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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: November 26, 2014
Score: 73/100
"If you like European porn and want to see beautiful girls get assbanged, then without a doubt, you're going to enjoy what's on offer at Butt Plays." - Visit Site
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General Review

Whether you like to push your dick deep into a girl's butt or find it disgusting, the fact is a fact: anal sex is immensely popular these days. With cheap assbanging porn littering every corner of the internet, it's really hard to find a good source for high quality smut, but there are production studios that carry the torch for the niche. 21 Sextury is among them and it's penchant for finding hot Euro babes that like to get rear ended is obvious. Butt Plays is one of their anal-obsessed sites which unlike what its name may imply, doesn't focus strictly on anal play with fingers and such toys as dildos and anal beads. Instead, it serves up pretty standard hardcore boy/girl scenes that have a fair amount of butt-drilling action. There isn't anything particularly innovative, new or fresh here, but the girls are lovely and all of them get their tight butts fucked gaping wide, so there's no complaint from me. If you like European porn and want to see beautiful girls get assbanged, then without a doubt, you're going to enjoy what's on offer at Butt Plays.

The typical Butt Plays episode showcases a young, presumably a 20-something, European girl who willingly gets rid of her clothes and starts pleasing herself while the camera is rolling. She's usually given a toy like a huge dildo to fuck herself with it and she often fingers and toy-bangs her tight asshole. Soon enough a guy shows up and provides her with a rock hard cock to suck and to take in every hole. There's always some pussy pounding which preceeds the ass fucking. The strange thing is, sometimes there's just too much vaginal sex happening, at least more than what you expect to see on an anal themed site. Nonetheless, each girl ends up getting buttfucked, so they never fail to deliver for what you came in the first place. All of their scenes feature one-on-one sexual encounters, which means that they don't have threesomes, anal lesbians or DPs to make the site's collection a bit more varied.

It looks like Butt Plays used to be a porn site which tried to play out a couple of hot fantasies. Older episodes are all scripted and have a (sometimes a bit cliche) story to tell. You get to see for example a young couple playing video games and bet, a guy show up to fix a babe's TV or a teacher giving a private lesson of debauchery. Needless to say that it doesn't matter how a story starts here, things always lead the girls toward having anal sex. However, they ditched the fantasies at some point and started making porn in gonzo style. Newer episodes lack storylines and they just show you how a girl strips naked and gets fucked without any fantasy lead-in. 21 Sextury is known for its high quality content but I'm sad to say that Butt Plays isn't where you can find their most impressive stuff. The videos do come with HD specs and accompanied by super high-res images, so not the actual quality of their scenes is the problem. Butt Plays scenes look quite low-budget and I'm sure that 21 Sextury can do better than this. This is an average anal site which is still worth a look if you want to see hot babes take it in the butt.

What's Going On Inside

Butt Plays looks quite neat to be honest, although it looks the exact same as every site of the 21 Sextury network. It's more just like a "channel" or a collection of anal scenes instead of being a site standing on its own. Nonetheless, the layout is easy on the eyes and allows for an easy navigation, too. There are a couple of search/browse tools including a search engine, a model library and there's even a seperate section reserved for category tag filters. The only problem is that these tools narrow down the entire network's collection, so if you're looking for something specific within Butt Plays's collection, you're pretty much on your own. More site-specific browse tools would definitely come in handy here. The site has enough content on its own to keep you busy for a while. At this point 83 scenes can be found in the site's collection but updates come almost every week, so the collection is growing steadily.

You'll always know for sure whom and doing what you're going to see in an episode because they provide more than enough scene info. Each video has a lengthy description, a whole bunch of crosslinked category tags and a short trailer video. The videos are available for streaming in an embedded player that offers multiple quality settings ranging from SD to full HD 1080p. The in-browser playback is smooth and jumping ahead is quick and easy thanks to a filmstrip-like navigation. Although, if you want to download videos for future use, you can save them in MP4 format. There are three quality settings for desktop users which are 960x540 pixels (2000 Kbps), 1280x720 pixels (3500 Kbps) and 1920x1080 pixels (6000 Kbps). They have mobile-friendly files as well which are at 480x272 pixels (800 Kbps) and 854x480 pixels (1000 Kbps). The older videos are about 20-25 minutes in length while newer scenes tend to play around 40 minutes. Each video is accompanied by a set of digital stills. These photos can be viewed online as small thumbnails but they can be enlarged in a slideshow with a filmstrip navigation. A set contains about 120-125 pictures on average. The offer ZIP downloads for their photos in two sizes: 1280px and around 5000px.

Being a part of the world famous 21 Sextury network, Butt Plays can offer more bonus content that you can handle. It gives access to 20 additional sites from the network, including other mostly anal themed sites like Gape Land, Anal Teen Angels and DP Fanatics. But you'll also get another batch of 20 bonus sites which also bring you additional anal scenes, too.

When you're looking for cute European babes who can't wait to get fucked deep and hard in the ass, then you can give Butt Plays a look. There isn't too much anal play with toys and fingers, but it does showcase lots of ass banging. Each scene features some pussy pounding, so this isn't your "straight in the butt" type site. Older scenes have scripts but newer ones lack these and deliver some gonzo-like action. It's a quite average anal site in the end, and it's definitely not the best site in the 21 Sextury network. But it's still full of hot women who can take a big cock up their poop chutes, so there's no reason to complain. At least the price is right (thanks to our discount) and memberships give you 40 additional sites, many of which deliver more anal sex. Butt Plays may not be the best nor the most original site of the 21 Sextury network, but it's good enough to please the fans of anal porn.

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