videos. When you venture into the bonus section on any of the sites, you'll find 48 bonus videos contributed from other sites like Dane Jones, Massage Rooms and HD POV. The only problem is that among these you'll see many videos that came from Jim's Pass sites, so in the end, you'll 36 bonus videos. The good news is, they change these videos every 2 weeks.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Casting couch sex and reality porn create a pretty fun mix that some of us can't have enough of. If you're one of these guys then Jim's Pass is going to be a one-stop-shop for sure. It's a small network of 5 agent sites which deliver the classic "fake model scouts tricking hot amateurs into having sex with them" theme and give it a couple of fresh spins. Gorgeous female agents, outdoor sex, hot UK babes and a quite interesting taxi-themed scam are all here to give you casting and reality porn that you haven't seen them before. Strangely, there isn't a network hub where you could browse all updates from all sites and Jim's Pass is actually just a gateway to 5 sites which can be accessed for the price of 1. Only the basics are covered here when it comes to filter tools. At least there's a big collection if you combine all sites offerings and updates come frequently, so in the end, if you like casting porn and Euro babes, Jim's Pass is a really good choice.

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