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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 9, 2015
Score: 66/100
"Helpless Teens is actually a BDSM-inspired reality porn site brought to you by the twisted minds at Fetish Network, so you can rest assured that the teen babes here get into some pretty helpless (and inescapable) situations!" - Visit Site
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General Review

You're a pretty young girl in the middle of nowhere who just want to get home or at least some place else. Stopping the first vehicle that comes along is a wise idea, because nothing can get worse, right? No, abso-fucking-lutely not! Helpless Teens is not an educational site but it does show you scenarios that can happen to young ladies who are stranded and desperate enough to do whatever it takes to get a ride. Is it yet another demsel in distress type of pickup porn site? Fortunately, it's nothing like that because it's way nastier, wilder and kinkier. It's actually a BDSM-inspired reality porn site brought to you by the twisted minds at Fetish Network, so you can rest assured that the teen babes here get into some pretty helpless (and inescapable) situations! A guy named Bruno offers his help to young sweethearts who somehow got lost and need to get back to where they came from. Even though he seems like a nice guy, he has no intentions to be nice after all and kind of kidnaps, binds and fucks the stranded babes. I know, it sounds pretty fucked up, but that's what Helpless Teens is all about is immensely hot. If you're interested in BDSM porn that blends hardcore sex and Hollywood horror/thriller scenarios, then this site is going to be so much fun!

It's reality porn essentially, so you can't really marvel when it turns out that Helpless Teens episodes are scripted. There's always a short story to tell like a girl went jogging and twisted her ankle and a pervy guy is the one who pulls over and offers her help or a pretty girl is desperate to find someone who could lend her a cellphone because she borrowed her mom's car and had an accident in the middle of nowhere, so she needs to have the car towed but her phone died. Frankly, Bruno and the girls usually do a decent job of acting which is a rare thing to see on porn sites. Of course, things become quite nasty and twisted when Bruno starts behaving like a jerk and at some point he always gets a bit pissed off and ties the teen hitchhiker and forces her to suck and take his big cock in the back of his van. There's sometimes a little bit of outdoor fucking but he usually fucks the girls in his van, then he even takes his "victims" to a dungeon-like place where he continues to bang them. Each video has a short interview at the end which can show you how much the girls enjoyed breathing life into a twisted fantasy for you.

The models are quite attractive and they usually look young and innocent enough to be perfect for the role they have to play. Among them you can find a couple of up-and-coming starlets like Marina Angel, Abella Danger, Piper Perri and Callie Calypso. The content is produced quite well and the videos are on par with low budget Hollywood thrillers, if they're not better in production wise. There's a raw, a bit of realistic vibe to them and they use cams placed inside Bruno's van for a more documetary-like filming but when the sex starts they shift back to having standard camera angles. Editing is also quite good and the scenes feel like short movies filled with plenty of kinky sex. The videos are all brought to you in full HD and they do look really nice. There are photos to check out, but these just screencaps, but they look so good that they can trick you for a moment. Overall, Helpless Teens is a kinky site where teen hitchhickers hop in the wrong person's mini van and get used and fucked. It's a fun and nasty theme which makes this small new site really promising.

What's Going On Inside

Helpless Teens shares its online space with all those other sites that are all sitting on the Fetish Network. Once you're logged in, you'll start on the network's hub section but making your way to their teen hitchhiker fantasies is easy. All you have to do is venture into the section titled "Our sites" and select Helpless Teens there. All episodes are listed in the same section and there are no search/filter tools that could help you filter down only this site's collection. There's a search bar that encourages you to type in model names or keywords but their search engine searches network-wide. Every scene has the same category tag which is "Bondage/BDSM" and if you click on it, you'll get many other BDSM scenes offered but these come from mostly other sites. The entire network needs more filter/search tools, not just Helpless Teens. At least you won't spend too much time looking for something or someone specific here because the collection is pretty small at the moment. Only 21 scenes are available currently but updates come regularly. They don't seem to stick to strict update schedule, so you'll get 1 to 6 new videos in a month.

There are no short trailers but you'll know exactly what you're going to see in an episode because you can read lengthy descriptions and check out a couple of screencaps. Members are allowed to watch videos right on the site. Streams and downloads are offered with the same quality settings which are labelled as SD 576p, HD 720p, Full HD 1080p and UDHD 4320p. These are pretty misguiding because there are no 4K videos to save here and the rest of the options are mislabelled, too. The acually available resolutions/options are 320x180 pixels (200 Kbps), 480x270 pixels (700 Kbps), 960x540 pixels (1500 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (8000 Kbps). If you choose to stream the videos, the embedded player works pretty well as the videos start playing quickly and smoothly. Download options provide you with MP4 files to save, there are no other file formats to choose. While MP4s should be good for most users, other formats like WMV or Quicktime would be nice to have, too. The average running time is around 45 minutes. Each scene comes with a set of related photos, but as I already mention it, these are actually screencaps sized at 1920x1080 pixels. They look surprisingly good. You can browse them in standard thumbnail galleries or you can choose to view them enlarged in a slideshow. There are no ZIP downloads, so if you'd like to save pictures you can do that, but you can't save entire sets with a click of your mouse.

Being part of the Fetish Network, Helpless Teens offers plenty of bonuses. These include unrestricted access to over 40 additional fetish sites and weekly live shows. The bonus sites cover plenty of fetishes from foot worship to hot babes fucking bound girls with large starpon dildos. I'm pretty sure that if you like fetish porn, then the bonuses will keep you busy between two Helpless Teens updates.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

I admit that I enjoyed Helpless Teens episodes which are fun and kinky at the same time. You'll probably feel here that you're watching a thriller/horror movie which has plenty of hardcore fucking. Girls look innocent and cute, and they get themselves into really desperate situations. Hopping in the wrong guy's van, these girls learn that they shouldn't trust strangers, no matter how badly they need their help. All episodes have a fun story and quite good acting which contribute to their entertainment value. As for the sex, it's raw and hot, just like you expect it to be on a hardcore BDSM site. This is a quite good and promising site which has a couple of flaws such as the lack of search/browse tools and the collection is quite small at the moment. However, updates seem to come frequently and bonus access to an entire network of fetish sites is included in the memberships. Helpless Teens is not your typical reality site where teen hitchhikers offer pussy for a ride, although girls do end up being fucked. If you find their theme intriguing and enjoy BDSM and all kinds of fetish porn, then Helpless Teens can provide you with some fun for sure.

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