Fake Hospital

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 24, 2015
Score: 71/100
"Fake Hospital is a porn site which documents all the unethical but hot things that happen in a crazy hospital where doctors and nurses can't wait to seduce and fuck their sexy patients." - Visit Site
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General Review

Wanting to be sure that there's nothing wrong with them, many girls visit a clinic somewhere in the Czech Republic but end up undergoing a not so ordinary examination. The medical center that they visit is fake (or at least the doctors and nurses are), so instead of getting a professional health check, they get seduced and fucked! Fake Hospital is that porn site which documents all the unethical but hot things that happen in this crazy hospital and will prove you that being a doctor obviously has its perks. The Czech health care should have many major issues if a such hospital can operate, but what is more likely is that what you'll see here is staged in some way. Whether it's real or not, the patients are gorgeous women who are in need of medical attention that they get from phony docs. Tongue depressors always get replaced in the girls' mouths with the doctors' hard cocks and somehow these fake medical experts manage to get themselves some pussy right in the examination room. There's a splendid mix of fantasy and reality here and with a hint of medical fetish, it's a site that has a very promising and fun premise, that's for sure.

The episode may seem pretty similar at first glance and yes, they have the same premise: a girl comes to get herself examined and get fucked eventually. However, each scene has its own short story that makes it pretty fun to watch. Sometimes girls visit the doctor because they just can't have an orgasm at home and they think there's something wrong with them, other times they just want a routine checkup. Some scenes even have babes who return for another portion of the doctor's special medicine (aka some hot sex). They even have holiday special episodes like the seduces her patient with a bunch of roses on Valentine's Day or a slutty nurse in Halloween custome joins the doc to cure a girl in three-way style. There's a lot of craziness and fun stuff here. As for the sex, girls give blowjobs, get their pussies fingered and filled with cock. Sometimes a nurse is who does the seduction and hooks up with a patient for a lesbian romp. They even have a couple of FFM as well as MMF threesomes, too. Anal, squirting and creampies are also on the agenda at Fake Hospital from time to time, so there's a really entertaining and suprisingly varied collection of reality porn here.

They add a voyeuristic spin to their videos by capturing all the steamy sex that happens in the doctor's office with a couple of spy cams. There are 3 or 4 cameras hidden which can provide you with a bird-eye view but it looks like the doc also has glasses with a built-in camera which give you some POV-style action, too. How can you know for sure that these scenes are staged? The doctor sometimes has a GoPro (or a similar) camera attached to his head and that can really kill the fantasy. Nonetheless, their videos are fun and they look pretty damn good. The entire collection is presented with High Definition specs and considering that these were shot with "hidden cams" the quality is just outstanding. Another thing that's worth mentioning is that the performers speak Czech, but you'll always understand what's being said as there are English subtitles. Fake Hospital may be fake in many regards (they have unlicensed docs and their scenes are staged), but there's a really fun theme and a collection of hot reality porn on offer here which you may want to check out.

What's Going On Inside

Fake Hospital rocks a very basic design, but there are pill-shaped buttons here and there which make things look quite fun. Getting around the site shouldn't be a problem to anyone, and that's not because it's a highly user-friendly site with a shit load of search and browse tools. All the episodes can be browsed through in the same section which is supposed to be the main members only section. There are no sorting options, so you'll get a list of episodes by the order they were published (with the newest ones coming first) and there are no other ways to sort these. What is an even more serious problem is that there are no search tools available. Filtering things down a bit isn't really easy. All you get is a drop-down list of model names which won't take you to your chosen girl's profile page, just links you to her scene. Considering that there's some variety to be found here, it would be nice to have a search engine allowing for keyword search or at least a couple of category tags could help you find similar scenes. Unfortunately, right now Fake Hospital makes you do the hard work when you'd like to filter things down a little bit. There's an average-sized collection on this site which consists of 124 episodes at this point. None of the collection items are dated, so it's impossible to tell how often something new is added, but they promise two new updates each week, and I honestly think that they do keep their promise.

They make sure that members can have a grip on what a scene has in store for them. You can preview their episodes by watching fairly lengthy trailers but there are also screencaps and descriptions accompanying their videos. All scenes are offered for online playback in a Flash-based player. They have only one quality setting for the in-browser playback which is in HD at 1280x720 pixels. The videos load and start pretty quickly and I didn't encounter buffering hiccups, so watching their stuff online is a reasonable option. On the other hand, there are download links which allow you to save videos in a couple of formats and qualities. They get you covered regardless of your choice of platform because there are MOVs, WMVs and mobile-friendly MP4s. The best qualityfiles are MOVs at 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps) but there are 1280x720 pixels videos to save in both MOV and WMV formats. They even offer mobile MP4s at 852x480 pixels (2700 Kbps). A typical scene is quite lengthy as it plays around 30-35 minutes. Due to the nature of the content there aren't photos. Having a couple of digital stills of girls posing for the camera would definitely kill the fantasy here.

Fake Hospital is a part of a network called BigZ. This statement may make you think that you'll get access to a couple of bonus sites, but the thing is, there is two kinds of memberships here. One that gives you access to only Fake Hospital and another that has a network-wide access. If you're only interested in their fake doctor-themed smut, then you can join at lower prices with no bonus sites. However, this case you can still preview the network as there's a bonus section which has 48 videos contributed by such sites as Fake Taxi, Female Agent and HD POV. The good news is, they change these videos every 2 weeks, so you'll often get new freebies to check out.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

I must admit that I enjoyed my visit to Fake Hospital, and if like fun reality porn videos, then you'll probably enjoy this site, too. They try to provide you with realistic scenes shot with "hidden" cameras and the girls and the fake doctors do a decent job of acting. There are many entertaining scenarios and their collection is overall quite varied with lots of pussy banging on the examination table and occasional anal sex, threesomes, lesbian sex, squirting and creampies. The patients are usually quite attractive, so if you have a thing for nasty Euro babes, then you're guaranteed to find here a couple of new favorites. Even though the content is quite good, there are a few flaws here such as the lack of search/browse tools. Nonetheless, they promise frequent updates and there are enough videos to make you have a fun month or two here. If their theme tickles your fantasy and enjoy voyeur/reality porn, then Fake Hospital may be a site worth a try.

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