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Reviewed: January 23, 2015
Score: 73/100
"American Daydreams is an adult website which is all about erotic fantasies and smokin' hot pornstar babes who are eager to breathe life into them. All the popular scenarios are played out here, although, you usually see the guys fail and then when they start daydreaming about what could (or should) have happened, their fantasy becomes reality." - Visit Site
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General Review

Sometimes life just slaps you in the face and makes you feel sad and helpless, however, there's a way out of your misery with the help of your fantasy. Are you lonely? Or just want to bang the sexy babe who friendzoned you? Maybe your new neighbor is whom you lust after? Even when reality lets you down, a hot dream can bring you to much better state and can make you forget all of those things that don't go your way. American Daydreams is an adult website which is all about erotic fantasies and smokin' hot pornstar babes who are eager to breathe life into them. All the popular scenarios are played out here, although, you usually see the guys fail and then when they start daydreaming about what could (or should) have happened, their fantasy becomes reality. It's a quite entertaining concept and since this is a site brought to you by the guys at Naughty America, everything is executed pretty well. If you'd like to see some fantasy-driven smut featuring porn's hottest babes, then American Daydreams is a site you should check out.

I must admit that there are many scenes that seem a bit cliche like a repairman or a pizza delivery guy gets laid and such but you can find here a couple of entertaining scenarios. Most of the times guys the ones who end up daydreaming about banging hot women but you can see for example Nicole Aniston fall asleep and dreaming about getting fucked by her favorite rockstar! They do a good job of coming up with fun stories lately and while sometimes you'll get a bit awkward performance, acting isn't that bad here. Older episodes may not have as entertaining stories as their newer episodes, but the entire collection is full of hot sex. Most episodes revolve around couples but there are also threesomes and foursomes every now and then. The scenes usually deliver some pretty standard boy-girl hardcore with lots of cock sucking, pussy pounding and a facial ending, but to spice things up a bit, you'll see some interracial and anal, too.

It's porn brought to you by those guys who are responsible for the world famous Naughty America network, so you can rest assured to get here some top-shelf smut! The videos are filmed superbly and they use various settings, locations and costumes which surely keep things fresh. Since these guys have always been quality-centric, it's not much of a suprise to see that the latest episodes of theirs are in simply amazing ultra HD quality. Of course besides their 4K HD stuff, you'll see most scenes offer lower-res HD videos too and there are glorious high-res photos to view if you're a fan of imagery. American Daydreams is a pretty fun site which is surely worth checking out if you're into porn that focuses on erotic fantasies as much as on smokin' hot women.

What's Going On Inside

Once you get through their members only entrance, you'll land on Naughty America's main hub page. It becomes obvious pretty quickly that American Daydreams is fully integrated into this mega site and has the same design that graces every page of the network. It's more like just a selection of fantasy-driven scenes in a large collection of porn instead of being an individual site. To get a list of American Daydreams episodes all you have to do is hover over their "Our Sites" tab on their top menu bar and select this site from a list of sites. The network has a couple of handy tools to help you filter things down a bit including crosslinked category tags, a search engine allowing for keyword search, a model catalog and a so-called "Porn Finder" which narrows down the content by your favorite fantasy setup. These tools are really useful, however, they work mostly for the entire network, so when you're looking for something specific within American Daydreams's collection, you're pretty much on your own. The site has a decently sized, though not too large, collection which consists of 112 scenes at this point. New scenes do come, but it's pretty much impossbile to tell when because they don't stick to a set update schedule. It seems like you can expect to get at least one new episode each month, but it can happen that there are weekly updates for a while then updates stop coming for a couple of months.

They make sure that you'll always know exactly what you're going to see when you hit the start button. The scenes come with a crosslinked category tags, a fantasy setup (where the sex takes place and whom the performers portray) and you'll see the cast as well. In addition, every episode has a short description that can make it clear what a scene is about. Members can choose to watch their videos streamed in an embedded player that offers multiple quality choices: 854x480 pixels, 1280x720 pixels and 1920x1080. Their latest 13 scenes even provide you with 4K HD playback. The videos are available for download in WMV, MP4 and mobile-friendly formats. Their High-Def stuff is offered in MP4 format at 1280x720 pixels (5000 Kbps), 1920x1080 pixels (12 Mbps) and of course at 4096x2160 pixels (24 Mbps). Only 46 scenes are marked as being available in HD and many of these will have Flash (.f4v) files to save instead of MP4s which may not be good for some platforms. Older videos are in SD only and the oldest episodes max out at 480x360 pixels which isn't really impressive, although these scenes were shot almost 10 years ago, so that's pretty natural. A scene plays about 20 minutes and has a set of digital photos. These pictures can be viewed in standard thumbnail galleries but you can also enlarge them. Older sets offer a timed slideshow feature while newer ones lack this. A set contains about 100-150 pictures that are sized at their best of 2500px. Older sets tend to serve up photos around 1000px. They offer ZIP downloads, so saving entire sets is fast and easy.

Each American Daydreams member gets unlimited access to the entire Naughty America network. There are 33 bonus sites that can deliver many more sexy pornstars and hot fantasies from cheating housewives to banging your sister's, best friend's or even your dad's hot girlfriend. Latin Adultery, Wives On Vacation and Seduced By A Cougar are just a couple of these hot sites.

Be sure to uncheck their pre-checked cross-sell when inputting your credit card info on their join page - unless you want their special offer - otherwise you'll be charged for it too!

When reality doesn't seem so fun, the guys and girls of American Daydreams close their eyes and let their fantasies get them off. It's a site putting a huge effort into rolling out really entertaining porn and works with a bevy of smokin' hot pornstar babes. While the sex is typical boy-girl hardcore, the fantasy scenarios give some additional entertainment value to their episodes. It's a really great site if you like pornstars and porn with scenarios, but it has a couple of issues that can make it a bit less appealing like the lack of site-specific search tools and the unpredictible update schedule. At least members get access to one of today's best porn networks, so there's plenty of bonus content waiting for them to enjoy. American Daydreams, even though it has its flaws, is a site that's worth checking out.

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