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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 23, 2015
Score: 68/100
"CZasting offers crazy casting porn that lets you take a pretty close look at fresh Euro pussies. This is not a typical site where girls strip naked and get fucked by a horny guy on a modelling job interview (that often happens here, though) as CZasting provides some nicely spread pussies as well for those who are a gynecologist at heart." - Visit Site
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General Review

Just when you start thinking that casting porn is getting old and boring, a site pops up out of nowhere proving that this theme still has some potential. Actually, there are basically two types of audition-themed porn: one that tricks girls into doing porn and the other one which showcases girls who know what they're getting themselves into. CZasting is definitely focusing on the latter, so pretty amateur babes show up in their office claiming a chance to prove their pornographic worth. But this sounds way too familiar and quite "generic", right? This particular site comes up with an interesting twist which aims to please those who adore women's most erogenous zones and have a thing for fetish porn as well. Having a couple of medical equipments at their fingertips and shooting demo porn videos with the world's probably naughtiest hotties who are desparate to prove that they have what it takes to become a porn starlet, CZasting offers crazy casting porn that lets you take a pretty close look at fresh Euro pussies. This is not a typical site where girls strip naked and get fucked by a horny guy on a modelling job interview (that often happens here, though) as CZasting provides some nicely spread pussies as well for those who are a gynecologist at heart.

Everything looks pretty typical in the average CZasting episode because you'll see girls doing some paperwork and answering a couple of questions about themselves at the beginning. After revealing their age, sexual preferences and such stuff, the babes are asked to pose for photos, both with their clothes on and off. Later on they end up spreading their legs wide and letting the interviewer make their pussies gape with a plastic speculum! He won't stop at this point and even puts an endoscope to a good use showing us the inside of the starring girl's pussy. How crazy is that?! To be fair, not all episodes are this kinky, many of them serves up some good ol' fashion casting debauchery with girls wrapping their lips around a big cock, getting fucked and enjoying being jizzed on. Overall, there's an interesting mix of solo, softcore, fetish and hardcore elements which is a kind of a "take it or leave it" thing, but on the other hand, if you're interested in Czech amateur hotties and would like to get casting porn with a fresh spin, then CZasting is worth checking out.

The videos are shot during the casting, so they seem unscripted and pretty realistic. They use multiple settings, however, sometimes the videos look quite low budget. Their settings sometimes doesn't give the impression of being a real office which can pretty much ruin the fantasy here. The girls look genuinely amateur and you'll probably find here many fresh faces, however, if you're a big fan of Czech amateur porn, you can definitely recognize a couple of girls. There are even girls who appear on other sites that sit on the same network with CZasting (which are accessible with your membership). Czech is spoken here in all episodes but they save you from taking a language course to be able to understand what's being said as there are English subtitles. The videos are shot in HD these days and they look pretty nice. There are multicam moments (when you can see the inside of a girl's pussy) and there are POV style fucking every now and then. Photos come in high resolution and look okay, but they tend to look quite amateur with not-so-good lighting. CZasting may need some improvements in certain areas but it has a potential to be a good casting porn site, so if you're looking for Czech first-timers who doesn't mind being kinky at times, then you may want to give this site a try.

What's Going On Inside

CZasting is a part of small network called Mental Pass. This becomes pretty obvious once you're inside the site's members only area because you'll land on the network's home page after getting logged in. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to navigate to CZasting because all you have to do is select it from a drop down list of sites. The same design can be seen on CZasting that graces the pages of the entire mega site. This doesn't look bad, however, it's pretty basic. There are no annoying ads and banners trying to push you towards buying memberships to other sites which is always a good thing in my book. Filtering things down a bit is possible here but there aren't many search/browse tools available. They do offer a couple of sorting options which allow you to list only photos or videos, but you can use sort by A-Z or by release date. They also have crosslinked category tags which are useful, just there isn't a convenient list of them so you'll have to find a scene with for example a brunette girl to be able to quickly list all those other scenes that have a "brunette" category tag. CZasting's collection isn't particularly large, so you can easily find what you're looking for even without the help of any search/browse tool. At this point 39 videos and 31 photosets can be found here but you get something new (a photoset or a video) three times each month. This almost weekly update schedule isn't really fast, so it'll take the site to have a decently sized collection.

They don't provide too much scene info but running times, release dates and model names are displayed. Even a short description accompanies each video which can give you an idea about what the scene has in store for you. Playing the videos in your browser is an option which is available at 704x396 pixels. There are no additional quality choices for their streams, so if you'd like to watch their videos in better quality you'll have to download them. The streams work well with fast loading times and lack of buffering hiccups. The only thing that can be annoying a bit is that the videos start playing automatically. This isn't a major problem but if you're looking for only download links, it can cause some inconvenience. The latest episodes are brought to you in MP4 format and in this format only. Although, older episodes may offer AVI and WEBM files as well. There's some inconsistency in the available download options as many scenes max out at 1280x720 pixels (6000 Kbps) while newer scenes are provided in full HD 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps) and the oldest 7 scenes are in SD at 704x396 pixels. Running times vary and you'll come across scenes that are less than 10 minutes long each while some videos play over an hour. You can see girls posing for photos in the videos and you'll be able to check these pictures out in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged in a slideshow. A set contains about 90-100 high-res images which are sized over 4000px lately. Photo collectors won't have any problem downloading entire sites because ZIP downloads are provided.

CZasting isn't a big site and I wouldn't call its update schedule fast either, so it does rely on bonus content to keep you busy for a longer time. Luckily memberships include unlimited access to the entire Mental Pass network which has only 4 additional sites to give you, but at least they're there and if you enjoy amateur porn starring (mostly) Czech amateurs than you'll probably like these. Your 4 bonus sites are Bitch Stop, Czech GFs, Amateur Sex Teens and Gyno Violations.

When you think that you've seen it all that casting porn has, then comes along CZasting and shows you that this theme still can be fun, hot and a bit kinky. This site has a collection of auditions during which sexy Czech amateurs get naked and get their pussies spread with either the interviewer's cock or a speculum. There's some pretty standard casting porn here with girls giving head and getting fucked, but you'll find some medical fetish stuff as well. These babes usually don't mind getting their pussies spread and getting a tiny camera slid deep into their gaping holes. It's a kind of interesting mix of amateur casting and gyno fetish porn. Even though there are a couple of hot babes and an interesting take on a well-known theme here, the site has a few flaws that prevent it from being great. The settings and the content seems quite amateur and pretty low budget at times, there isn't too much to see here at the moment and updates come quite slowly considering that sometimes you'll get only a photoset that shows you pictures from a scene that you might already see. At least memberships include access to bonus sites, so CZasting needs some time to grow and evolve but if you enjoy Czech amateur porn in general, you may want to join it regardless.

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