Bitch Stop

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 16, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Bitch Stop's premise isn't anything new but it's still a hot one: guys hop into their car, start roaming around and when they see a gorgeous babe who seems someone who needs a lift, they lure her into their car and charm her into having some no strings attached sex." - Visit Site
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General Review

What can be the best tactics when it comes to picking up a hot girl? This is a question that many of us want to get a fulfilling answer. While there isn't one specific recipe that works all the time, there are a couple of sites on the internet that try to show you many alternatives. Bitch Stop is one of these and it showcases a technique which is commonly known already. Guys hop into their car, start roaming around and when they see a gorgeous babe who seems someone who needs a lift, they lure her into their car and charm her into having some no strings attached sex. Simple as that, Bitch Stop's premise isn't anything new but it's still a hot one, even though that many sites have done this before. There's something undeniably thrilling about watching sexy, innocent women fall for horny guys' smooth talk in reality porn scenarios. Bitch Stop is all about this, offering a collection of quite typical "pickup" porn that you probably know very well. The only thing that makes their take a bit original is that they focus on hooking up with naughty hitchhikers and even add a Euro amateur flavor the whole thing. Nothing really new is here, but still, Bitch Stop is fun and does a good job with the "pickup" porn theme, so if that's what you're looking after, it's a site that may be worth a look.

The typical scene here starts with two guys already en route and filming. Needless to say, they soon enough see a hottie standing on the curb waiting for a friend (who never shows up) or a bus to get finally get home or something like that. The guys pull over and lay some flirting to her and convince her to hop in for a free ride to wherever she's headed. This is all quite entertaining to watch, however, it's probably staged in some way. The girls are quite easy to talk into doing something nasty with a guy whom they don't even know and while there's an amateur vibe to the whole thing, if you're a die hard fan of Euro (especially Czech) porn, you may recognize a few babes here. Strangely, they don't strict to their hitchhiking theme all the time as sometimes you can see guys walk up to girls and use dirty tricks (like pretending that they can win a free massage) to talk them out of their panties. Nonetheless, it's about picking up and banging hot girls, so I can't really complain. The sex is pretty standard boy-girl hardcore with girls giving head, getting their pussies pounded and getting jizzed on. There's a decent amount of outdoor sex and some babes take it in the butt, too.

Amateur porn is what is on offer here which is shot by the performers. Letting the guys who fuck the babes film makes the videos really realistic and hot. However, it has its downsides too like there's some shaky camerawork here and there and sometimes pretty awkward camera angles are used. You can expect many POV style videos but sometimes two friends go on a hunt for some fresh pussy, one guy ends up fucking while the other one shoots the hot sex that unfolds. The quality of the content is really decent, actually, it's better than I expected. These guys must have some really good quality handheld camera because their latest episodes have some pretty impressive full HD specs. As you dig yourself deeper in the site's archive, you'll see the quality drop a bit, but still, most videos are offered in High Definition. Dialog is always in Czech here, but they make sure that you'll understand what's being said by providing English subtitles. Bitch Stop doesn't have anything groundbreaking but it does have a fun take on the good ol' "pickup" porn theme with gorgeous Euro girls, so in the end, it can entertain you if you like their premise.

What's Going On Inside

After making your way through Bitch Stop's members only entrance, you'll be logged into a network's main hub page. No one should have any trouble here because getting a list of Bitch Stop episodes is really easy. All you have to do is select the site from a drop-down list of network sites. Bitch Stop is fully integrated into a mega site, so it's basically just a collection of pickup themed porn videos. The overall design is pretty simple and basic with a plain black background. At least it fits perfectly the site's (and even the network's) amateur nature. There are a couple of tools offered which may be useful if you'd like to filter things down a bit. You can narrow down the content by model or sort the updates by date or an A-Z list of model names. They also have crosslinked category tags which link similar scenes to each other. The problem is that these tools work for the entire network for the most part, so a couple of site-specific tools would be nice. Bitch Stop has a pretty average-sized collection which counts 88 scenes at this point. Date stamps tell that updates come regularly as it looks like a new scene is rolled out each week.

There isn't too much scene info provided for their updates here, but at least each video comes with a lengthy description that can give you an idea about what you're about to see. The videos can be watched right on the site in an embedded player that offers decent quality playback which is at 704x396 pixels. There are no long loading times nor buffering hiccups. Their streams are pretty good overall, my only complaint is the videos start playing automatically and you can't the autoplay off which can be a bit annoying if you're looking for only their downloadable files. Every scene offers multiple quality options, but these can vary a bit. Older scenes offer downloadable files in WMV, AVI or even in WEBM formats while new videos can be saved only as MP4 files. There's usually an SD and an HD download option, former being at 704x396 pixels (1000 Kbps) and latter at 1920x1080 pixels (10 Mbps). Older scenes max out at 1280x720 pixels in WMV format and the oldest couple scenes are in SD only. The videos run somewhere between 20 to 50 minutes and the average running time is around 35 minutes. Bitch Stop is a video-only site which is pretty understandable given its amateur nature, however, at least a couple of screencaps could have been added. Vidcaps may not be enough to satisfy photo fans' needs, but they still could be useful when someone wants to preview a scene in some way.

As I already mentioned it, Bitch Stop is a part of a network called Mental Pass. What this really means is that Bitch Stop can offer access to 4 bonus sites which are Amateur Sex Teens, CZasting, Czech GFs and Gyno Violations. These all focus on Czech amateur porn but cover a couple of different themes. If you enjoy Euro babes and amateur smut, then they're going to keep you busy between two Bitch Stop updates.

Picking up pretty girls and having some no strings attached sex with them is a theme that is nothing new to a porn lover. On the other hand, it's still a good one and many of us loves to watch some good ol' reality porn showing how girls get tempted into fucking. If you happen to be into "pickup" porn, then chances are high that you'll enjoy Bitch Stop's videos. There are many gorgeous girls here who look shy and innocent as first but they quickly become horny enough to fuck some random guy who pulls over with his car. The videos are quite fun and in pretty good HD quality, however, there are a couple of flaws here like the lack of site-specific search/browse tools and the collection isn't quite big. At least updates come regularly and there are couple of bonus sites included in the memberships. If you're into Czech girls and want some hot "pickup" reality porn, then Bitch Stop may be worth a try.

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