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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 15, 2015
Score: 67/100
"CFNM Teens which is a site that combines CFNM fetish, teens, gonzo porn and a few other things splendidly and offers something that fans of young babes should enjoy very much." - Visit Site
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General Review

There's something hot about girls who know what they want and how to get it, don't you think? These girls are those who make CFNM (clothed female naked male) fetish popular. Okay, this isn't the most popular fetish yet but I do believe that there are numerous guys who love it. Being a bit humilated and forced to strip naked and to let whatever a hot girl feels like doing to you can definitely be a turn on. Probably a couple of the folks at Team Skeet network know this pretty well, so they decided to show how CFNM porn is done in their fun and filthy way. The result is called CFNM Teens which is a site that combines CFNM fetish, teens, gonzo porn and a few other things splendidly and offers something that fans of young babes should enjoy very much. While CFNM sites is about girls being dominant and often quite mean, this new little site is much more about taking CFNM theme really literally. Guys end up wearing nothing but their erections and they have a quickie with a lovely babe who remains clothed. If legal teens and this clothed girl/nude guy thing sounds interesting to you, then CFNM Teens may be worth a look.

There are a couple of things that make this site lovable but it has a couple of flaws which can definitely let you down. First of all, their models are super cute and really gorgeous, so the site really delivers the teen factor well. The only problem is that you get here pretty standard teen hardcore videos in which girls are clothed and guys are naked, but there's more to CFNM fetish. I found only one scene here which was close to what die-hard CFNM fans would like to see. In this particular scene a guy was spying on his sexy neighbor who was doing yoga in her backyard. When she realized that she had been watched, she got mad at the guy, stripped him naked and laughed at him, but at some point she got horny and got a hole ripped on her yoga pants and got fucked hard. The rest of the collection shows some teen dominance here and the scenes are just typical hardcore porn videos, nothing more than that. In a scene a girl just gave a blowjob and didn't even get her man fully naked. Nonetheless, the sex is hot, the babes are pretty but these videos seem a bit hit-and-miss.

I dare say that the models do a really decent job of acting here. Each scene has its own little story which is brought to life quite well. Acting never really distracted me, unlike on many other sites where the acting is so bad that makes you laugh. They usually have nice looking locations to shoot at, like luxurious houses and apartments but they sometimes shoot in the open as well. The videos tend to be in a gonzo-like style and they seem to be filmed with handheld cameras for the most part. As a result you get plenty of POV filming which is an odd choice, but at least it can show you how would it feel like if you were the one who can fuck these hotties. There are scenes using standard camera angles but most videos are in POV. There are no quality issues, because the videos are detailed, sharp, colorful and available in full HD. Photos accompany the videos and they're high-res too, just they maybe start thinking about bumping them up a bit. CFNM Teens is definitely fun and hot if you like teen porn, however, if you're looking for true CFNM fetish porn, you won't find it here.

What's Going On Inside

CFNM Teens shares its online space with all those sites that reside on the Team Skeet network. After making your way through the members only entrance you'll arrive to a main network hub section but there's a drop-down list of sites which makes it easy to navigate to CFNM Teens. The site looks really neat but it uses the same design elements that every other site has in the network. There are a couple of search/browse tools offered which include a list of category tags, a search bar allowing you to search by keyword and a model catalog. You can find a couple of sorting options which let you arrange the updates by rating, title, starring girl's name, date, favorites and number of views. All these tools can be really useful but CFNM Teens doesn't need any of these at the moment. How so? This is a super small site which has only 5 scenes currently. I'm sure that updates will come and date stamps show that a new scene is added every other week. Although, this update schedule isn't particularly fast paced, so it'll take a lot of time until CFNM Teens amasses a collection that can keep you busy for months.

One of the strongest points of the site is its willingness to provide you with lots of viewing options. Each scene can be watched in a couple of alternative ways. They're available in full length, chopped into 1-minute segments and there are short trailers and best of clips of them as well. They make sure that you'll have an idea about what a scene has in store for you as each video has a couple of category tags, a set of screencaps and a lengthy description besides a trailer video. Members can choose to watch the flicks right on the site via streaming. The embedded Flash-based player provides smooth playback with three quality settings which are low (640x360 pixels), med (854x480 pixels) and HD (960x540 pixels) playback. The videos are also downloadable in a couple of file formats and qualities. They'll get you covered, no matter which kind of platform you prefer to use. MP4s, WMVs and mobile-friendly MP4s all can be saved. WMVs come only at 960x540 pixels (2500 Kbps) while MP4s are available in 5 qualities ranging from 640x360 pixels (700 Kbps) up to full HD 1920x1080 pixels (10 000 Kbps). The scenes are pretty short as they tend to run for about 15-16 minutes. Each video is accompanied by a set of related photos. These pictures are high-res images that can be viewed online in standard thumbnail galleries or enlarged in a timed slideshow. Entire sets are downloadable in ZIP files in two sizes: 1350px and 1620px. A set contains about 170 photos, so the ZIP downloads come in handy, if you're a photo collector.

Since its collection is tiny, CFNM Teens relies on bonus content to keep its members in heat. Luckily, memberships include unlimited access to the rest of the Team Skeet network. There are 20 bonus sites to check out, which usually focus on teen models but have different themes. Teens Love Money, Teen Curves, Exxxtra Small and Innocent High are just a couple of those hot sites that you get for free. If you don't mind that these sites don't have anything to do with CFNM and you like teen porn, then you'll enjoy this generous bonus.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

A nice addition to an already great teen porn network. That's what CFNM Teens is actually is, however, being brand new, it has a lot to improve. Their models are really lovely and young, and as you can expect it, they end up giving head and getting fucked. To be honest, this is a pretty standard hardcore teen site which can't really cater to those who are looking for true CFNM porn. The girls aren't really dominant for the most part, but they do remain clothed while the guys are naked. Most scenes are in POV at the moment which doesn't really fit the CFNM theme quite well, unless you're curious about the naked male's perspective. Nonetheless, their episodes are pretty fun, the sex is hot, the girls are gorgeous and I even enjoyed how the models acted. Overall, it's a hot new site which isn't for any hardcore CFNM fan but good for the fans of teen porn. In most cases I can't recommend a small site like this, but CFNM Teens gives you access to the entire Team Skeet network and thanks to an awesome discount, you can get it all at a bit less than $18!

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