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Reviewed: April 3, 2015
Score: 63/100
"Chat Revenge is a new cool site where many ex-girlfriends have already been exposed and where you can share your formerly-private homemade porn videos and photos, or just sit back and enjoy watching someone else's ex-girlfriend do something nasty." - Visit Site
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General Review

Some girls are sluts. No matter what you do or how much you love them, they end up being self-righteous bitches who break your heart. But are you gonna let them play with you? I don't think so. The best you can do is dump them and show the world how slutty they actually are! Chat Revenge is a new cool site where many ex-girlfriends have already been exposed and where you can share your formerly-private homemade porn videos and photos, or just sit back and enjoy watching someone else's ex-girlfriend do something nasty. This place is full of everyday folks' stuff that was either submitted to the site by these people or get harvested from social media sites. Photos that were taken down from Facebook, sexy Snapchats, explicit photos shared on Twitter and of course, many really hot selfies hacked straight from ex-girlfriends' mobile phones are all here. It's not really clear what this site has to do with chatting but it does focus on real amateur porn and partially on so-called revenge porn which is getting banned in more and more countries these days. You'd better check out Chat Revenge while you can, or at least keep on reading to figure out if it's a site that you're really interested in in the first place!

There's a lot of things going on here from solo non-nude posing to having threesomes and more. Chat Revenge doesn't seem to be any different from an average "ex-girlfriend" porn site, to be honest. I expected to see here something like a recording of webcam chats that end up being something sexy like a random girl shows off her tits or something like that. They don't really stick to the sex chat theme at all, however, you will find here many videos of gorgeous amateur webcam girls having fun and masturbating. The biggest part of the collection offers typical made-at-home stuff like a guy filming how his sexy girlfriend (now ex-girlfriend) wanks his wood and gives some head. As I said, there's a little bit of everything from some casual sex to threesomes and anal, so the collection is pretty varied and you can never tell what kind of sex tape will show up in the next update. Since it's a site that showcases everyday people's sex videos and photos, there are thousands of different girls here who can range from unattractive to smokin' hot but who look quite average for the most part. There's even some ethnic diversity to be found, so there are Asian and ebony girlfriends here, not just white girls.

I can't stress enough that everything seems real here and not that pseudo-amateur stuff that many other sites try to sell as being genuinely amateur. On the bright side, you can check out what real life amateurs do in private which is really, really arousing, but there are downsides as well. The videos come from many sources which means the content is probably non-exclusive and frankly, if you've been a member of a "GF" porn site, chances are high that you'll find here a couple of videos and photos that you've already seen elsewhere. The videos are usually shot with webcams and mobile phones, so the quality of their flicks isn't really stellar and there are many really low quality videos here which blurry, poorly lit and barely enjoyable. Shaky camerawork and awkward camera angles are common things, too. Pictures that are on offer at Chat Revenge look decent but they also tend to be small in size. At least there literally thousands of videos and photos and more get added, so overall, if you crave to genuinely amateur porn you can have some fun at Chat Revenge, but those who want HD videos and high-res photos featuring amateur babes should look for them elsewhere.

What's Going On Inside

Chat Revenge rocks a quite simple layout inside its members only area, but it looks good regardless. My only complaint is that there are many annoying banners promoting other sites and links to webcam girls. I don't usually mind if a site has ads but Chat Revenge has maybe too many of them. Getting around the site shouldn't be a problem because everything is arranged quite reasonably. They allow you to browse all updates in the "Home" section but you can choose to check out only their videos or only their photos. A couple of sorting options are also available which can sort the content by date, rating, running time or number of views. There's even a search engine which can filter things down quite effectively by keyword. They have crosslinked category tags too which link similar updates to each other. The only problem is that there isn't a list of these tags, thus when you're looking for e.g. girls who suck cock, you need to find a video or photo gallery that showcase oral sex to be able to filter by their "blowjob" tag. Nonetheless, Chat Revenge is still pretty user-friendly. It's also quite big, so all filter/browse tools come in handy. At the time of my visit there were 5220 videos and 8526 photosets available, but the collection grows swiftly because each day some new arrives.

You can't preview any of their videos because there are no trailers, screencaps or descriptions. But they do have pretty descriptive titles like "My horny Gf fucking me and swallowing my sperm in a restaurant bathroom" and such which can give you an idea about what you're about to see. There's some scene info provided which includes a release date, a running time, number of views and a couple of crosslinked category tags. The videos can be watched right on the site via streaming. The streams work fine because the videos start to play quickly and there aren't annoying buffering hiccups. All videos come in only one quality which can be decent, but tend to be quite low generally. Members can download videos as MP4 files. There are no multiple download optionsh here, so basically you can just decide whether stream or save a video that's usually at 320x240 pixels (200 Kbps). Although, some scenes are in DVD quality at 768x432 pixels (700 Kbps). No HD videos to be found here which is a bit strange since most mobile phones and webcams now can record in High Definition, so at some point better quality stuff may start to appear at Chat Revenge. The average running time is around 10 minutes but there are videos that play over 30 or 40 minutes, though finding videos that run under 1 minute isn't too difficult either. Chat Revenge's photo collection has quality issues too. Most pictures are sized around 600px, but you can come across high-res photos around 1200px, too. The photos can be browsed through in standard, thumbnail galleries but they also offer a slideshow option with full-size images. A set is usually quite small, containing around 20 photos, but you can still save them zipped.

Chat Revenge is one of the latest additions to the already vast network of "GF" porn sites called AmaLand. Having said that, it won't suprise anyone that membership come bundled with a network-wide access. There are 25 additional amateur sites which all serve up similar content but they're usually tailored to a specific theme like emo teens, non-nude photos, anal-loving girlfriends, BBWs, Asian girls and such. The list of bonuses contains also thousands of bonus video feeds.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sells when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offers - otherwise you'll be charged for them too!

Chat Revenge calls itself the biggest chat leak site where you can see nude photos of amateur babes that were taken from SnapChat, FB Messenger, Hangouts and other instant messegers. However, it has nothing to do with chats and I'd say it's just a typical revenge porn/real amateur site. They just gathered a bunch of homemade sex videos and erotic photos for you to enjoy, not that it's a bad thing, though. There are literally thousands of flicks and photosets which can keep you busy and daily updates keeps their collection growing. Although, the quality of their stuff is pretty low and videos tend to be blurry, poorly lit with shaky camerawork, and the photos are small sized, too. At least members get bonus access to a large network of similar sites and to thousands of bonus DVDs. Even though quality is pretty disappointing on this site, if you have a thing for porn shot (and starred) by everyday people, Chat Revenge may provide you with some fun.

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