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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: March 31, 2015
Score: 68/100
"Amateur Sex Teens is a Euro hardcore porn site which brings the fans of barely legal girls a collection of sex videos and photos that will provide them with some raw, unpolished debauchery featuring (mostly) Czech and Russian hotties." - Visit Site
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General Review

Take two popular niches like amateur/reality porn and teens and combine them. What you'll get is definitely something that will draw a lot of people's attention and what can easily end up being really hot. Amateur Sex Teens is a Euro hardcore porn site which is using this particular recipe, so it brings the fans of barely legal girls a collection of sex videos and photos that will provide them with some raw, unpolished debauchery featuring (mostly) Czech and Russian hotties. To be honest, the site's name is kinda dumb because it looks like they just threw three words there without spending any time on coming up with something original but these words can actually give you a grip on what you're going to find here. Amateurs, sex and teens are all here and they offer a pretty damn arousing blend, if you ask me. Amateur Sex Teens doesn't seem to have a fondness for strictly sticking to one specific theme, so it has many kinds of hot porn scenes which have just a few things in common: they (usually) star young babes and are filmed in an intentionally amateur fashion. If you love both teen porn and amateur sex, then Amateur Sex Teens will probably be a site where you'll have some fun.

Amateur Sex Teens is mostly what it looks like. There are plenty of nubile girls here who look lovely and adorable but once they're given a hard cock they turn from innocent hotties into sex-crazed fucksluts. The collection is very diverse and you'll get everything from some soft self-loving to hardcore group banging. Girls give head, get their pink pussies pounded and sometimes get their butts drilled, too. Besides their solo and boy-girl hardcore stuff you can also find some lesbian loving. Although, what more surprising is that they provide even something a bit kinkier every now and then. Okay, it's nothing really dark and twisted such as bondage or something like that, but I certainly didn't expect to see here some old, middle-aged dudes getting lucky with horny teen girls. But the list of themes can go on and on because there are hairy pussies, outdoor sex and more, to top it all off. Another thing that's a bit strange here is that not all videos star teen babes. Some scenes showcase how MILFs get fucked by younger guys, so keep in mind that not always the girls are who are teens in an Amateur Sex Teens episode.

The model roster contains many girls whom I've never heard of or seen before, but there are a couple of girls (and guys, too) who have already appeared in enough porn videos elsewhere to be considered as semi-pros. The models are usually Europeans, coming from mostly the Czech Republic and Russia, but I even found a scene that starred Mia Malkova. She's not a Euro babe and neither an amateur. This particular scene I saw elsewhere which makes me think that there are probably many non-exclusive scenes here. Frankly, this was the only scene that was familiar to me, so there may be exclusive videos as well. English is spoken here from time to time, but many videos are in Czech I suppose and there are no English subtitles to these. The quality of their videos is quite decent as most scenes come in HD. These are not super sharp flicks but they look nice overall. Amateur Sex Teens also has a photo collection which offers high-res images, giving photo fans something to enjoy. A couple of things make this site less appealing, but still, if you're interested in amateur teen porn, you'll probably like Amateur Sex Teens.

What's Going On Inside

After getting logged in, you'll arrive to a network's main section. This mega site is called Mental Pass and Amateur Sex Teens is fully integrated into it. The same design can be found on every site that are in the network, which is pretty basic and simple with a pitch black backround and grey graphic elements. Making your way to Amateur Sex Teens is easy enough because all you have to do is look for a drop-down list of sites and select it. Managing the site shouldn't be a problem because they let you browse all their updates in the same "home" section but there are also a couple of sorting options which provide you a quick way to list only the videos or the photos. Even an A-Z list of scenes can be found. Each update has a couple of crosslinked category tags, so you won't find hard to find similar scenes. The only problem is that there isn't a list of these tags which means that if you're looking for, let's say, anal scenes you'll have to find a scene that has anal sex in order to be able click on an "anal" tag that links you to all other anal scenes. Nonetheless, Amateur Sex Teens is a quite user-friendly site. It has an average-sized collection which consists of 149 videos and 136 picture sets at this point. Updates come two times a week which deliver a brand new video and a set of related photos.

Not much scene info is provided here but you'll find release dates, running times and model names displayed. The updates come with category tags and some scenes have a short description, too. The videos are offered for online playback in an embedded player that provides you with decent (although SD) playback at 704x396 pixels. This is the best (and the only) quality choice that the streams have. However, the videos are available for download. A scene usually has 2 or 3 download options which offer HD videos at 1280x720 pixels (5800 Kbps) as well as SD videos at 704x396 pixels (1300 Kbps) to save. There's some inconsistency in the download options because some scenes offer the HD videos in MP4 format, others provide them as WMVs. You can even find WEBM files to save which some scenes lack, others have. The scenes can vary in length quite a bit, depending on its theme. Solo scenes are usually 5-6 minutes long while hardcore and lesbian scenes tend to be around 30 minutes here. Most videos have a set of related photos which can be browsed online as small thumbnail images or enlarged in a pop-up display. A set contains about 200-300 images, so those ZIP downloads that they have for photos can come in handy. The ZIP files will deliver mostly high-res pictures which can be as large as 3000px or 4000px.

Being a part of a network, Amateur Sex Teens has a couple of bonus sites to treat its members with. There are 4 additional sites included in the memberships which are Bitch Stop, Czasting, Czech GFs and Gyno Violations. These all offer amateur/reality porn videos and more Czech hotties, but they obviously focus on different themes. While none of them are specialized on teen babes, you'll probably find many hot scenes on them which can keep you in heat until the next Amateur Sex Teens update arrives.

Amateur porn and teen sex can blend and this porn site named Amateur Sex Teens knows this well. It has a collection of fun amateur teen porn that offers a little bit of everything. Female masturbation, lesbian sex, outdoor banging, threesomes (and foursomes and some kinkier stuff like old&young sex are all here, so there's enough variety to keep things fresh. Unfortunately this site has a couple of problems like some scenes feature MILFs with young studs, the collection probably contains mostly non-exclusive scenes, some girls (and guys) are definitely semi-pros and not genuine amateurs, and the videos are still sitting at 720p. At least there are regular weekly updates and members get access to 4 bonus sites, so in the end, if you consider yourself a fan of Euro teens and amateur porn, then Amateur Sex Teens has a fair deal to offer.

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