Jeny Smith

Updates: Multiple Times Per Week
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 15, 2015
Score: 69/100
"Jeny Smith is the official online residence of a lovely brunette babe who loves to get naughty in public and who enjoys being photographed/filmed for your entertainment. This site is where you can check out Jeny's collection and where you can spoil her or even get in touch with her." - Visit Site
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General Review

You can't never know what life has in store for you. One day you're just an everyday girl having fun with your husband and the next thing you realize that you have your personal website where lots of admirers try to spoil you. According to the short "about me" type of bio that you can find on Jeny Smith's official site, that's pretty much what happened to her. She was just a cute brunette who made sexy photos and videos with her hubby and since she looked hot (and she obviously still looks hot, but that you're going to realize too) on their homemade stuff, she thought that sharing their collection with others wasn't a bad idea. Now, she has a website on the internet which is all about her and her doing her best to entertain those like her. She's definitely a cute babe who has some really nasty habits like showing off her tits or pussy in public places, so there's more to her than you may expect at first. Her official site is glowing with personality and she's that kind of adult model who really cares about her fans. Everything seems really promising from the get-go, although, is Jeny's site as great as it seems? Let's find that out!

Jeny is a slender brunette with nice, all natural tits and a lovable personality. She's ready to tease and please her fans and it seems like what she likes to do best is showing off her naked body outdoors. Her collection contains lots of erotic photos taken in parks, on the streets of a big city and in many other public locations. Videos often just show you how these photos were taken, but luckily, her site has more than just erotic nudes and behind-the-scenes type of videos. Jeny and her husband keep on producing some homemade porn that they more than happy to share with Jeny's fans. Having said that, it's not too much of a surprise to find here scenes that showcase Jeny while she's playing with her pussy or while she's giving her man a round of sloppy blowjob. There's even some sex happening, but Jeny's site definitely more about her erotic/glamour shoots than her getting fucked. Although, having a chance to see her suck and fuck every now and then is still welcome.

I'm pretty sure that the content is 100% and cannot be seen anywhere else. It's also a nice mix of professional and homemade, which means that it doesn't matter if you prefer to check out some top-notch, studio quality porn or you're looking for a way to peak into a gorgeous girl's sex life, you'll guaranteed to find here some hot stuff to enjoy. I really like Jeny's photos which are often look really, really nice. They're definitely taken by a talented photographer and they make Jeny look like a real star. There are many different indoor and outdoor settings and themes that make her photosets varied and entertaining enough to please any photo fan. Her videos are not necessarily professional as there are scenes which were recorded by webcams, others are filmed with a handheld camera, so there's some amateur porn here as well. The best part of Jeny's site is that you can actually interact with Jeny. She often answers questions and interacts with her fans in the comment sections, runs contests and gives her members a chance to win something personal and has regular live shows as well. All in all, if you like Jeny, then you may want to check out her official site.

What's Going On Inside

I like the way Jeny's site is laid out. Nothing overly fancy can be seen but still, it's easy on the eyes, and more importantly, it's not difficult to manage at all. After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a home page where you can read a welcome note and check out Jeny's latest tweets from Twitter, and of course, a couple of her latest updates are also arranged here. There's a top menu bar which can take you inside all the different sections. There's a bio page, a calendar (which shows you what and when she'll post soon) and besides her "photos" and "videos" sections, you'll find a couple of other sections where you can tip/spoil her or connect with her. There are a few tools which can help you filter things down a bit. These include a drop-down list of category tags and there's even a simple search engine that lets you search by keyword. This isn't the most advanced setup of search/browse tools but still, Jeny's site is quite user-friendly. The collection on offer isn't particularly large at the moment. Only 30 videos and 51 photosets are available, however, there are frequent updates and it looks like members get a new photoset or video a few times each week. On those days when nothing new is added, Jeny is likely to perform a live show, so I'd say that you're going to get something to check out almost every day.

Updates don't come with lots of scene info but they do have a title and release date. You can't preview videos by watching trailers or checking out screencaps, but I guess, the titles and the thumbnails that represent the videos can give you at least an idea about what you're going to see. Jeny's videos are offered for in-browser playback with four quality settings ranging from low 240p up to full HD 1080p. The streams work well as there are no long loading times and you don't have to worry about buffering hiccups ruining the fun for you. The videos are available for download too. Members can save Mpeg files in four qualities: 426x240 pixels (500 Kbps), 852x480 pixels (1500 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (2800 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (5000 Kbps). The videos range in length quite a bit, so you can come across scenes playing only a few minutes while others run for half an hour. Although, the average playtime is around 6-8 minutes. Photosets can be browsed through online in standard thumbnail galleries. There's even a slideshow feature with enlarged images. A set contains about 60-65 high-res photos. Older sets tend to have pictures sized around 1000px, but Jeny's newer sets deliver super high-res images at around 5000px. Saving entire sets is easy because there are ZIP downloads for photos.

Jeny doesn't offer too many bonuses. There are no bonus video feeds, nor access to additional site, however, Jeny often performs live shows and you can even check out recorded shows too. This isn't much but at least something extra is given. As I mentioned, she even has fun contests and offers some personal stuff like customized photos of Jeny wearing what the winner asks her to wear.

If you have a thing for naughty brunettes, then chances are high that you'll like Jeny Smith. She's a lovely Russian babe who puts a lot of effort into providing some interesting and hot stuff for her fans. On her official site she often interacts with her members and offers a couple of ways to connect. The content here is varied enough as Jeny likes to do a bevy of stuff from flashing tits in parks to having sex with her husband. There are no major problems here since the content is fun, the star of the site is gorgeous and both videos and photos are in good quality. My only complaint is that the site is pretty small, but updates come regularly. Jeny Smith's official site can become a really good solo model site at some point, but due to its small size it will be a good choice if you're really into this Euro babe.

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