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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 25, 2015
Score: 80/100
"Once known as Fucked And Bound and now operating under the supervision of the guys at Kink.com, Dungeon Sex is going stronger than ever, producing top-notch BDSM sex videos that teach sexy sex slaves to walk the thin line between pain and pleasure for your sadistic enjoyment." - Visit Site
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General Review

Take a bevy of smokin' hot women, lock them in a dark, abandoned place and start tormenting them in all kinds of ruthless ways. This isn't a "How to be a psycho killer" guide nor a script of an upcoming Hollywood horror. It's the recipe that a sizzling hot and overly kinky adult site, aptly named as Dungeon Sex, uses to fulfill your darkest fantasies. Once known as Fucked And Bound and now operating under the supervision of the guys at Kink.com, Dungeon Sex is going stronger than ever, producing top-notch BDSM sex videos that teach sexy sex slaves to walk the thin line between pain and pleasure for your sadistic enjoyment. Dominant men are in control here who don't think twice to get pain sluts bound with (mostly) ropes and to go really harsh on them. This isn't yet another rope bondage site however, because when the hot slaves become submissive enough, that's when the masters whip out their cocks and start banging the girls harder than they've ever been fucked before! A fine and kinky combination of bondage and rough sex is what Dungeon Sex is all about, and if you happen to have a thing for seeing helpless hotties get fucked silly, then it's safe to assume that this site sees good chances to become your favorite BDSM site. No kidding.

The super gorgeous sex slaves are bound here with ropes and unforgiving devices that make escape impossible. There are a lot of creative ways of tying up babes are shown and the dominant men often suspend their fuck sluts, too. If you're looking for a site which does rope bondage right, then Dungeon Sex won't let you down. Of course, the girls have to endure a decent amount of suffering, which just gets their pussies dripping wet in some twisted way. The sadistic masters have an arsenal of means to cause some pain. Floggers, paddles, canes, cattle prods, whips, clamps and hot wax are just a few examples of what are at these mean men's disposal. Fucking the captive females' brains loose is as important as making them suffer and beg for pleasure. Girls often get throat fucked so hard that they become a drooling mess and once the brutal blowjobs are over, some hardcore pussy banging and deep anal dicking are next. Usually no holes barred rough sex is the name of their game and sometimes girls get manhandled by two doms at once, and when this happens, there's usually some double penetration, too!

Dungeon Sex is just like all the other Kink.com sites, which is quite a compliment! The content is absolutely great as they know well how to create a dark atmosphere and how to shoot the best fetish porn. This particular site of theirs isn't an exception as Dungeon Sex episodes all take advantage of an isolated dungeon setting which really sets the right mood for all the hot BDSM-inspired rough sex that is about to happen. Their videos look really good and offered with enough clarity and detail. Although, even though the videos come with High Definition specs, they still could be better if Dungeon Sex (and the rest of Kink sites) finally took the step to 1080p. Nonetheless, it's some top-grade fetish porn is waiting here for those who crave to see nasty pain sluts (often known porn stars such as India Summer, Dani Daniels, Ana Foxx and Veronica Avluv) fulfill their whorish sexual appetite by getting bound, tortured and fucked rough.

What's Going On Inside

Dungeon Sex has a simple but neat-looking design. Actually, its layout is the exact same as what any other Kink site has. There are a couple of display options depending on how much information you'd like to get on the updates. They make it easy to browse their stuff as all updates can be found in the same section called "Updates" which is also the site's main section as well. What you'll find a bit difficult though is to narrow down the content a little bit. Dungeon Sex lacks search and filter tools, so if you're looking for something specific like flogging, spanking, threesomes or anal, then you'll have to do the hard work of finding those scenes that feature it. Considering that a lot of things can happen in Kink's kinky dungeon, at least a simple category search could have been useful. There are model pages and you'll find a search engine allowing you to search by model name, but these will show you all scenes in which the girls appear on all Kink sites, to which you don't have access unless you're ready to upgrade your membership. Dungeon Sex is a fairly big site which isn't too much of a suprise because it has the entire Fucked And Bound collection in its archive and it rolls out a brand new scene every week. At this point 249 scenes are available which are enough to keep you busy for a month or two.

You'll always get a grip on what a scene has to offer because you can preview a video by reading a lengthy description or by watching a short trailer. Their scenes are available for in-browser playback with mutliple quality settings: low (480x270 pixels), med (640x360 pixels), high (960x540 pixels) and HD (1280x720 pixels). The videos load and start within a few seconds and there are no annoying buffering hiccups to ruin your fun. All in all, their streams are fine, however, if you prefer to download videos, you'll find download links as well. They do a good job of offering enough options to save their videos as they make their stuff downloadable in full length, but you'll save partial videos, too. WMVs, MP4s and mobile-friendly MP4s are all provided in a couple of qualities, best of which is 1280x720 pixels (5000 Kbps). My only complaint is that full-length videos are available in only MP4 format, so those who prefer WMV files will have to save their scenes chopped into parts. A scene starts (and ends) with a short interview which makes their episodes fairly lengthy. The average running time is around 50 minutes. Each video is accompanied by a set of photos that can be browsed through in a standard thumbnail gallery. The pictures can be enlarged one by one, and there isn't an online slideshow feature. A set contains about 25-30 photos on average, however, newer updates have much larger photosets to offer. I couldn't find a way to download pictures in bulk, so I guess, they don't provide ZIP downloads for their photos. They offer two size options for their images: low (800px) and high (1200px). Fuck And Bound's archive dates back to 2010, so there are many scenes that lack HD videos and high-res photos, but that's pretty normal.

They advertise memberships as a gateway to 2 sites, but actually, Fucked And Bound and Dungeon Sex is the same site. I guess the guys at Kink bought Fucked And Bound and continued the site with a different name. In my book, this doesn't mean that you get 2 sites for the price of 1 which also means that there are no bonuses given here. Seeing that memberships are slightly higher than the average and knowing that Kink.com has a vast collection of fetish porn sites, at least a couple of bonus videos could have been offered. Nonetheless, Dungeon Sex is great and has enough content on its own to get your money's worth.

Brutal blowjobs, merciless pussy pounding and hardcore anal sex are part of the fun at Dungeon Sex. Their recipe is simple: they bind their hot models and let dominant guys torture and fuck them hard. I'm happy to report that Dungeon Sex is exactly what it sets itself to be, so if you're looking for hot bondage and rough sex scenes, then you'll get them here. It's a site operating under the supervision of Kink.com which guarantees that top-notch fetish porn in HD is what you get in exchanged for your money. However, the site has its weak points such as the lack of filter and search tools, a slightly higher than the average admission fees and the lack of bonus content. On the other hand, it's a great BDSM site that's full of smokin' hot porn stars who are willing to endure any amount of suffering and who enjoy being helpless and fucked hard. If that's exactly what you're looking for, then Dungeon Sex won't disappoint.

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