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Updates: Sporadic
Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: February 3, 2015
Score: 70/100
"Asian 1 On 1 is a fantasy-driven porn site which is fully dedicated to showing you why Asian babes are the best. With a bevy of smokin' hot babe who were born (mostly) in the United States but have Japanese, Chinese and Philippine heritage, this site is surely full of exotic sexiness." - Visit Site
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- Members get 33 bonus sites.
- Archive of webcam shows and interviews.
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General Review

There's something incredibly arousing about Asian girls, don't you think? They look innocent and shy but they cuteness is for only making you believe that they're good girls who always do what's right. However, these exotic beauties often turn out to be much more filthier than they seem. Asian 1 On 1 is a fantasy-driven porn site which is fully dedicated to showing you why Asian babes are the best. With a bevy of smokin' hot babe who were born (mostly) in the United States but have Japanese, Chinese and Philippine heritage, this site is surely full of exotic sexiness. This is a quite standard hardcore porn site which manages to spice things up a bit with hot babes, fun scenarios and a POV shooting style which helps you watch all the steamy action from a front row seat. If you're looking for some vigorous hardcore smut that can breathe life into many popular sexual fantasies, all with the help of today's hottest Asian-American pornstars, then Asian 1 on 1 will be a site worth giving a look!

Actually, it's a site sitting under the virtual roof of Naughty America which is mostly known for its penchant for erotic fantasies, so it's no wonder that each Asian 1 On 1 episode has a lewd story to tell. Their scenarios are a bit cliche sometimes but they're quite entertaining in the end. You'll see here Asian girls portraying horny masseuses, naughty college girls, grateful girlfriends or babes who dare fuck on a first date. Acting is your typical porn acting which is a bit awkward at times, especially with only the girls do the talking in most scenes. As I already said it, it's a quite standard hardcore porn site where girls give blowjobs, get their pussies pounded and their pretty faces jizzed on. Most of their episodes feature 1-on-1 sex, but they sometimes stray away from their primary theme and showcase FFM threesomes. There's enough variety to keep things fresh, that's for sure.

What's waiting for you is undeniably professional and really hot. These guys are well-versed in shooting porn, so they use all the right camera angles to provide you with an arousing POV experience. Girls talk straight to the camera and do a nice job of making you believe that the hard erection they're about to suck and ride is yours. Naughty America always pioneers when its about detail and clarity, and that's why you'll find a couple of 4K ultra HD videos (there are only two of them, to be specific) and there are also less impressive but still awesome High Definition flicks. High-res images abound too, so it doesn't really matter if you're looking for moving or still images of hot Asian babes with really nice specs, Asian 1 On 1 will have some fun for you. Please note however, that the biggest part of the collection is in SD but even these scenes are quite decent. Asian 1 On 1 has nothing really special but if you like Asian pornstars and POV style porn, then it's going to be a pretty entertaining site.

What's Going On Inside

When you first sign in you'll land on Naughty America's main network hub page. To get all the POV fun with Asian hotties, just hover over their "Our Sites" tab on the top menu bar and select Asian 1 On 1. The network has a couple of useful tools that will help you filter things down a little bit. These include a search engine that allows for keyword search as well as a so-called "Porn Finder" which can narrow down the collection by your favorite fantasy setup. Models also have their own profile pages, so you can quickly get a list of those scenes in which your favorite models appear. These tools work pretty well, however, they work for the entire network and not for this specific site alone. If you're looking for something specific within Asian 1 On 1's collection, you'll have to do the searching. The site is average-sized with only 66 episodes to offer. Updates do come but really slowly and fairly sporadically. It can happen that a couple of months or even years pass without something new being added. A more frequent and more reliable update schedule would be really nice for sure.

They always give you a grip on what you're about to see as their scenes come with crosslinked category tags and a short description. Members can choose to sit back and watch their videos right on the site in an embedded player. Multiple quality settings are available for the online playback, best of which can be 1920x1080 pixels. It seems like that only 9 scenes have HD specs and 2 of these came in 4K HD quality. These are said to be available for even streaming but I could only download their 4K movies. Videos start to play quickly and smoothly when they're being streamed, however, you can also download them if that's what you prefer. Downloads can be made in multiple file formats such as MP4, WMV, Quicktime, older sets have Flash (.f4v) files and there are mobile-friendly files to save as well. The best quality downloads are at 4096x2160 pixels (26 Mbps) but most of the scenes are offered in SD at their best of 720x540 pixels (2000 Kbps). A video plays about 25 minutes and comes with a set of digital stills. Photos can be viewed online in thumbnail galleries or enlarged. Older sets offer a timed slideshow feature while the newer ones lack this. Entire sets can downloaded in ZIP files which come in handy because a set contains about 100 pictures. The latest sets have high-res images at around 2500px while older sets provide 1000px photos.

Being a part of Naughty America, Asian 1 On 1 has a lot of bonus content to give its members. There's a network-wide access included with the membership, so when you're in the mood for other kind of fantasies, you can check out 33 bonus sites. Among them you won't find another Asian-themed site, but they do have another POV site called Housewife 1 On 1. In addtion, there's an archive of webcam shows and pornstar interviews.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

Asian 1 On 1 is home to some of the sexiest US-born (or European) babes who have an Asian heritage. Probably all your favorite big name stars including Asa Akira, Ava Devine and Mia Rider are here to convince you to sit back and enjoy some hot POV style porn. The collection is quite fun and they do have many interesting fantasies, though the good ol' classics (aka cliches) are also here. Everything is granted for you to have a good time if you're into Asian girls and point-of-view porn. However, the is far from being perfect. First of all, there are a couple of scenes with use standard camera angles. The collection is pretty small and updates come woefully slowly and sporadically. Their latest stuff is in excellent quality, but most episodes are old and max out in SD. Nonetheless, members get access to an entire network of porn sites at no extra cost, which means if you look at Asian 1 On 1 as a site that's fun for Asian and POV porn fantics and which will gets you inside Naughty America, then it's going to be a good choice.

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