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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: May 5, 2015
Score: 63/100
"Footjob Addict is one of Fetish Network's leg-centric sites and it's all about girls using their feet to make guys cum. If you like footjobs and enjoy watching fantasy-driven porn then you'll probably like it." - Visit Site
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General Review

While some of us prefer women with big tits, others go crazy for babes who sport a big ass. Probably these parts of the female body are the most popular but among us, men, there are who think that nothing is sexier than a pair of lovely feet. They might consider themselves an admirer of women's feet or, if they love to get pretty soles wrapped around their cocks, a footjob addict. Lucky for them, the renowned Fetish Network is ready to please them and make many erotic fantasies become a reality for them! The network is home to all kinds of kinks and foot worship is also among those fetishes that they enjoy playing with. Footjob Addict is one of their leg-centric sites and it's a quite fun site, actually. Super gorgeous babes take control and convert guys into feet-loving freaks. Of course, they not just show off their shapely legs in classy stockings and sexy pantyhose (which they often do by the way), but put their arches, toes and soles to a good use and make their men's cocks throbbing and ready to explode. Everything is about girls using only their feet here, so if that's what you'd like to see, then Footjob Addict is a site that may be worth checking out.

Footjobs shouldn't be new to a porn lover. There are plenty of sites out there that showcase girls and their small and sexy feet. This being said, a site that focuses on foot fetish should come up with something interesting to have a chance to stand out from the crowd. Footjob Addict chose to breathe life into various fantasies which lead guys lie on their backs and enjoying while a dominant chicks jerk them off with their feet. Each scene has some kind of story which adds some additional entertainment value to their videos. You get to see guys visit smokin' hot doctors and psychologists to help them get their flaccid cocks hard or to help them love women's feet. They even venture into other fetishes every now and then, so you can't be too surprised to see young sweethearts dressed in superhero attire, a maid costume or in a schoolgirl outfit and having some cosplay fun as well. As for the foot fetish part, guys often enjoy the scent of the girls' shoes, and stroke their nylon-clad feet. Although, things usually escalate and girls end up holding a cock tight with their soles and arches and begin to jerk. The ladies often get naked and sometimes they even play with their pussies while performing a footjob.

I'm not really sure whether the content is exclusive, but I assume it is. These are well-filmed videos that have a bit amateur vibe. Camerawork and editing is good and their scenes are overall really nice. To top it all off, they shoot their stuff in good looking High Definition. Footjob Addict hosts some good quality porn but it won't be too much fun for those who are looking for photos of girls' sexy feet. Each scene comes with a set of photos, but these images are just screencaps. However, they do look pretty nice and they can almost fool you. Nonetheless, if you're looking for fun foot fetish scenes where lovely soles belonging to today's cutest starlets are wrapped around big cocks, then Footjob Addict surely has some entertaining porn to offer.

What's Going On Inside

Once your inside, you'll start on the Fetish Network's main page which showcases all the network updates, however, making your way to Footjob Addict scenes are easy enough. All you have to do is venture into their "our sites" section and look for Footjob Addict. Actually Footjob Addict is more like a collection of footjob themed scenes than a standalone site. It's fully integrated into the network and doesn't have own sections. You'll get all episodes listed on the same page and you can conveniently browse them in the end. There are a couple of search/browse tools that can help you filter things down a bit. These include category tags and a search engine allowing for search by model or keyword. The only problem that these tools work for the entire network, so if you're looking for something specific within Footjob Addict's collection, you'll be left without any help. On the other hand, it won't take you too long to find those scenes that you're interested in because the collection is tiny. At this point only 24 scenes are online but date stamps show weekly updates. I have a feeling that something odd is going on here, though, so they may just rotate their content.

You can't preview any of their scenes by watching trailer videos, but they provide lengthy descriptions and screencaps which are more than enough to give an idea about what you're about to see. Their videos are available for Flash streaming in 4 qualities, best of which is full HD 1080p. The online playback is really nice as there are no long loading times and the videos play pretty smoothly. They let members download their videos in MP4 format. While this format should be good for most users, additional format choices like WMV or Quicktime would be nice. Strangely they mislabel their download options. The best quality downloads seem to be in 4K quality but the file that you can actually save is at 1920x1080 pixels (3000 Kbps). Their download options which are labelled at 1080p will provide you with 960x540 pixels (1500 Kbps) files. The seemingly 720p files are actually at 480x270 pixels (715 Kbps) and their 576p downloads are at 320x180 pixels (600 Kbps). The videos are quite short as they usually play about 10 minutes. As I already mentioned, the videos come with photos but these are just screencaps sized at around 1024px. They can be viewed online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged in a slideshow. A set contains about 60 pictures which you can save, but only one by one as there are no ZIP downloads.

Being a part of Fetish Network, Footjob Addict can offer plenty of bonuses. Actually, it really needs bonus content to keep its members busy due to the small size of its own collection. Luckily the network has 40 additional sites to check out which cover a lot of kinks and themes from teens getting fucked to reality bondage videos and more. There aren't too many additional foot fetish videos, but there is at least one other foot-loving site called Footdom Videos that you'll probably enjoy and a couple of nylon/pantyhose fetish sites.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Those who are looking for lovely young girls with lovely feet to fuck will find Footjob Addict videos pretty interesting and fun. They not just simple footjob videos in which girls use their soles, toes and arches to make guys bust a nut because their scenes all have a storyline which can add some extra entertainment value. You'll surely get here some hot and fun footjob porn videos, but still, Footjob Addict is quite underwhelming. Unfortunately, the site pretty small and updates come slowly, if they even really come because they might just rotate their scenes. At least members get access to the entire Fetish Network at no extra cost, so if you like all kinds of fetish porn, then you won't get bored here. With only 24 episodes in its archive, Footjob Addict needs some growth and I find it a bit hard to recommend you to join it, unless you're interested in the network that's really on offer here.

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