Czech Bitch

Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 9, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Czech Bitch is an interesting reality/voyeur porn site which chronicles a horny Czech guy's sexcapades that he has with hookers. He pays for sex and sees no shame about it, on the contrary, he even proudly lets us watch him while fucking streetwalkers in his car!" - Visit Site
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General Review

Some women have to work really hard to make ends meet. Remember one of the greatest hits of the 80's, the one titled as "She works hard for the money"? This was the first thing that popped into my head when casting a glance at a porn site called Czech Bitch. The girls are stading on the street waiting for their clientele, just like in the aformentioned Donna Summer song, however, they're actually hookers - unlike the woman in the song - who can't wait to find someone who'd be interested in their "services". These sexual workers may have a good day as a guy named Mirek is more than happy to spend some cash on babes, so he hops in his car in hopes that he will pick streetwalkers up and have some fun. However, there's only one thing that this horny pussy hunter doesn't want: to use a condom. Not being protected may not be the best idea when "dating" a girl who stands on the curb wating to fuck someone for money, but that's how Mirek rolls. This crazy Czech dude is also quite kinky as he hides cameras in his car and records how he bangs cheap whores, and even shares his videos with us!

The scenes are pretty similar to each other as you'll see Mirek going on a prowl for hot hookers in his car. He drives around a little bit and usually finds babes offering their "goods" in parking lots at highway rest stops. Being a potential customer, Mirek checks what the girls have and they end up getting on an agreement quickly. Some girls are reluctant at first when Mirek tells them that he wants to fuck without a condom, but once offering more money, the hookers change their minds and hop in his car. They find a quite place where no one sees them and they get it on. There's some really casual sex happening, exactly what you think that would happen with a whore in your car, so the girls give blowjobs and let this horny dude bang them in the backseat. Although, there's some variety here and there, like in a scene Mirek asks hookers to give him a quick handjob through the window of his car and in a scene he pick up a mature gal, fucks her and when he learns that she has a daughter who happens to be a prostitute too, he fucks her as well and makes the MILF watch them. Mirek had a couple of interesting sexual adventures, so those who like realistic porn with a voyeuristic approach will probably enjoy the collection that's on offer at Czech Bitch.

The site makes a good job of making the scenes are believable, but there are a couple of things that make me think that Mirek's videos are staged in some way. First of all, not using condom when fucking a hooker is a no-no and probably just only a some of us would do that too. But what breaks the illusion is that there are girls whom you may recognize if you're into Czech porn. Some of these girls even appear in scenes on other sites that sit on Czech AV's network (of which Czech Bitch is also a part). Nonetheless, the scenes are really realistic and since they're filmed with hidden cameras, they have a special feel that a fan of voyeur porn should like very much. The videos come in decent quality in High Definition. Considering that they were recorded with spy cams, this quality is really nice but still, other amateur sites have been rolling out full HD 1080p stuff, and that's not available here yet. All in all, Czech Bitch is an interesting reality/voyeur site which chornicles a Czech guy's sexcapades with hookers. If you like their theme and want some really realistic smut, then you may end up liking what this site has in store for you.

What's Going On Inside

Czech Bitch has a quite simply layout and design. Its members' area is fully integrated into Czech AV, a network focusing on Czech amateur porn. Actully, Czech Bitch is just a selection of themed videos in a mega-site's collection rather than an actual site. At least getting around the site is pretty easy. It doesn't have separate sections, it shows you all its updates in the same place, spread across a couple of pages. The latest update is highlighted and you'll see the rest of the collection listed with preview thumbnail images in the order they were added. No other sorting options are offered and the site lacks search tools as well. There isn't any way to filter things down a bit as they don't have category tags nor a search engine. A model catalog would have been nice too, but the site lacks it. Everything is kept simple and basic here, that's for sure. Date logs show that the updates come quite sproradically lately. For quite some time, they've rolled out something new 1 or 2 times a month, but there was a couple month of hiatus and a new scene showed up suddenly. I hope that this means that they start adding new scenes again because there isn't too much to see here. The collection offers only 41 scenes at this point, so some growth is definitely needed.

You can't preview any of the scene by checking out a set of screencaps or by watching a short trailer, but each video comes with a lengthy description which surely gives you an idea about what you're going see. Mirek's videos are available for online playback in an embedded player. There are no multiple quality settings for the streams but the in-browser playback looks okay at 704x396 pixels. It's not High-Def but if you'd like to watch the videos in HD, you'll have to download them. Only two download options are provided. One that allows you to save the videos in WMV format at 1280x720 pixels (4500 Kbps) and another one that offers MP4 download at 704x396 pixels (1200 Kbps). More quality choices would be nice, especially for their MP4 files because WMVs may not be good for all users while MP4 is pretty suitable for all platforms. The videos are long enough considering that the average running time is around 38 minutes. Given the nature of the content, it's understandable that Czech Bitch is a video-only site. Asking hookers to pose for a couple of photos would be strange for sure, on the other hand, you can see Mirek taking a couple of quick snaps of the girls every now and then, so at least a couple of bonus photos could have been given. Unfortunately, not even screencaps can be found here which would be a useful tool to preview the scenes.

Being a part of Czech AV, Czech Bitch can offer ample bonuses, which come in handy because its collection is too small to keep you busy for long. A network-wide access is included in the membeships which means that there are 24 bonus sites to check out and enjoy. These all focus on Czech amateur porn but cover many themes and niches from home orgies to hidden cam style voyeur porn. Czech Supermodels, Czech Taxi and Czech Experiment are just a few of your bonus sites.

Mirek is a horny Czech guy who doesn't mind handing out some cash in exchange for some fresh pussy. He fills his pocket with money, jumps in his car and gets some sweaty paid sex with streetwalkers in the end. Czech Bitch is that site that documents his sexual adventures and lets us enjoy his hooker-banging sessions through the eyes of hidden cams. I must admit that the scenes here are pretty believable and look like the real thing. I wouldn't call the scenes hot as Mirek isn't a quite charming dude and the girls are usually quite average but they're still pretty entertaining. These are good looking 720p HD videos, but making a step forward and offering 1080p will be necessary at some point. It looks like Mirek ran out of cash because updates come sporadically and slowly these days, but at least members get access to an entire network, so in the end, you'll get your money's worth here. Czech Bitch is fun in some way but it has a couple of issues, however, you'll end up liking it (and the rest of the network of which is a part) if you enjoy Czech amateur porn.

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