Gloryhole Admissions

Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 25, 2014
Score: 70/100
"Gloryhole Admissions is a wicked site full of devilishly hot pornstars who are naughty enough to breath life into a bit taboo but hot fantasy. If you're a fan of gloryhole fetish and blowjob-centric porn, you'll surely like what this site has in store for you." - Visit Site
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General Review

When you're a smokin' hot woman with sinful desires burning inside of you, the best you can do is to visit the nearest church and start praying for the Lord's help and guidance. Gloryhole Admissions is a website which takes you inside the confessional booth of probably the world's most depraved church and shows you that sometimes temptation is just too hard to resist. As their tagline says: "wicked sluts confess their sins and suck for forgiveness", so there's a lot of unholy and frankly, quite inappropriate stuff going on in the confessional booths here. The site revolves around a really hot fantasy which may be a bit outrageous if you're deeply religious, but on the other hand, it gives the same old "sexy girls suck cock at glory holes" theme an interesting spin. Girls step through the door of a cofessional in hopes that they can get forgiveness for their slutiness, but they end up sucking the priest's dick through a hole carved in the wall of the booth and they're likely to get themselves into even more trouble.

What you're going to see in Gloryhole Admission episodes is pure filthiness. Girls seek forgiveness for being unfaithful and having an unquenchable appetite for cock. They won't just tell about their sexual habits and sins, but often reveal their nice boobs and strip off their panties. Lucky for them, the priest on the other side of the wall gladly slides his big cock through a hole and girls can do what they like to do the best: give some great head. It's definitely a site perfect for those who enjoy glory hole fantasies but tired of seeing girls sucking on random dicks in public restrooms. The theme is quite fresh and I bet you can't see anything like it on any other glory hole themed site. Gloryhole Admissions is also for those who enjoy watching sexy babes stroke, suck and deepthroat big cocks because there isn't vaginal or anal penetration here, only mouths and hands are used to make the girls' pretty faces covered in cum eventually.

The sinful babes giving an "oral confession" are stunningly beautiful and many of them are known porn stars such as Nikki Sexx, Phoenix Marie, Gianna Michaels, Anikka Albrite, Jynx Maze and Jada Stevens. No wonder that they're hot and naughty enough to tempt a servant of God into commiting a sin! The videos have similar confessional-like settings and there isn't too much variety here, to be honest. Only the girls and their stories that they want to confess change from scene to scene. The videos are filmed well and I guess, these are quite typical glory hole sex videos, except for the religious theme. You see how the girls suck and tug a faceless dick but they show you a couple of close-ups of the girls' pussies every now and then. Most episodes are available in High Definition and there are high-res images reenacting the babes' dirty deeds. Gloryhole Admissions is a wicked site full of devilishly hot pornstars who are naughty enough to breath life into a bit taboo but hot fantasy. If you're a fan of gloryhole fetish and blowjob-centric porn, you'll surely like what this site has in store for you.

What's Going On Inside

Gloryhole Admission looks pretty neat and has a design that's not too fancy but classy in some way. Getting around the site shouldn't be a problem as they list all of their scenes in the same section, though you may get confused when you venture into their "updates" section. You'll find a bunch of other, not glory hole themed scenes also listed. It makes very clear pretty soon that the site is a part of a large network and it's more like just a collection of unholy glory hole confessions than being an individual site. You can sort the scene by date, rating, views and favorites and there are a couple of browse and search tools too that can help you find those scenes that you'll probably like. Unfortunately, most tools including the category tags, their search engine and the model library, work for the entire network making it nearly impossible to filter things down only at Gloryhole Admissions. More site-specific tools would be nice, but I still can't say that this site isn't user-friendly. There's an average-sized collection of wicked glory hole blowjobs here which consists of 80 scenes at this point. According to date stamps nothing was added since March, so updates seem to come pretty slowly and sporadically and I'd say there's a chance that the site stopped updating already.

Even though it's pretty obvious what a scene has to offer, each episode comes with a set of screencaps, a bunch of crosslinked category tags, a lengthy description and a short trailer video. Without having to download the videos, you can sit back and enjoy all the pure filthiness thanks to video streams. Members can opt for in-browser playback in an embedded player which offers four tiers of quality, best of which is HD 720p. The videos buffer and start playing pretty quickly, so there's nothing wrong with their streams, but you can still download their scenes in WMV, MP4 and mobile-optimized MP4 formats. With files peaking at 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps), Gloryhole Admission gives you nicely detailed visuals. 59 scenes are labelled here for being available in High Definition. The rest of the collection looks nice, too, but older videos max out at only 640x360 pixels (2000 Kbps). The average episode is around 10-15 minutes in length and has a set of digital stills. These photos can be viewed online as small thumbnail images or enlarged in a timed slideshow. They provide their pictures in 3 sizes: 800px, 1024px and 1600px. A set contains about 200 photos that can be saved in a ZIP file in all sizes.

Gloryhole Admissions is big enough to keep you busy for some time but what makes your membership really valuable is the bonus access to 109 additional sites that comes with it. These are small to mid sized sites covering plenty of niches from teens and MILFs to interracial sex and even trannies. There's also an additional glory hole site called Huge Cock Gloryholes among them.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell on their join page when inputting your credit card info - unless you actually want this extra - otherwise you'll be charged for it, too!

Girls step out of the confessional booth being exhausted and messy here at Gloryhole Admissions. What happened to them? This site reveals that even the servant of God can have a hard time resisting carnal temptation when a wicked slut is eager to tell him all the dirty stuff that she dared do. It's a really fun porn site which gives glory hole blowjobs a hot spin and you're likely to find it fresh and exciting, too. Anonymous and a bit taboo sex is on offer here which will surely please the fans of glory hole fetish. Only mouths and hands are used to milk the priests' cocks, so it's also perfect for those who are looking for porn focusing on oral sex. The quality of the scenes is good and there's enough content to keep you entertained for a while. Although the site has some problems like the lack of site-specific browse tools and updates come slowly and sporadically, if they'll ever come. At least memberships are priced reasonably and come with over 100 bonus sites, so Gloryhole Admissions offers a fair deal in the end.

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