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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 16, 2015
Score: 65/100
"Czech Supermodels is a reality porn site where girls can prove that they have what can make them successful models. Too bad that they show up at the wrong agent's office! It's a fairly new site that has its own take on casting themed porn and which showcases amateurs while they suck and fuck for a jumpstart in the modelling business." - Visit Site
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General Review

What is your dream job and what would you do to get it? I don't tell anything new when I say that many girls' answer would be a supermodel. However, being pretty is not what gets you on the cover of a fashion magazine but a really good agent is. Czech Supermodels is a reality porn site where girls can prove that they have what can make them successful models. Too bad that they show up at the wrong agent's office! As you've probably figured out by now, it's a fairly new site that has its own take on casting themed porn. Girls here are wannabe supermodels who are eager to meet a casting agent who may help them establish a bright career. Although, the guy is a con man, so he doesn't have any connections to photographers and studios, but what he does have is an office and spy cams. This phony agent promises a jumpstart and often a well-paid job in exchange for some hot sex, and needless to say that the girls take the bait. Those who enjoy seeing hot babes tricked into fucking a stranger will find Czech Supermodels and its collection of voyeur videos a site worth checking out.

Since its a reality site which supposed to be showcasing "the real thing", there's not much variety. The episodes are built up in the same way: a gorgeous girl shows up eager to show her portfolio to the agent, then they talk a little and once the interview is over, the guy becomes straightforward and tells the girl that she can get a job if she's willing to have sex with him. Nothing really new or innovative can be seen here, but if you like hidden camera sex videos, their episodes will set your libido on fire. The footage is always pretty realistic and it's really hot to see their smokin' hot models give some great head and get their pussies banged hard. I understand that the fake agent has a really successful trick, but all the videos are pretty much the same but with different girls. Nonetheless, their super realistic approach adds enough thrill to their stuff to make Czech Supermodels a fun site for the fans of amateur hotties and the fans of voyeur porn.

All of their videos were shot with the same settings and in the same office. However, that's not really suprising as you can't really ask the fake agent to have many offices all over the city of Prague, right? Not to mention that his office has a spy cam carefully place somewhere in the ceiling. There's a peeping hole through which the cam records the girls' auditions, so you'll get a bird's eye view of the action. This still sound pretty typical, but what can make Czech Supermodels videos stand out from the crowd of voyeur sex videos? The guy also wears a pair of glasses with a built-in camera, so the scenes provides lots of POV-style sex as well! None of the girls speak English, but they provide English subtitles helping you understand what's being said in the videos. Their stuff comes with High Definition specs and their videos look really nice. You don't have to worry about getting blurry and bearly watchable videos that you can often find on other voyeur sites. Czech Supermodels doesn't break new grounds, but it does have lovely girls who do anything to become famous supermodels. If you like voyeur porn and amateur Euro babes, then this site will surely provide you with some fun.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Supermodels doesn't sport a fancy design but it looks nice in the end. However, it looks like the exact same as any other site in Czech AV's network. The same design elements are used here and it seems that Czech Supermodels is fully integrated into a mega site and is just a collection of tricky model casting porn videos. Getting around the site couldn't be any simpler as they show you all their updates in the same section and highlight the latest update. They cover the basics and nothing more. There are no search or filter tools to help you filter things down a bit. I understand that the episodes are quite familiar but at least a way to narrow down the content by model attributes (like bust size, body type, hair color and such) could be helpful. Another hit-and-miss is the lack of model catalog which could be help you browse models and find your favorite babes. Each girl gives the agent a whole portfolio of studio-made photos of herself, so creating a simple model library shouldn't be too difficult. Nonetheless, the site is quite small which makes the lack of search features tolerable at this point but once the site gets much bigger, some filter or search features would be necessary to add. Czech Supermodels is hosting 26 episodes currently, but with new scenes coming weekly, it's just a matter of time when the site will have a decently sized collection that can keep you busy for months on its own.

There's some scene info provided for the videos that include a release date, a running time, the starring girl's name and age. You can even read long and pretty witty descriptions which will want to start watching the videos right away. If you don't want to wait at all, you can choose to stream the episodes right on the site in an embedded player that offer decent but not HD playback. There's just one quality setting which is at 704x396 pixels. The streams are really good as they start really quickly and lack buffering hiccups. Members can choose to save the videos in HD at 1280x720 pixels (4000 Kbps) as WMV files or in SD at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps). The average scene plays about 18-19 minutes. Czech Supermodels is a video-only site which is understandable given its voyeuristic nature. If there were digital still of girls sucking and fucking that would blow the illusion, right? On the other hand, they could have provided screencaps. Either way, this isn't a site for a fan of erotic photos.

Czech Supermodels is one of the latest additions to the Czech AV network and this being the case, members get access to the entire mega site. What this means is that there are 24 bonus sites which all focus on Czech amateur babes. Although, they cover many themes from sex parties to placing hidden cams into solariums. They have many voyeur sites such as Czech Experiment, Czech Massage and they have a site called Czech Spy which also takes advantage of spy glasses. There's a lot of stuff to love and check out between two Czech Supermodels updates, that's for sure!

This may be shocking, maybe not, but Czech girls are willing to do whatever it takes to become famous supermodels. Czech Supermodels is full of these hot chicks who want a jumpstart in the modelling business, so they throw their inhibitions to the wind and have sex with a model agent. This isn't a particularly new theme, but it has a fun twist with its voyeuristic approach. They spice things up with a fresh mix of typical hidden camera angles and POV-style shots. The entire collection is in HD, so it's not that voyeur site where you have to put up with low quality, hardly watchable porn. They cover just the basics when it comes to filter and search tools but the collection is still small which means that you can find easily those girls/scenes that you'll probably like. Memberships come with bonus access to an entire network for more amateur Czech porn covering lots of themes. Overall, if you're into Czech amateurs and want some hot voyeur casting porn, then Czech Supermodels fails to disappoint, just I wish there were more videos, so you'll probably rely on the rest of the network to keep yourself busy for a longer time.

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