Czech Experiment

Updates: Weekly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 11, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Czech Experiment is supposed to document a sociological survey which tries to find out how filthy and uninhibited the people in Prague are. They hire a bevy of lovely young ladies and ask them to find guys who would fuck them." - Visit Site
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General Review

So far you believed that crazy experiments are run in secret laboratories and mad scientists are the only ones who are responsible for them. However, a brand new Czech AV site called Czech Experiment is about to change your mind and of course, your preferences when it comes to reality porn. No test tubes are needed here and actually, I doubt that these guys have a doctorate or a master's degree in any scientific field, but they surely deserve one! The site is supposed to document a sociological survey which tries to find out how filthy and uninhibited the people in Prague are. They hire a bevy of lovely young ladies and ask them to find guys who would fuck them. How crazy is that? Imagine that you're on your way home when a hot girl walks up on you and asks something like: "Wanna have sex with me?" What would you do? Would you have the guts to screw her in the shrubbery nearby? Lucky for us, the girls' success rate is pretty high, so Czech Experiment can offer steamy hot episodes of experimental scientific sex in public in a thrilling voyeuristic style.

I solemnly declare the Czech Republic the world's nastiest country where girls are exceptionally hot and sex-crazed. Czech streets seem to be full of babes who offer no strings attached sex to passers-by and hidden cams are around to record all the crazy public sex that eventually happen. The content looks like the real thing, or at least, it's pretty believable as you can see unsuspicious pedestrians in the background but you'll definitely focus on how their girls work their magic on their test subjects' big cocks. It's some casual sex with blowjobs, pussy licking and some hard banging which is hot but the fact that it's done in public places makes it even hotter. All of their episodes are about one-on-one sex but there's some variety. There's even a lesbian scene that showcases some rug munching fun under a footbridge in broad daylight, so yeah, it's surely a crazy and smokin' hot collection!

You can't never be 100% sure that what you see on a porn site is real or staged, but a fact is a fact: Czech Experiment's episodes cannot be more realistic. They shoot in public places and there are people walking around, minding their business and probably not knowing that some hot sex is happening nearby. The episodes start with a girl introducing herself to the camera and telling that she takes part in a sociological experiment. A bit later she's roaming the streets of Prague while a cameraman is following her from a distant. They film secretly, so they have to shoot the scenes far from the girl and her newly found lover. There's some shaky camerawork and the picture gets out of focus here and there, but these just give a true voyeuristic feel to their stuff. Nonetheless, their videos are all available in High Definition and look nice. With its crazy "public sex with strangers" theme and realistic voyeur videos, Czech Experiment is a site worth keeping an eye on.

What's Going On Inside

After inputting your username and password, you'll be taken inside Czech AV's members' area and you'll get a list of Czech Experiments episodes right away. The whole network is pretty simple and so is this specific site. There isn't anything really fancy here and actually, they keep everything fairly basic, I guess. There are no separate sections, you just get all episodes of this sociological survey on the same page. Since their girls do the picking up, it would be easy to ask them to provide at least a couple of fun facts or something personal about themselves. However, they don't have model pages or a simple model catalog which seems a hit-and-miss to me. I understand that the scenes are pretty similar in theme but at least a some kind of basic search and filter filters could have been added. Czech Experiment is so new that it was lauched just 2 days ago, so it's collection is tiny at the moment which means that you won't have to spend too much time searching when you're looking for something specific. On the other hand, it also means that the site won't keep you busy for too long on its own. There are 10 episodes available and since they were added on the same day, I can't really tell when they'll probably roll out a new scene. Although, my best guess is that there will be weekly updates.

The typical Czech Experiment episode comes with limited scene info which lets you know when the scene was published and how long it will play. They even provide witty and lengthy descriptions to their videos which make it clear what you're going to see. There's an embedded player which offers in-browser playback at 704x396 pixels. It's not HD but looks decent and you don't have to worry about the videos loading slowly because their streams are perfectly fine. Members are free to download their videos which are offered in MP4 (704x396 pixels, 1200 Kbps) and WMV (1280x720 pixels, 11 Mbps) formats. Each episode is fairly short as the average running time is around 13 minutes. Knowing that they shoot with hidden cameras, it's understandable that this is a video-only site. Photo fans are pretty neglected here because not even screencaps can be found. Okay, it's voyeur porn, so you can't ask the guys to stay still for a couple of photos, but it wouldn't take long to generate a set of vidcaps for those who like imagery as much as videos.

Memberships include bonus access to the rest of the Czech AV network which comes in handy. There are 24 additional sites to check out which cover many themes and niches, but all focus on Czech amateur porn. There are similar sites which deliver voyeur porn and there are other pickup-style sites (where guys go around in hopes that they hook up with a hottie). All in all, from porn castings to gang bangs and home sex parties, there's a lot to enjoy here!

Czech Experiment is a brand spanking new site that has a fun theme. Guys are asked to fucked a hot girl whom they see the first and probably the last time in their life, and all of this is in the name of a sociological survey. The scenes seem unscripted, unedited and pretty realistic. They also have a nice voyeuristic vibe to their episodes. This is a site that is off to a good start, however, it has many flaws. There are only a handful of episodes available, there are no photos, and the films are often shot at a distance. At least members get a whole bunch of bonus sites which can provide them with plenty of additional fun. Czech Experiment is too small at the moment, but if you like it and the entire network to which you get access to, then it seems a good choice.

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