I Confess Files

Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 6, 2015
Score: 63/100
"According to I Confess Files, there's a church in somewhere in the heart of the UK where a quite perverted priest offers gorgeous girls uncommon ways to be forgiven." - Visit Site
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General Review

There are porn sites which turn you and get you off and there are some sites which try to provocate. I Confess Files is a little bit of both as it has pretty fun reality/voyeur scenarios and sees good chances to offend a lot of people. How so? It showcases perversion and unnatural lust which make a priest become a sinner! The site takes a religious theme and turns it into an outrageous and shocking sexual fantasy which is fun and daring. According to I Confess Files, there's a church in somewhere in the heart of the UK where a quite perverted priest offers gorgeous girls uncommon ways to be forgiven. Everything starts pretty typically here when a sexy sinner steps into a confessional booth and asks for absolution. Although, the priest on the other side of the wall is not a typical priest, he also has demons which make him do things which easily violate the sanctity of the confession. Watching a supposedly holy man exploit stunningly beautiful babes feels kinda strange, I admit, but it's also sinfully enjoyable and if you're looking for nasty Euro babes and a unique porn experience, then I Confess Files certainly has a chance to be a site worth checking out.

The scenes tend to be very similar here as you'll see girls looking for a way to feel better by confessing their sins. They sit down in a confessional booth and tell the priest that they cheated on their boyfriends or husbands, became a prostitute, are a gold digger who seduce men for their money and such. Some of them play their parts pretty well and you can see some girls even cry when they tell how slutty they are and how badly they want to be good again. However, their stories turn the priest on and make him jerk off while listening to the girls. Did I tell you that this unholy man is pretty creepy? He talks frighteningly smoothly and he's wearing a white mask which makes him look like a serial killer from a Hollywood horror! At some point, he also has something to confess: he reveals that he's been recording the confession and if the girls don't want the footage see the light of day, they need to please the priest! Most of them quickly agrees and suck and take the priest's big cock, and they're quite whorish, so they even end up liking this situation. Although, there are a few episodes in which things don't work out for the priest and girls ran out of the booth screaming. The end of these scenes are the most shocking as the priest runs after them and drags the crying girls into the booth before these scenes suddenly end.

The way they shoot of their episodes is an interesting mix of voyeur hidden cam, reality and amateur porn. There are parts which are recorded with spy cams placed in the confessional booth, but when the priest starts fucking the girls, a handheld camera also starts having a key role. The priest holds it in his hand and records how he disgraces a girl. This results in some POV-style shooting every now and then. The camera gets out of focus sometimes but this just adds some realistic feel to their stuff. The videos are in pretty good quality as they're available in full HD. There are a couple of photos accompanying the videos which look nice, but they're just screencaps, so photo fans won't have too much fun here. I Confess Files is a quite unique site, to say the least. It has many hot British pornstars on board like Victoria Summers, Valerie Fox and Ava Dalush and makes them take part in bringing a crazy sexual fantasy to life. I Confess Files is fun and outrageous, and you may want to give it a look.

What's Going On Inside

I Confess Files is a part of the famous Private Network. Having said that, it won't be too much of a surprise for you to see that the site is fully integrated into a mega site. After getting logged in, you'll arrive to Private's main network section. Although getting a list of I Confess Files episodes is really easy. All you have to do is venture into their "Sites" section and look for I Confess Files (which will be the first site on the list of their sites). It become clear that the site is just a collection of themed porn videos because it doesn't have any sections. All episodes are shown on one page, so getting around the collection isn't hard at all. There are no search/browse tools available that could help you narrow down I Confess Files' collection. The network has a couple of tools though, such as a search engine and a model library, but these work for the entire mega site and not for this site alone. You don't need any tools to browse the collection because I Confess Files is tiny. Only 14 scenes are online at the moment. I'm not sure whether new scenes will be added in the future or not because according to date stamps, updates came slowly, sporadically and fairly unpredictably so far.

Each episode has a short trailer video, a description and a couple of screencaps which can give you a grip on what you're going to see in the actual video. They let members download their stuff but streaming the videos right on the site is also an option. The online playback is decent and I had no problems with it. The videos load and start quickly and you can jump ahead easily. The streams are offered in three qualities which are 480p, 720p and 1080p. As I mentioned, the scenes can be saved and they can be downloaded as MP4 files. This file format should be good for most users, but additional formats such as WMV or Quicktime still would be nice. Each scene has four download options which are 640x360 pixels (1000 Kbps), 720x404 pixels (1700 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (2400 Kbps) and full HD 1920x1080 pixels (4500 Kbps). The average running time is around 25-26 minutes, but there are two scenes in which the priest is out of luck and girls try to run away from him instead of pleasing his "holy" cock. These videos are quite short as they each play about 6 minutes. There are no high-res photos here, just screencaps. Each video has exactly 7 vidcaps which are sized at 1600px and which look pretty decent. You can browse these with a filmstrip navigation or you can download them in ZIP files.

Since I Confess Files is small, it heavily relies on bonus content to keep its members busy and satisfied. Fortunately, it provides unlimited access to the rest of the Private Network, which means that there are 13 additional Euro hardcore sites to check out when you're done with its collection. These cover many themes from anal sex to lesbians and fake agents tricking girls into doing porn.

Just like the girls here, I have a confession to make: I really enjoyed I Confess Files! The theme is a bit taboo but quite hot. There are moments when the videos are kinda creepy and scary, but there are pretty funny parts, too. The sex is pretty standard boy-girl hardcore but this "unholy" theme with a pervy, masked priest fucking hot girls the site's episodes are really entertaining and unique. The performers do a surprisingly good job at acting as well which is a pretty rare thing to see on porn sites. To be honest, the site is really good but with only 14 scenes in its library, it's a bit difficult to recommend. Luckily, memberships include bonus access to an entire network of sites which can really sweeten the deal. In addition, if you join Private, you'll get the same but at a much lower price. I Confess Files is really fun, so if you're looking for porn with a fresh spin, then you may want to give it a try.

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