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Reviewed: January 27, 2015
Score: 65/100
"If you happen to be one of those guys who think that a lady is smokin' hot if she's bigger than the average, then BBW Forever will provide you with (literally) a ton of fun! It's a site where girls weigh and fuck a lot for any chubby chaser's delight." - Visit Site
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General Review

Women who have some extra pounds on them doesn't really get all the appreciation that they deserve. Oppressed by today's trend that considers a girl attractive if she looks like a skinny-ass catwalk model, big babes often end up being neglected. However, some of us know the truth: they're undeniably sexual creatures whose sexual skills and prowess could eclipse any skinny supermodel's! If you happen to be one of those guys who think that a lady is smokin' hot if she's bigger than the average, then BBW Forever will provide you with (literally) a ton of fun! It's a site where girls weigh and fuck a lot for any chubby chaser's delight. These oversized hotties "are packing XXL titties and ass with extra cushion for the pushing" and they have a seemingly unchenchable appetite, not only for food but for cock as well! If big and beautiful women can set your libido on fire, then BBW Forever is going to be a site that you'll surely enjoy.

BBW porn has become quite popular and if you wonder why, this site is eager to show you with its delicious hot hardcore sex videos. The models big, plump and very horny and the guys here can't stop loving them. These extra large honeys willingly prove that they can handle a big cock better than any of their slender counterparts and sometimes even handle two or three rock hard erections at once! While most scenes at BBW Forever revolve around couples having sex, there are a couple of threesome and even gangbang scenes. Girls give blowjobs, get titty fucked and take some deep drilling in their fat holes. The collection is pleasantly varied and there are many fun themes here like two guys try to fix their tractor when sexy fatty shows up and seduce them or a masked dude ends up fucking a BBW in a pig pen.

It seems like the content comes from DVD releases such as the Phat Farm series, so there's a chance for you to come across a couple of scenes that you might have seen elsewhere. The models are mostly European BBW hotties and among them you can find 20-something gals as well as MILF chunkers. These are semi-pro productions because they're filmed well, although they're a bit rough around the edges, so they feel a bit amateur too. BBW Forever could have been a solid BBW niche site but it disappoints in a couple of key areas like the size of the collection offered or the quality of the content. There are no HD videos to enjoy here, however, the videos look okay maxing out at DVD quality levels. I'd say if you're looking for horny fatties and fun hardcore porn videos, then BBW Forever may be worth a look, just keep in mind that it's small and lacks High Definition videos.

What's Going On Inside

BBW Forever looks quite nice inside with its simple but neat design. Once you're logged in, you'll end up in a section where you can browse all the updates. Navigating the site is really easy and there are a couple of search/browse tools to help you filter things down a bit like a search engine allowing for keyword search, a separate section reserved for category filters and you can check out a model catalog which can list you all those scenes in which your favorite models appear. The only problem is that BBW Forever is a part of a network and most of these tools work for the entire mega site and not for this site alone. However, you can still sort BBW Forever updates by date, rating, number of views or number of favorites. You can also filter by type of content (photos or videos). More site-specific tools could be handy but things aren't so bad because BBW Forever is quite small, so you'll surely find quickly what you'll be looking for by simply browing the updates. At this point only 46 scenes are available, new one may come but after looking at date logs, which show that nothing have been added since August last year, I think that the site stopped updating.

Each scene comes with a lengthy description, a whole bunch of crosslinked category tags and a set of screencaps, so you'll always have an idea about what you're going to see the videos. Members are allowed to download their stuff but they can also choose to watch the videos right on the site via streaming. The online playback is offered in an embedded player with three quality settings, best of which provides you with decent SD playback at 640x480 pixels. The videos start to play quickly and there are no buffering hiccups, but if you still want to save the videos, you can grab them as MP4 files. The MP4 format should be good for most users but additional file formats would be nice regardless. The scenes can be saved at their best of 640x480 (2000 Kbps). There are lower quality download options which are at the same resolution but with lower bitrates and you can download a portable version of each video at 480x360 pixels (300 Kbps). The typical scenes is about 26 minutes long. It's a kinda video-only site because only 3 photosets (not counting those screencaps that come with each video) are available. You can check these out online in standard thumbnail galleries or choose to view photos enlarged to their full size in a timed slideshow. They offer pictures in three sizes: 800px, 1024px and 1600px. You can download sets in ZIP files in all three sizes which come in handy as a set contains about 125 photos.

BBW Forever can't keep you busy forever, but with its massive bonus content, it certainly tries to. It gives its members unlimited access to the rest of the network on which it resides, so there are over 100 bonus sites (or channels) to check out. These cover plenty of niches from interracial sex to MILFs, teens, handjobs and more, but more importantly, you'll find a couple more BBW-themed sites like Lesbian Chunkers and Chubby Sistas.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Filled with really naughty big ladies, BBW Forever is a site that will surely appeal to a fan of big babes and which will fail to impress in the end. The content itself is really nice as the models are horny fatties who weigh a lot and who crave to fuck. These supersized gals suck cock and enjoy some hot banging both indoors and out, and they could surely get any chubby chaser off. However, BBW Forever has a fairly small collection which serves up mostly non-exclusive scenes and which seem to stop growing. Although, the site has a fair price tag and offers an incredibly vast array of bonus sites which definitely give a lot of value to your membership. BBW Forever is a quite mediocre BBW niche site, but if the network access gets you excited, then it may be worth a look.

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