Czech Couples

Updates: Monthly
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 24, 2015
Score: 66/100
"Czech Couples is about a supposedly married couple tempting random couples into swinging. They want to fuck and have a heap of money in their pockets which they put to a good use. It's some fun reality porn that this site has to offer which you'll probably enjoy very much." - Visit Site
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General Review

The naughtiest and craziest people in the world seems to be living in a small European country called the Czech Republic. We've seen many porn sites proving their pornographic worth and showcasing their fondness for having sex in unusual ways. Although, we haven't seen it all obviously because more and more new sites with fun themes show up featuring Czech folks and Czech Couples is one of these. At first glance, this is just yet another "pickup" porn site where some walks up to a stranger and use some money to get some fresh pussy. But the guys at Czech AV is always up to something that completely spice things up and this time they decided to find amateur couples who know no bounds when they're paid well. Hold on, it's not all! They found a seemingly married couple, gave them a camera and filled their pockets with a heap of money, so they can seduce random couples and tempt them into swinging. Czech Couples is probably one of the craziest "pickup" site that you'll ever find, especially with their public sex approach. Yeah, the couple walks up to other couples on the streets of Prague or whatever Czech city or town they're in and often have an impromptu foursome hidden in an alleyway or among the bushes in a nearby park. There's so much going on here that adds a fresh spin to the classic "picking up strangers with money", and if you like this type of reality porn, Czech Couples surely has some interesting stuff in store for you.

What you're going to see here is how a cute brunette named Kristyna and her husband go on a prowl to find another couple who would do something really nasty with them. They walk up to random people pretending that they're doing a survey about people's sexual life or something like that. Some money always gets thrown in as an incentive and the seduction begins. They ask for a kiss, then to flash tits and moments later the cameraman (the hubby) gets his cock sucked by a girl while his wife is giving blowjob to another guy. It's always foursome style sex which usually takes place in the open in a public place, but there are some scenes where they head to someone's place to have sex there. As for the sex, it's pretty standard boy-girl hardcore with girls giving head, riding cocks and getting their faces or boobs jizzed on. Kristyna and her husband seem to have a penchant for young couples but they did swing with a mature couple in a scene. There's even an episode in which they convinced two girls to lick Kristyna's pussy and of course, her man also got a chance to fuck the girls. This is a pretty fresh and entertaining collection of reality porn that you should enjoy.

The videos look unscripted and you can tell that there are many people asked to swing here who had no idea that they're going to end up in a porn video on the internet. The scenes usually feature a couple of rejections before the nasty couple find the right people to fuck. I believe that these rejections have geniune amateurs while those who end up having sex know what they're getting themselves into, although they act pretty well and all of their episodes are super realistic. However, there are a couple of girls here whom you can recognize from other scenes from other Czech AV sites which definitely ruins the illusion. But yet again, they do a great job of making their videos look the real thing! The scenes are shot with handheld cameras, so you'll get some shaky camerawork but they're filmed quite well overall. There's some POV style sex in each video which also give some additional entertainment value to their stuff. The quality of the videos is also decent reaching High Definition levels. The spoken language is Czech here (not too much of a surprise, I guess) but each episode is translated to and subtitled in English allowing you to understand what's being said. Czech Couples is wild, nasty and pretty fun, so if you enjoy watching "pickup" porn then it may be a site that's worth checking out.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Couples is brought to you by those guys who are responsible for the infamous Czech AV network, so it's not too much of a surprise to see that this site is fully integrated into the mega site. You'll land on the network's main page after getting logged in although making your way to Czech Couples episodes is easy as all you have to do is select the site on the left nav bar. The design is quite simple and plain here but it fits the network's amateur theme quite well. Getting around Czech Couples is also easy and no one will have any trouble browsing its content because all episodes are listed in the same section and there isn't too much to see here currently. Nothing is given to help you filter things down a bit. You won't find here crosslinked category tags, sorting options nor model pages. While the scenes tend to showcase something similar, there's some variety in them, so at least some kind of basic search engine allowing for keyword search or a couple of category tags could have been given. Czech Couples is still a quite new site which translates into a small collection. At this point only 15 episodes can be found here but they roll out new ones, albeit quite slowly. According to date stamps, a new scene is added once a month which I wouldn't call a fast-paced update schedule, but at least they publish new stuff regularly.

There isn't too much scene info provided but they do show you when the scenes were publish, how long they run and while you can't actually preview their episodes by watching trailer videos or by viewing vidcaps, you can read lengthy descriptions which will give you a grip on what you're about to see in their scenes. Members can choose to watch the videos right on the site in an embedded player that offers decent quality playback at 704x396 pixels. There are no additional levels of quality available if you insist on streaming their videos. On the other hand, video downloads are also available and they provide WMV files in HD at 1280x720 pixels (5500 Kbps) and MP4s at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps). Additional quality choices or at least an HD version of their videos in MP4 format would be nice, not to mention that they maybe start thinking about shooting their stuff in full HD. There are shorter as well as pretty long scenes but on average, a scene plays about 25-26 minutes. Czech Couples is a video-only site which is understandable but I think at least a couple of screencaps would be nice which may not enough for photo fans but they can be used to preview their videos.

Considering that Czech Couples has a tiny collection to offer, some bonus content is needed here to keep you in heat until the next episode comes. Luckily the entire Czech AV network is accessible with your membership. What this really means is that there are 24 bonus sites which deliver similarly fun porn featuring Czech amateurs. There are other pickup theme sites there such as Czech Experiment and Czech Streets which you'll probably like, too.

There's no other place than the Czech Republic where hot babes can pick you up or where you get offered a lot of cash to swap partners and have sex with another couple. Czech Couples is another porn site which tries to prove that Czech folks are naughty, adventurous and love having sex! This site provides a new spin to the classic "offering money in exchange for sex" pickup porn. Outdoor sex, swinging, seduction and public sex are all here which means that you're likely to find here really nasty scenes that will get you hard in no time. Even though the content is good and their reality porn videos are realistic and fun, there are a couple of things that prevent Czech Couples from being a great site. First of all, there isn't any way to filter things down a bit and the videos sit on a decent looking 720p resolution but with 1080p being pretty much the standard these days, starting to roll out full HD video is quite necessary here. But the biggest problem is still the size of the collection. Updates do come but they come fairly slowly. Fortunately there are 24 bonus sites included with your membership, so overall, if you enjoy Czech amateur porn, giving Czech Couples a look doesn't seem a bad idea.

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