Spy Hospital

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Reviewer: Bradley
Reviewed: April 5, 2014
Score: 60/100
"If your inner voyeurist needs hot European girls and has a thing for gyno/medical fetish, then you'll surely find Spy Hospital an interesting site." - Visit Site
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General Review

Imagine a young woman waiting to get herself checked by a middle-aged gynecologist. She walks in the doctor's office ready to completely expose herself to him for the sake of her well-being. She strips off her clothes, sits herself in a stirrup chair and allows the aged doc to touch her in her most erogenous zones. This may not sound extraordinary in a gyno clinic, but the doctor is an old perv that set up hidden cameras all over his office that videotape how he spreads sweet pussy lips with his hands and a bevy of medical instruments! Spy Hospital is probably your best bet, if you're longing to see complete medical exams courtesy of a gynecologist who's as skilled at spying on his patients as performing kinky physical examinations. If your inner voyeurist needs hot European girls and has a thing for gyno/medical fetish, then you'll surely find Spy Hospital an interesting site.

I'm not a gynecologist, so I'm not sure how professional these examinations are, however, they're hot as hell, if you enjoy medical fetish. The typical scene shows you how a pretty, young babe enters the doctor's office and gets naked. The pervy old dude runs some tests, measures her blood pressure and weight, and takes her temperature with a thermometer. At some point then, he puts on his latex gloves and slides his fingers deep into his patient's pussy. He also has plenty of insturments like metal and plastic speculums that he dares to use. It's not unusual to see the doc show up with a large, needle-less syringe that he uses to give an enema. Overall, a lot of crazy stuff is going on here and everything's recorded with spy cameras which gives their movies another fascinating spin.

Movies deliver hidden camera footage, so expect your typical voyeur porn here. The good news is, the aged gynecologist has HD cameras to record the exams which means, each and every video comes in better quality than you might expect. None of the videos have sound which seems pretty odd and hard to put up with. In addition, what you get isn't real at all. First of all, I highly doubt that a gynecologist would ask his patient to stick a big dildo into her pussy and secondly, the company that runs this site is also responsible for producing Exclusive Club's medical fetish scenes and I have a feeling that most of Spy Hospital's movies showcase the same examinations that Exclusive Club has, just they were shot in a voyeuristic style. Even though authenticity is questionable and there are a couple of major issues, it's a fairly unique site with unique content, so if you happen to like voyeur medical fetish, then Spy Hospital will make you have some fun.

What's Going On Inside

I haven't seen simpler and more basic site than this for a quite long time. Spy Hospital's members' area isn't supposed to impress you visually, but at least it's more than easy to manage. The layout is clean without annoying banners promoting other sites. Finding something specific within their collection is nearly impossible as there aren't any search/browse tools here. You'll see 6 scenes listed per page in the order they were published, with the newest ones arranged on the first page. On the other hand, it's a pretty new site offering just a small collection, so you can quickly browse through their scenes. Spy Hospital provides its members with 20 movies currently, and it looks like new scenes are added regularly. There isn't a strict update schedule, but according to date stamps you can expect to get 3 or 4 new spy videos published each month.

Spy Hospital's movies don't have a lot of scene info and actually, only a 'video ID', release date and a running time are displayed for each scene. Videos are available for online playback if don't want to save them to your computer. Streams are fine and are without long loading times and buffering hiccups. It seems like in-browser playback is provided in SD at 640x360 pixels. Members are allowed to download their movies in MP4 (640x360 pixels, 1700 Kbps) and WMV (640x360 pixels, 750 Kbps). High-Def videos are also available as WMVs sized at 1280x720 pixels (2000 Kbps). There may be a 20 GB download limit that's pretty much enough to let you save a lot of stuff due to small file sizes. A typical scene is long enough as it plays about 30 minutes. Spy Hospital is a video-only site, so there are no pictures, not even screencaps can be found here. It's quite understandable if you consider that their scenes are supposed to be shot with hidden cameras.

The company behind Spy Hospital has a couple of other fetish sites, but it looks like they don't see fit to create a small network. It's quite a shame because Milky Babes, Exposed Nurses, Exclusive Club, Gape My Pussy and Spy Hospital could've made a nice package together. Although if you join Exclusive Club, you'll get access to Spy Hospital too, but if you join Spy Hospital, this site remains out of reach.

Spy Hospital is a brand new site with only a handful of voyeur videos to offer. What they have will surely make your blood boil if you enjoy hidden camera footage and medical fetish. A kinky doc spreads his patient's pussy lips apart and do a couple of unusual tests while secretly recording each gynecological examination. The girls are hot European women and videos are in surprisingly good quality. The exams are probably staged and I have feeling that the movies showcase the very same exams that are presented on another site of the same company that runs this site, too. Spy Hospital is unique in a way, but it has a lot of issues, so it's recommended only for the die-hard fans of voyeur and medical fetishes.

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